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August 13, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Discussing the Pranic Lifestyle

You can get into loving harmony with your life!

The great law of the universe is the law of attraction. It can also be called the law of causation. Similarily you could call it the law of reciprocity. Most simply it is the golden rule or Karma.

It is a simple law. Do on to others as you’d have them do to you. The energy that you put out will come back to you. The vibration to which you are tuned is what you attract. Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction.

As you react to circumstances poorly you attract further poor circumstances in your life. As you respond to something negatively you recieve an additional negative response. You are the creator of your reality.

Acept responsibility for what is showing up in your life. Meet all things with love and see what is truly possible. Our world is made up of opposing forces. Yin and yang. Positive and negative This is the nature of our reality. Duality is our dimensional reality.

Both negative and positive flows of energy will flow through your life. This is an unavoidable truth. To navigate inside this dimension flawlessly you must learn to traverse these energies without judgment or opinion.

They are two sides of the same coin. When you can whether the storm you have won the battle. You can hold the keys by learning how to love without condition. Can you learn to love the polarities of energy in your life. This is the life of harmony.

When you can begin to act positively to everything that comes to you then you step into your abundance. If you want to make more money then love and accept when you have none. Can you love your fat tummy? Can you be patient with your child when he is behaving selfishly?

Coming into harmony with your life is living the pranic life.  This is living a life of love. Getting into alignment with the force within you and the commanding forces around you. This is fulfillment. This is infinite Joy.

Feeling sorry for yourself is step one. The child feels sorry for themselves and cries when things don’t work out. As we grow and mature we recognize that while sorrow and crying is immediately necessary in many circumstances healing requires us to forgive, forget and move on.

As long as we hold ourselves in the low energy of poor me the more we will remain stuck receiving further things to feel sorry about. We are creating and recreating our reality. Stop stepping on that scale daily and affirming that you cannot do this or you cannot do that.

Get up put your bare feet on the earth if you can and stare upwards thinking and speaking what you want. What you are grateful for and where you are going. Give your life and your circumstances a great big hug and get ready to jump forward with your life.

Are you feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t eat that ice-cream cone? lol.. don’t feel sorry for yourself. Just eat it and accept responsibility for the outcomes. A responsible choice is a decision that you make where you are happy with the results of your choice.

If you want that new car you must love that car payment. If you want to buy your child that gift then you must be happy about the visa bills. You must love the consequences of your choices. This is accepting responsibility.

Only you have the power to change your life. Only you can change the nature and distribution of energy in your life. Only you can begin to act or respond positively to your circumstances. This is the way to lose the weight, love your partner or make more money.

Step into your abundance. Love your life! Watch this interview with my friend Akahi below. He’s a bretharian.  He has written a book about his experience as a bretharian.  Him and his wife both lived 3 years without food.  He has a retreat that he runs all over the world teaching people this alternative method of living. Living on the prana is the ultimate human experience for health, vigor, energy and longevity!

Here is a super nutrition resource for you to get a deeper understanding of the healing power and method of the raw food lifestyle.

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