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September 2, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Any school of thought, philosophy or paradigm that does not encourage you to look at and study another is incorrect from the start.  Our ideas must be able to be tested.  The thing that makes us most distinctly human is the power of choice.  We all have the power to choose to study, learn and practice anything that inspires us.  If you see value in the practice then keep it.  Continue… If you do not see value in the practice then simply discard the idea.

This…in my mind, is true science.  It is the practice of trial and error.  It is the same way that the light bulb was discovered. We all make mistakes.  Myself included.  My wife reminds me all the time…  Could it be that some of the things we have accepted as truth are actually not true at all?

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The old paradigm of health and wellness calls for us to drink 8 glasses of water each day… lol. As you get educated on the truth you see the major flaws in the old ideas.
Have you ever tried to drink the recommended water intake? Lol… I did for 30 years.  For 30 years i ran desperately back and forth to the bathroom to relieve myself… Lol.  What a change this has been for me.   Just not being so desperately filled with urine has been a blessing.  Although this ridiculous practice was actually leaching my body of important minerals and vitamins and contributing to my pain and poor health  I continued it because it’s what I thought I was supposed to do.
You see the more water you drink the more your body releases vasopresin. A hormone that actually dehydrates your body. Lol… so silly. You can’t get effective hydration from water.

To hydrate your body your body properly you need electrolyte balancing foods. The best being super high fluid fruits and natural fruit juices… lol. Again… I was always told to stay away from fruit juices. Hahaha.  So silly…The fruit sugar is exactly the sugar my body needed.  What a process of unraveling what i thought I already new.

Stop being so worried about the calories and especially the fruit sugar which is fructose.  We have all been sold on these ideas.  Jumping on the scale to measure our health.  Hahahaha… Again.  I lost 30 pounds of mucous, puss and inflammation over the last 12 weeks.  Do you know what you are measuring when you jump on the scale?  You’re measuring all your SH#T.  We definitely need to stay away from the man made sugar.  Any unnatural sweeteners.  High fructose corn syrup is poison but the glucose, glycogen, grains and starch are not helping your health either.  You actually need to reduce all of these to a minimum.

Eat your food raw as much as you can. As you transition to the new physiology of health you will be drawn to your cooked food. It’s only a bad habit. You can overcome this… Don’t force it however.  Let it happen as your body starts to detoxify. As you begin to eat properly and fast you will begin to see and realize the truth.

Fructose is digested in the liver. Totally different than glucose, disacharides, polysaharides and starch. Fructose won’t affect your insulin like glycogen and glucose will. Protect yourself from hypoglycemia and diabetes by getting educated and making this switch.

Your raw food will contain live enzymes and high energy to support the most evolved being in the cosmos… YOU! Lol… if you’re still involved in cannibalism then make sure you eat your animals raw.  As cooking the decomposed flesh will eliminate it’s nutritional value and contribute further to your pain, illness and disease.

Pain in your body means you’ve got inflamation. The process of Inflammation requires water. Reducing your water intake will actually reduce your inflammation and pain. You won’t belive what will happen to your body and life as you make the switches i am suggesting.  You need a new healthy life and a new you.

What you really need to do is eat the foods with the highest astringent effects.

For 30 years I followed the leaders in my industry. I learned what my teachers taught me in university. I read books and went to seminars to listen to what the top coaches in fitness and wellness said. I learned from my world of bodybuilding and personal training that we should reduce fruit and fruit sugar in our lives to a minimum.

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This is one of the most fatal flaws being shared in the world today. It’s stealing your health and your joy. Make this switch. Begin to learn the new physiology of health and wellness.  Your mind is naturally going to think of all sorts of reason’s why what I’m saying is wrong.  I understand that.  I know because my mind did the same thing.  I want to encourage you never the less to continue listening to what I’m saying here.  It is totally different than the conventional wisdom.

Contrary to what you have been told you are not an omnivore. You are actually a Frugivor like your closest animal relatives. Look at the nutrition of the great apes. The 2nd most evolved beings in our known dimension. They eat fruit.
Your body needs fruit to heal. It’s the only food that contains the acids that you need to bust up all that mucous, puss and inflammation you’ve got in your body. The fruits highest in astringent effects will aid in creating physical contractions in your tissues. Precisely the actions you need to remove the toxic elements from your body.

Personal training, business coaching, life coaching in Burlington Fitness Center

A simple confirmation of the fact that human cadavers contain 10 to 15 pounds of poisonous waste in the form of human fecal matter was enough proof for me to drop the old paradigm of health and wellness. Why would I benefit from holding all that waste in my body again? That is health? Huh… how come?  Says who?  How does holding onto fecal waste benefit me?  Do you think that may contribute to a host of pain, diseases and illness?  Listen guys…  You need to change what you are doing nutritionally to prevent yourself from getting sick and dying of disease.

Do you think holding fecal waste in your belly contributes to your health? I say no way! I’ve got to get the shit out of my belly, out of my head and out of my life.
I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks making the switch to a raw food diet based on fruit. My belly literally disappeared over night. Along with it went the pain, foggy head, sleep issues and all the focus on food in general. I got control back in my life and now I want to spread the good news!

The old idea of health and wellness focuses on nutrient provision to the body… lol. This is what everyone will tell you. “You need b12” “fruits aren’t always in season so this can’t be right” “that diet is lacking in this or that.  The list of reason’s why you can’t do this will go on and on.  Disregard the opposition and try for yourself
. Everyone will tell you why you can’t do it. Everyone including yourself will tell you what’s wrong with what i’m saying. Everyone of us will always try to preserve our ego and our lives as we know it.  We all do this.  It’s human nature.  The truth is that we need to change our minds.  We need to challenge all the things that we think we need.

It’s only human nature that’s keeping us all trapped. It’s resistance to change. Stop listening to the conventional wisdom. It’s killing you and stealing your joy!  Begin to make a change today.  Try for yourself and decide.  

Eat the fruits highest in astringent effects. Stop poisoning yourself with the wrong thoughts, words and actions. Begin today to learn the truth about your health and wellness. Get educated on the new information. It’s always a wrong thoughts at the root of any problem.

Message me this week to discuss your personal situation. Let’s begin with a conversation. I’ll be leading a 30 day fruit detoxification program starting up September 18th. It will be an online program so you can participate from anywhere in the world. I will be sharing all the new physiology.  I will provide you with a simple solution and support you as you make the change. Send me a personal email if you are ready to discuss making some changes in your life or if you want to register for my upcoming detox program.

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