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September 5, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

For the Fall season at ANYTIME FITNESS we want to welcome a new dynamic duo.  John & Dora dePass seen in the picture below are on board with us now to bring in some new fall programs to the club. They are going to kick things off with a 7 day detoxification nutrition and exercise challenge.  The person that loses the most weight in 7 days will win 6 weeks free access to their personal training and nutrition program!  Check the blog post from John about the fall program below.

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lose weight fast in Burlington Fitness Gym

It’s hard to believe that the kids have gone back to school.  Labour day has come and past.  It’s time to start booking your pool closing and the Halloween candy is already showing up in the stores.  I don’t think we can avoid the reality that our Canadian summer is coming to its end again.

Is it time for you to start getting back into your fitness and nutrition?

Now that the kids are back at school is it time for you to think about you again?

If you are at your very best will that make your relationships with your family, your co-workers, your employees or your friends better?

Can you see how taking an action towards recreating the best version of you will spill over to create success in other aspects of your life?

This is the realization you need to make this time to really make this switch in your life.

vegan weight loss program in Burlington gym

Renee lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks. She lost 17 cm’s off her chest, 15 cm’s off her waist and 18 cm’s off of her hips. She also reduced and overcame the pain she had in her elbow and shoulder. Fantastic rapid transformation

If you want to lose that extra 20,30, 50 pounds or more and get rid of it for the rest of your life then this is the realization that you really need to make.  You need to see that it isn’t just about losing the weight.  It’s all about you choosing the very best for yourself in all aspects of your life.  If you make this about loving yourself this time.  If you make this about creating the very best version of you then it’s going to make everything better and you will never get off track again!

What we really need this time is a new fitness and wellness lifestyle.

A new lifestyle is easy to maintain if you love it.

If it makes every part of your life better then you will be happy to keep doing it.

It’s a new health and wellness mindset that you need.

You need a new fun workout routine.  One that is quick and fits into your busy life and schedule.

That routine needs to cover your entire body.  Strengthen everything, tone everything and take all the guess work out of your training.

You need a new healthy meal plan that is current, acurate and science based.  You need to get into a program that by passes all the crap that is out there.  You need to get away from all those powders, potions, pills, vitamins and gimicks.  You need a fitness and nutrition program that really works and you really enjoy.

I want to introduce you to a program that is not only going to help you lose those summer pounds before Halloween but also reduce your pain and get you back into your exercise and feeling better about yourself too!

Take a look at Richard in the picture below!

fitness and nutrition weight-loss program in Burlington gym

Richard lost 21 pounds in his first 6 weeks! He continued to lose 32 pounds in 12 weeks! He changed his nutrition and added a new fun exercise program to his life this summer!

For the Fall season we want to introduce you to a brand new fitness and nutriton program with the 7 day Fat Flush competition.  The person who loses the most weight over the 7 day competition will win 6 weeks personal training and nutrition with John & Dora.

The 7 day Fat Flush Competition

The 7 day Fat Flush Competition will give all participants a free private traininig session with John to get things started.   Have a personal discussion on how to integrate a new healhty lifestyle program into your personal life.  Johh will weigh you and measure you to begin the competition.  Everyone in the competition will also get 4 personal training sessions with John & Dora over the 7 day Fat Flush Competition.
Everyone in the contest will get a guranteed seat at our 7 day Fat Flush information night on Monday September 24th at 8pm.  The introduction seminar will be fully recorded so if you cannot make it that night don’t worry… you will still be able to watch and receive all the content if you still wanted to participate in the competition.
The cost of the competition is only $97.
Raw vegan personal Trainer in Hamilton Gym

Congratulations Roxanne! She lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks. 14 cm’s came off of her chest. 7 cm’s came off of her waist and 6 more came off of her hips.

Want to get some more details about the upcoming Fitness and nutrition seminar happeing at the club September 24th at 8pm?
Want to find out more about the 7 day Fat-Flush Competition?
Want to register to save your spot in the competition for a chance to win 6 weeks of free personal training with John & Dora?

Get More information or get Registered in the 7 day Fat-Flush Competition Here Now!

Raw Food Vegan Personal trainer in the GTA, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Stoney Creek

Check out Ron in the picture above. He has lost 21 pounds in his first week. Want to know how he did it? Click the link above to get more details.

Get More information about the 7 day Fat-Flush Competition Here Now!


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