Loving yourself & your life is staying in the moment!

Burlington Vegan Personal Trainer Says You Must Learn How to Remain Present to Shift Your Identity, Access Your Authentic Power & Change Your Life For Good!

Love holds our universe together. It is the power and the glue. Love is our nature. We must learn how to love and give love to the self before we can love ourselves or anyone else or anything else in our lives.

I am meeting every single moment of my life with love. i am giving love to myself and everyone else in my life. You can do this too. We all can. Love is what we are. We are spirit energy experiencing physical form. The spirit is peaceful, happy, loving and free all the time.

Simply meet each moment of your life with your spirit. The spirit is present. The spirit is here in the now all of the time. Just bring yourself to the present and be in your loving power always. You can learn to meet every single moment of your life with love.

Love is our nature. It is our spirit energy. It is who we really are. It is our true identity. The ego is a false self. An imposter. The ego is a social mask. The ego is the way we have learned to interact with our lives. The spirit is the way we want to interact with our lives.

Meet each moment with your spirit. Meet everyone and everything with your spirit. Your spirit is always present. Your ego is your subconscious programming. It is not your spirit. It is not your power. It is not you.

You are not your mind. You are not your programming. You are not your circumstances or your roles. You are your spirit. You are the power within. You are the energy. Connect to the energy of you by coming to the present in each moment.

Being present is being you and loving every single person and situation in your life. Be in the now. Stay in the moment. Stay in your power. Stay in loving contact with your self and your life. Meet your life with love and presence.

Toxic thoughts and elements block you from realizing the truth. Toxicity interferes with our connection to creation. Its the toxicity we have placed inside our lives that separates us from who and what we truly are. Come back to your perfection. We all can.

Detoxify your body and reconnect with your source energy. Lift up your source energy with exercise, nutrition and mindset change. Learn how to love yourself by detoxifying your body and mind. Connect to your true self in stillness. Be still daily. First thing as you wake and last before bed. Bring yourself to the power within.

Learn how to come into your present moment by being still with yourself and your breath. Carry that stillness into your day by meeting each person and situation with presence. Detoxify your body with distilled water and Un-fooding. Come to know the true self. Love yourself and your life. Heal and change anything you wish by stepping into and staying with your power all of the time.

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