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January 23, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Vegan Personal Trainer & The “Unfooding” Process

I have not eaten food in 72 hrs. It is my intention to not eat food before i reach the 120 hr mark. I will eat Friday afternoon. I stopped eating on Sunday afternoon.

I am not suggesting that you do this. I am not saying you have to. i am saying that it is possible to live without food. Food is a choice. A habit. A habit we have grown to require for life. A habit that is responsible for our death.

Although i am not eating this week I am still working daily. i am exercising daily. i sleep very little as the body requires little sleep when void of food.

The idea that 3 meals a day is necessary for you to be healthy is so false. The information we have all been told about essential amino acids and protein requirements and essential fats is complete myth.

Now you cannot just stop eating cold turkey. You need to allow your body time to transition into this lifestyle. First things first you need a new paradigm of thought. I can’t make you change your mind. Only you can do that if you would like to.

You have to want to create a different reality for yourself. i can only provide you with information, motivation, accountability, encouragement and support. You need to make a decision to open yourself up to an alternative perspective. A different paradigm for weight loss, health and healing.

You’ve got to use logic to see the truth. The best food for the growing infant is breast milk and it contains only 3% protein. Why would the fully grown adult need 30% protein in their diet? See what is going on… They want you to consume. They need you to keep buying. They appreciate your food addictions. It is illogical. The mainstream recommendations make no sense.

Food is a bad habit. You can overcome it. You can reduce it by 50% and thrive. You can lose your weight and keep it off forever however you need new information. Suppressed information, is what you need to acquire in order to achieve this. You can accomplish this. You may begin shifting gently. You can build it up incrementally. You won’t believe the rewards that are in-store for you.

Your natural response is “no way. impossible… i don’t want to give up food.” I understand your thought process. It’s natural. Once you see the rewards you will understand why i choose not to eat Monday-Friday anymore. With just a little practice and real life experience you will get a glimpse of the value of unfooding. It’s not about giving up. Its all about what i am getting!

It starts with just slowly shifting towards the correct foods. Once you correct the food type your body will begin to heal. Once you start eating human food your energy and intuition and awareness will heighten. Your weight will drop away and your pain will disappear quickly. Look at our closest animal relatives. Who are they? What do they eat? We need to do the same.

As you stop ingesting incorrect foods. Once you begin acquiring energy alternatively your body will begin again to do what it is so happy and capable of doing. The body is able to manifest all required nutrients, minerals and materials from the air and the sunlight. As you continue to feed yourself daily you block your body from doing the things most natural for it.

Just so i am clear here. It is your incorrect habits and behaviors that are making you fat, unhappy and sick. If you give any animal the wrong food the same things will happen to all of them. All the other animals in nature eat what they are supposed to. None of them have been influenced by external education and marketing to teach them what they should eat.

When you stop reaching outside of yourself for nourishment your body will begin to nourish itself from within. You will open the door to access your greatest powers that are laying dormant within you. Your greatest joy, love and freedom energy is just percolating within you. It’s literally dying to be expressed.

Fasting, dry fasting, “unfooding,” slowly extending your exposure to life without food is the way to step back into your greatest self. Challenge your desires. You can’t get to a new place with the same old ideas. This is the path less traveled. This is the walk that will bring you to know and love the true you. Everything that you need has been provided for you.

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