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October 3, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Vegan Personal Trainer Moving into the Pranic Lifestyle!


Unfooding is making a shift into the Pranic Lifestyle

“Unfooding” Day Five for me!  I have decided to stop eating solid food during the work week.  Now I eat only on the weekends.  You can learn to eat less if you want.  You just need to learn how to get more of your energy from the world around you. Would you like some help with learning how to live a life filled with more love and joy? Would you like to learn how to interact more lovingly with your world?  Eating less food is a vital aspect of this.  We are all living a world in a lifestyle of Gluttony!  Consumerism drives our economy.  Our society functions on the idea of wanting, needing and getting more…

Shifting to a life that gathers more energy from “Prana” means that you will need to get less energy from food. Learn the art of unfooding from a couple of real life “Bretharian” Professionals Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castillo Join Dora Moniz-depass and myself John dePass as we work through the 8 day Bretharian process on-line with them.  A Bretharian has learned how to live on breath alone.  Both Akahi and Camilla have spent multiple years of their lives without eating food.  Can you believe that?  It is possible.  Check the video interviews out below. My wife Dora and I have decided to do this process together. We are challenging and supporting each other in this 8 day “unfooding” challenge.

Would you like to learn the art of living on less?

Would you like to understand the science and the processes involved with moving into of a less is more lifestyle?

Do it with us… 

Join in with us next week! Let’s work through the “unfooding” process together. October 12th-19th. Master the number one skill that will increase your life expectancy and quality of life.  Learn how to lose the weight and keep it off for the rest of your life.  Learn how to heal any of your pains, sickness, illnesses or disease.  That’s what I said.  Heal any and all things by moving in this direction.  Our world is being torn apart by Gluttony. Overcome your worst habit!

Akahi Ricardo has 15 years experience with live raw food healing and the Pranic lifestyle. Join in with him and his Pranic lifestyle wife Camila Castillo while they present their personal 8 day system of making this switch in your life!

Save yourself some money on your food bills, and learn valuable skills that will only improve your health and happiness. Do it all with the support of friends and professionals.

Work through the process in the comforts of your own home! Whether you just want to lose weight or gain the knowledge to keep it off for a lifetime you will benefit from this course. Want to overcome any bad habits, sicknesses or disease in your life?

Get more information or join in with me here:

Get more information or register in the 8 day Bretharian Challenge with John & Dora and Akahi & Camilla Here!

Catch my interview with Akahai Below:

Check my interview with Camila Castillo below:


Want to get closer to this Exercise & Alkaline lifestyle?  Want some more hands on time with me?  Come away with me personally for 8 days.  We can exercise, eat healthy natural organic food and work on our success mindset together.  Join me on a retreat in Costa Rica at the end of January!

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