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November 15, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Raw Food Health & Wellness Coach healing Parasites, Yeast, Candida & Fungus

For 20 years i have had sleep issues. For the first 5 years i explored the allopathic options. I bounced around from the lightest to the more heavy medications and then returned to the zopiclone for sleep management for years before realizing that using medication was altering my life.

I was told by my doctor that zopiclone was non addictive and not an issue for long term use. However I began to realize that I started to lose my joy as i used it over the longer term. Medications aren’t natural and the do not heal or fix the real problem that is going on in your life. We all need to take the time to get to the root of the problem and correct it.

I started to learn about the power of natural foods and the healing power of plants and herbs. By studying the work of Dr. Arnold Ehret, Dr. Sebi and Dr. Morse I began to believe that. healing is possible. We can all discover what is wrong with our lives and correct. We are the power and the creators of our circumstances. All things can be healed, changed or corrected naturally.

By restoring ourselves to what is natural all things in the body and life will naturally correct themselves. Naturally we are alkaline and electromagnetic beings. We need to Oxygenate our bodies with exercise and restore our natural physiological environment with the right nutrition. We need live raw foods. Live raw foods bring enzymes, nutrients and electricity. Current electricity is a real property of live food. Live foods conduct electrical impulses. We need live food.

i noticed improvements in my life by making the first switch to reduce animal proteins. Reduce or eliminate the dead foods from your life. This is an important shift you need to make. Moving forward i shifted to raw vegan and then began extending my fasting time. I learned the body heals itself when we remove the obstructions and unhealthy behavior, practices and elements

All of my natural healing practices were beneficial to helping me gain greater control over my sleep so i continued moving in a raw and natural food healing fashion.

As i continued my research and personal experience i came across the testimony and experience of Dr. Jennifer Daniels. Her work inspired me to try her antiparasitic cleansing protocol. Within 8 days my body released a parasite and I have been sleeping great ever since.

If you have digestive issues, sleep problems, anxiety or depression, food cravings, body temperature problems, unhappiness, constipation, headaches, allergies, addictions or weight gain i encourage you to consider a parasite or an overgrown of yeast or candida in your body.

If you have used antibiotics, steroids, alcohol, coffee, or any prescription drugs for an extended period of time you are very likely to have created a poor gut flora which is an enticing place for a fungus or paresititic guest to enhabit. Meat, fish, poultry, dairy, cooked or processed foods all create an acidic environment within the body. The perfect place for these unhealthy house guests.

These unwanted beings in your system will create havoc in your system. There are so many different kinds of bacteria and yeast or fungus or parasite that can grow inside your body. Each of us can have different kinds that can manifest themselves in a variety of different ways within our bodies. This is why the list of potential effects above is so long. Ultimately these low vibration beings that have found their way into our lives bring disease, decay and death. We must remove them. We need our sleep and our peace of mind back. The good news is we can get it.

We can begin to sleep. We can heal. We can lose the weight and get our energy back. We can use that energy to change anything we want to in our lives. You can heal your body naturally. You can do it slowly and systematically. You can shift further towards a life that will heal whatever your symptoms are. All things in our lives can heal and change and grow. All of it can be done naturally. See Dr. Daniel’s work for removing fungus, yeast and parasites in the video at the top of this page.

I made a new friend on Facebook over the last couple of weeks. Dr. Arelli is a Neuropathologist and a raw vegan natural healing advocate. I was pleased she reached out to me an made my acquaintance and made the time to have a conversation with me. Listen to what she had to share about the mainstream healing paradigm, her true passion and the raw food lifestyle.

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