It’s not all about Sex!

February 4, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

We can Learn to Step Beyond and Grow Beyond & From the Sexual Energy…

A new Outcome Requires New Ideas.  Healing is a new Mindset!

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Love is not sex. Lol.. So much confusion and lies here. We are programmed to release our love and our life force in an orgasm. This is our ultimate joy. We are trapped in this incorrect feedback loop. This is not joy. This is not love. Sex is our biggest obstacle to truly loving the self and our partners.

Tantra is a step in the right direction. Celibacy is an even greater step. You can love and be intimate and engage in sexual or intimate contact without spilling the secret sauce. This practice will bring so much richness, joy and healing to your life and relationship. You will be inspired to work on so many other things when you take sex off the table or at least reduce the frequency and need for orgasm.

You can hold your sexual fluids and you can recycle that loving energy. It is you.
You can learn who you truly are and you can learn how to truly love you and then you will be able to truly love. Love is so much more than the short 15 or 20 seconds of orgasmic ecstasy.

There is so much more to life than that!. Stop running from one relationship to the next because you “drifted apart” Love is a choice. You can choose to love again. Love does not mean you do not have to work hard at it. Love does not mean it’s going to be easy. Love does not mean you will not have to sacrifice.

To truly harvest the fruit of love you will have to overcome your limited beliefs about and towards love. Just like everything else in our world. We have limited beliefs and incorrect conclusions about love. Love is limitless. Did you have an unconditionally loving model in your life? None of us did.

There is only one unconditionally loving source. It is found within. We can all access it. We can all come into alignment with it. It will nourish and sustain you. It will teach you how to love yourself and all aspects of your life.. Just like our universe is unconditionally loving you can learn to love the darkness and the cold. You can learn how to contact your shadow emotions. The blocked and surpressed energy can be accessed and utilized in your life.

Love keeps no score. Love has no boundary. You are love. The power of our universe is love. Love doesn’t die. Love is forever! If you cannot find the love you have look in a different place. That does not mean you need a different partner. It means you need to know what is true love and where it is really found.

Once you learn what it really means to love yourself you will know what and where true love is. True love is your nature. It is your natural state and being. As you remove the obstacles you have you will discover the true you.

Emptiness is the way to return to the true you. “Unfooding” is the way to learn about your true nature. Learn how to lose your weight. Learn how to love yourself your partner and your life. Learn how to shake the poverty mindset and shift into your abundance reality. Abundance is your birthright. Obesity, poverty, disease and pain are all a choice.

You can change your life with a choice. Choose something different for 2019. Reach out to me if you need help!  The video below is a copy of the book that got me started in this natural healing lifestyle.  Listen when you can to learn a new outlook for healing your life!  Maybe you can listen while you drive to work.

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