7 day Fat Flush Competition body Transformations!

October 7, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Alkalize your Body Lose the Weight and Learn how to Keep it Off For a Lifetime!

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My 7 day Fat Flush competition ended this past week and we had some people make some quick changes to their body weight, shape and size!  The person that lost the greatest percentage of their body weight won themselves 6 weeks access to my exercise and nutrition program!

Each contestant had unlimited access to my personal training program for 7 days!

They all participated in our 30 minute training sessions as often as they could.  We run personal training sessions multiple times a day 6 days each week.

Check out our personal training schedule here!

Each of the 10 contestants were provided a natural food diet including no powders, pills, potions or gimmicks. Only pure natural food nutrition.  Each participant is provided the rules and structure of the meal plan and are free to manipulate and apply the program as they choose.

Each contestant was provided a 90 minute nutrition information session to learn how to manipulate the plan best for themselves.

Take a look at our top 3 transformations from the 7 day Fat Flush competition below:


Congratulations to Karen Rae in the picture above on her quick 5 pounds of weight loss last week!  Karen lost 2 cm’s off of her chest, 3.5 cm’s off of her waist and 1 cm off of her hips last week!  Karen also told me that the pain in her hip began to reduce immediately as she began to alkalize her body in our program! That is a super 7 day effort.  She lost 2.78 % of her starting body weight in the 7 day competition to place her in 3rd place.

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Congratulations to our second place competitor in our Fat Flush competition.  Alice  in the picture above did not have a lot of weight to lose.  She was already pretty toned up.  She reported changes to her sleep, to her mood and to her physical pain by shifting towards a more alkaline lifestyle for our 7 day competition.  Alice lost 4 pounds, 2 cm’s off of her waist and 2.5 cm’s off of her hips.  That was a total of 3.03% of her starting weight.  Super work Alice.

Now here is the magician of my week!  Little Terrie in the picture above made a total transformation in 7 days!  What a fantastic result!  She has been struggling to lose weight now for months and was really at her wits end with it when she joined our program.  That was all an aspect of helping her really make a decision to commit to our program last week.  Timing really is everything!  Is it time for you to make a change in your life?  Are you ready to make a commitment?  You could be the next magician in my life!

I am so pleased to crown Terrie as my champion of the 7 day Fat-Flush competition.  I am so excited to watch what happens to her over the next 6 weeks!  She has just won 6 weeks Free access in my Training and Nutrition program for her massive transformation.  Terrie lost 11 pounds in 7 days.  She lost 3.5 cm’s off of her chest, 5 cm’s off of her waist and 2 cm’s off of her hips!  Congratulations Terrie. That is truly an incredible result for a tiny lady in 7 days!

Watch for my 10 day trial offer coming out soon!

It will provide you with everything that our Fat flush competitors got except a few more days access to try out our training program!

Send me a personal email if you would like to discuss any of our program details: john@hiendfitness.com

Want to get some more details about our program or how we create rapid changes in peoples lives?  Click the link below:

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