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Kim dropped 11 pounds in the last 12 weeks by just changing some of her habits. She’s slowly altered her nutrition, started exercising more regularly and changed the type and frequency of her social interactions too! Incredible things can happen to you when you combine nutrition changes, exercise and motivation. Kim’s strength and endurance has improved drastically and now she’s making more time for her fitness and nutrition. As you see results your motivation grows! congratulations Kimmy! Keep up the great work! ?/p>John Doe

Take a look at Suzie in the Picture! She has been working out in our program for the last 4 month of 2016. She has lost 9 pounds and dropped down a size in her clothes. She feels better about herself. She has more energy for her kids, her husband and the rest of her life. Congratulations Suzie! Would you any of you seeing this like to make some changes in 2017?/p>John Doe

Take a look at Carrie in the picture! She has lost 40 pounds this year! She says she wants to lose 15 or 20 more! I am so happy that I get to help her do it! I can’t wait until she accomplishes it! I think it’s terrific what she has already done! Don’t you? Would you like to lose 10, 20, 30 or even 50 pounds this year? Let’s get you started now!

John Doe

Take a look at Jessie in the picture ! She has lost 11 pounds in her first 8 weeks! She feels stronger and more energetic already! She says she wants to make a bigger effort and commitment in the new year! As you get into your new fitness and wellness lifestyle you will see incredible changes remarkably quickly. Those changes are inspiring. You will be motivated to make a bigger commitment to your best self. Are you ready to get re-motivated? Are you ready for some massive results?

John Doe

The Program Includes:

In the next 21 days I am going to teach you everything you need to know and understand to keep your body burning fat around the clock!


Private meeting for goal setting and planning, current weigh-in and measurements, Body-fat measurement, program over-view, questions and answers.

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Personalized nutrition calculations and boundaries. How much food? How many calories? How much protein? How much carbs? How do I know how much?



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Food tracking methods, systems and downloadable app for your smart phone

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Personalized programming: Workouts that are ideal for you. Modified for your life and limitations. Designed to maximize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.


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By joining the 21-day Rapid Fat Loss Program, you will be able to:

>> Learn how to lose unwanted fats in the healthiest way possible

>> Know what types of food you should eat to stay healthy

>> Have a coach who will support you all the way

>> Be fit, strong, and healthy! YES, in just 21 days!

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Take a look at Joe and Deb in the picture below! They have both lost over 35 pounds in the last 6 months. That’s both of them each have lost over 35 pounds! Over 70 pounds between them… These guys are in the running’s for Burlington’s fittest couple for 2017. Want to train with your husband, your girlfriend your daughter, your son or your friend? Here is a great way to spend some quality time together each week! A couple who exercises together stays together! This could be you in 2017. Ask yourself why not?

John Doe

How about Teresa. Siting with the 30 pounds she lost in her first 6 months of the year. I love watching people make incredible changes in their lives! I find it truly inspiring. Are you ready for a change now?

John Doe