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August 13, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Discusses Fasting and Delayed Gratification

This is the battle ground. Here lies your opportunity. This is the way you must see it. As long as you fight with the situation you maintain the struggle. Can you learn to look hunger in the face with a smile. This is when you take back your power from the food, or the drink or the behavior.

It’s you that’s given cigarettes or chocolate bars control over your life. You are the only one that can give your power away. You are in charge. You are the creator. You can choose to take back the power whenever you like. Its a choice. Its a decision that you must make.

You can eat the pizza now or you can wait until the weekend or you can do both. Now the pizza isn’t going anywhere so you don’t have to eat it now. It will still be there tomorrow. Just because your partner or your friend or your kids are eating it doesn’t mean you have to.

You can join them if you like? Just be happy with the results. Delayed Gratification is an important thing for you to understand and apply in your life. To be truly happy you must master this skill. It is the skill of responsible action.

You have to learn how to be happy with the choices you are making. You have to learn how to choose emptiness and also joy. You must learn how to live the behavior you need to accomplish your goals. Can you be happy without the food. the fast is the way that you learn

Do you want to lose that weight and keep it off forever? Then you had better be happy with the fast. Do you want to love you wife or your husband? Then you need to find joy in being patient and supportive of them as they do some things differently than you do or differently then you wish they would. Can you love them anyway?

If you want more money then you must learn to have joy in your heart when you have none. If you are angry and upset then you are supercharging that circumstance and creating more of it.  The more emotion you add to a thought in your life the more you raise the vibration and attract more of it into your life.  We need to find joy and it begins with acceptance.

Losing the weight and keeping it off for a lifetime is more than just a meal plan or a workout program. its not calories, sets or reps that makes a size 2 a reality. Its joy. its joy when you are enjoying that glass of wine and its joy when you are not. If you want to fit into that size 2 you will have to say no to that glass of wine a lot.

You get what you give in our dimensional reality. Delayed Gratification is the skill you must learn to master here. Be thankful for what you have. Think and speak and talk about where you are going. Be happy with what its going to take to get there. Before it can become your physical reality it must be a thought and word reality.

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John dePass- “My program has 7 different levels of participation.  7 nutritional levels.  You get to choose whichever level is right for you.  Some people just want to clean up their nutrition a little and other’s are looking to revamp their lifestyle.  It’s totally up to you.  I teach everyone to move towards a more alkaline body.  You can do that just by cutting out the junk food and processed foods in your life.  You can get more committed and remove breads or pasta or meat and dairy.  You can reduce or stop coffee or alcohol.  You can do any of these things on a part-time basis.  Maybe you can keep the breads and potatoes out of the of your work week.  Perhaps you can adjust to enjoy your wine on the weekends. It’s not about total sacrifice if you want to be successful.  At the same time you can’t do and eat whatever you want whenever you want and get results.  You need a system and a method that creates some boundaries but still allows you to enjoy the things you really like best as a treat on weekends or special occasions.”


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