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Kids After-school Programs and Mixed Martial Arts Programs

 Kids After-School Programs

Classes will Resume Monday January 20th for 2014

Pick up Programs- $59/mnth

Our after school pick up programs will start for the winter season 2014 at 3 participating schools in the Aldershot Area.  Participating schools this fall season will include Holly Rosary Catholic board, Glenview Public, and Maplehurst French immersion Public schools.  Our Staff will arrive at school let out times 305pm at Holly Rosary, 340 pm at Glenview Public and 355pm at Maplehurst Public.  Children will be picked up and transported to East Plains United Church Basement.

At the church children will be able to have a snack, a drink, visit the bathroom, do their homework if they have to or do our homework if they don’t.

This program is designed to support children from the ages of 7-12


Kids After-School fitness and Mixed Martial Arts Program 430pm

kids camp


Give your child the opportunity to develop their sport specific fundamentals in classes organized and run by professionals.

The classes will be run by Certified Personal trainers and coaches, certified Black Belt instructors and experienced break dance instructors who will provide your child with lessons in the physical fitness, Kickboxing, Mixed martial arts, Dance, Sport and Games. Don’t let your child sit in the house to snack and play video games after school. Enroll them in a program that can create a change in their lives. Help them to develop the fundamental skills to excel in their favorite sports. Soccer, Football, Hockey or Baseball, Track and Field, Volley ball, Basketball, Swimming, Gymnastics or Cross-country athletes, will all benefit from the development of the basic fundamental skills they will learn, rehearse and improve in this program!

At its core sports performance comes down to the development of hand eye coordination, speed, agility, strength, power and quickness.  Athletes need discipline, structure, motivation and fun in their lives to be their best.  Start them off early in a program that will set them up for success in their future. If you want to get the most out of your children give them this opportunity to get the training they need to be their best!  We will use fitness, mixed martial arts and sports skills and drills to develop your son and daughter into the best version of themselves in whatever sport or event they choose to focus on.

Develop the skills of Throwing and Catching, jumping, hopping, planking, pushups, pullups, squating, lunging, agility,footwork and sprinting. Do you want your child to have the discipline and attitude of a champion?  Our program will give them that message.


Class time 45 minutes.

Class cost 1-2 days/week $19/ month

Class cost  3 days/week $29/ month

Class cost 4-5/ week $39/month

Single day class- $15

Contact me via email to discuss your personal family situation and arrange the ideal training program for your son or daughter-

Mixed Martial Arts Program 530pm



Head Instructor Nero Crosswell a 4th degree Taekwondo black belt and national level competitor.  His Son’s and assistant trainers are national and provincial level champions.  Crosswell MMA is a proud member of CASK  Nero’s philosophy is that a well trained mixed martial artist is capable of defending himself in any circumstance and is able to compete at the highest level of any athletic endeavor.  Developing body awareness, speed, quickness and power is the basis of our program!

Now you can get Boxing, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jui Jitsu,  all rolled into one training program at Hi-End Fitness.  We have mixed martial arts classes for kids and adults. Classes start in September for as little as $99/mnth.  All belt level classes available for competitive and non competitive athletes .  Get your children into a program that will develop their self confidence, co-ordination, strength and athleticism.  Teach them skills that will help them for a lifetime.

Program Benefits include: Anti bullying techniques, Self defense skills, Self confidence, Self respect, and self esteem

Our mixed martial arts program offers qualified trainers with National level experience to teach in class settings or in personalized one on one private sessions.  Popular workouts feature strength training, explosive plyometric exercises and metabolic training to build lean conditioned athletes.  This hi-intensity programming will enhance your son or daughters agility and increase reaction time.  This program is also a great for the off season athletic training.  Our instructors have seen terrific success with dry land hockey programs as well as baseball and football teams utilizing the benefits of mixed martial arts to create a perfect cross-training effect.

Stand-up:  Various forms of Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo are trained to improve footwork, elbowing, kicking, kneeing and punching.

Clinch:  Freestyle, Greco-Roman wrestling, Sambo and Judo are trained to improve clinching, take-downs and throws, while Muay Thai is trained to improve the striking aspect of the clinch.

Ground:  Submission Grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, shoot wrestling, catch wrestling and Sambo are trained to improve ground control and position, as well as to achieve submission holds, and defend against them.

Regular classes take place throughout the week with classes running Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  nights covering all aspects of the striking, wrestling and BJJ, together with a fitness circuit.  Ages 10 and up.

Send me an email to gather any further details.


2nd Annual Kids Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts Summer Camp

The Ultimate kids Fitness Summer Camp is here!  Classes will be provided Monday to Friday from 830 am to 430pm.

Give your child a fun filled summer while improving their sports performance, getting fit and strong for the upcoming school year and building healthy lifestyle habits they can continue forever.

This year the Professional trainers, Martial Arts and Dance Instructors at Hi-End Fitness are brining back their 2nd annual Healthy fitness lifestyle camp.  This one of a kind experience is open for children aged 7-12 yrs old.  Your child will have a summer experience they will never forget.  They will develop core values, learn new skills, make new friends, and have loads of fun in the process.  Your kids will grow as much on the inside as they’re growing on the  outside. The camps will be run by Certified Personal trainers and coaches, certified Black Belt instructors and experienced dance instructors who will provide your child with lessons in the physical fitness, Kickboxing and Mixed martial arts, Dance, Sport,  Games, and adventurous afternoon day trips.  Don’t let your child sit in the house to snack and play video games all summer long.  Enroll them in a program that can create a change in their lives.

Your child will receive lessons in fitness, Martial Arts and Dance  for 1-3 hours Monday through Friday. Each day our students will participate in exciting Physical activities, or will be taken on half-day field trips. Some of the exciting activities this year will include; a visit from A Magician, Reptile Rob, Outdoor Hiking at the Rbg, Capture the Flag, Man Hunt, Cops and Robbers, Playing soccer, Track and field, swimming, Healthy eating habits class, Outdoor play, Mixed martial arts activities, Wild Waterworks, The burlington beach,  Arts and crafts, a trip to adventure village and the Lion Safari are all part of our summer program.

Our unique fitness and martial arts Summer Camp will help children attain:

Self esteme

Body awareness




Improved Grades

Respect for Others

Improved fitness

Increase Endurance

Leadership Skills

Increased Attention Span

Goal Setting Skills

Summer time is not the time to let the progress made throughout the school year slip away.

Kids camp runs Annually from the beginning of July through to the last week of August.   Last year camp was a terrific success for us!  The kids  loved it and so did the parents too!  Here are some clips from some of the emails I received after the first week:

My daughter Shekinah is so excited to come tomorrow to see what she’s going to do. She said it’s the best camp she’s ever gone to. Making lots of friends and all the instructors. – Carl Sarfi

I wanted to send you and everyone at Hi End Fitness a very big Thank you for last week.  Robert had a wonderful time; he enjoyed the activities, in and out of the gym and would gladly come back if he was not already booked for the rest of the summer. -Diana Licis

I am hoping that you have a great turn out and can do this again next year as he will gladly come for 2 or 3 weeks if possible. – Tanya  Barasevic

Early Bird registration must be completed by March 15th.  Early Bird Registration will be $149/week.  After March 15th Registration will be $179/week.

Campers are aged 7-12.  Camp includes indoor and outdoor fitness, mixed martial arts, sports training, fun, games and 30 minutes of sit down homework too! :)


kids camp



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