Loving Yourself is Keeping the Weight Off!

January 26, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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I am so grateful for the real me. i am so excited to allow all of me to rise up and be free. i am finally starting to understand what i have done to myself. i am so happy that i have discovered the truth.

i see how my ego in its quest for perfection has tried to suppress all of my negative emotions. The ego isn’t really me. Its my identity that my life experiences has taught me. Its the identity that has risen into power in my life as a result of fear, trauma and loss.

The ego identity is not me. The ego identity is not you. The true you is a light being. A loving entity that wants only the very best for you and everyone around you. The ego steps in and tries to administrate that and messes everything up with control, comparisons, competition and judgment.

The ego suppresses all of your pain. It blocks all of your shadow emotions. It tries to protect you and fails rubbishly. It succeeds in blocking you and trapping you down in your lower energy centers. You can realize how you are blocked. You can learn the limited thoughts and words that are holding you back. You can identify them and discard them.

The true light energy can rise up and enter your heart. Your heart can open and come to life. The true you can shine. What a joy that is. You cannot get there following the boundaries of ego though. Lack and limitations hold you down. You are not your thoughts and words. They are programs you can unravel.

You can literally rise up and take back control. Only control is not the same. Its not like ego control. Its love control. Its a release not a dominance. It is an acceptance. It is gratitude. It is becoming thankful for all. It loves and embraces all. We all can love all of our lives. We can learn how to dismantle the roadblocks and rise up.

You must challenge desire. Food, substance, sex, identity, power, status, relationships, money. You have to step through the boundaries of “good and bad.” You have to see the false information you have accepted as truth. It all blocks your true nature from showing up in your life

Fruits remove the toxins. Emptiness allows you to be with the true you. The movement, breath, the sun and the earth empower you. The distilled water cleans you. Your own water speaks to you and shows you the way. Turpentine kills the stow away critters that have taken hostage of your body. You must learn your true identity. You need a relationship with self.

You are passion and purpose. You can be expressed sexually. You can live in that loop. it is a small little existence. You can choose it if you wish. There is so much more for you if you want to embrace all of life. You can invite the true you up. You can lift yourself up into your life. You can Express all of you. You can love the good and the bad. you can embrace all of your jiggly ugly bits.

Your shadow needs your love! It needs acceptance. If ignored it will create pain, discomfort and disease in your body and life You will live a life trapped. Only sadly watching others who had the courage to step out. Don’t do this. Rise up. Awaken. You can come out and play. This earth school is one giant recess. All of it is. To see it and feel it and realize it and step into it you must realize the illusion of “good and bad”

Healing your body and life is the same as losing weight and keeping it off. It is stepping into your abundance. It is soul awakening. It is becoming present. It is loving the self. It is fixing all relationships. It is making money. It is self worth. It is facing all the fears, and sadness, and anger and frustration and pain. It is so beautiful. It is so worth it.

You’ve got to move. You’ve got to exercise. You’ve got to get new information. You must embrace new thoughts and words. Mindset is the most important aspect of creating change in your life. You can change you. You can be different. There is so much more for you!

i love you. I love me. i am love. i love my life

Becoming successful with your weight-loss goal is no different than becoming successful with your relationship goals or your financial goals.  If you learn how to step into the best version of you that will spill over into all aspects of your life.  This is all apart of loving yourself or soul awakening or stepping into your abundance.  The video below is a fabulous resource for stepping into your abundance of wealth.  It’s a supre resource watch or listen when you can…

I like to use positive message or affirmations or gratitude work or goal setting or visualization first thing in the morning or just before bed.  These are the best time of the day to work on changing our energy or mindset.  These are the best times to reprogram your mind for success!

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