Mindset is the biggest shift required!

November 19, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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The things you think and the things you say dictate your outcomes.  By choosing the right thoughts and words you can begin to change your life.  The right thoughts and words give you hope and encouragement to step forward and take the right action.  Here are some successful thought and words using the powerful “I am” statement.  These are positive thoughts and words that all of us can speak over ourselves and into our lives…

You are the Creator of Your World!

I am not what has happened in my past. I am not the negative feelings or emotions. I am not the circumstance i find myself in. i am not any situation. i am not joy and bliss alone. i am the good and the bad. i am the creator

The power is me. the results are my creation. i am the responsible one. i can change any aspect of my life that i wish. i choose to focus my attention upon the resurrection of my inner child. i wish to feel the freedom and timelessness of my youth. i desire the child like awe and wonder.

May i step into the suppressed me. May i return to who i was before i was suppressed. May i see the original me. May i know me without the blocks, the lacks, the fears and the limitations. May i stand courageously as the greatest power in my life; unaffected by the opinion and judgment of others.

May i remember this clarity. i release my cravings and my desire. i surrender my control. I engage with and happily accept the gift of the moment. I commit myself to the present. i am the now!

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