It takes two to make a thing go right!

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Father’s day to all those dads out there!  🙂

Today Dora, the kids and I will be going over to Spencer’s down on the lake for brunch.  It’s always my favorite meal of the year.  We don’t eat out too much as a family but father’s day we always go to Spencer’s.

I’ll be taking my dad and his wife along with us for the first time this year.  I recognize that making time for the important relationships in our lives really needs to be made a priority.

When it comes to accomplishing goals in our lives we cannot forget to address the relationships in our lives.

Don’t only make goals for your physical body.  You are not a one dimensional being.  Your goals setting also needs to be done for your primary relationship, your peripheral relationships, your career, your finances, your spirit and for your long term contribution.

Do you have goals of losing weight, toning up, increasing strength, reducing your body-fat or restoring your youthful energy?

These are all great!  They are the goals that I typically hear people want to achieve.   Often what I find is that the thing that is actually stopping them from being successful with their goals is actually some other aspects of their lives that they may not have considered.

Now that I have been a pro trainer for over 25 years and I have helped hundreds of people to make small or monumental changes  I can say that I am starting to see some patterns in people.  One pattern that is now becoming blatantly obvious to me in my life also is that often the obstacle to success is actually something that comes from another aspect of our lives.  I find that the energy of our primary relationships has a monumental effect in every single thing that we could ever want to do in our lives.

In our youth the solution to our weight-loss goals are often a simple fix with nutrition and exercise.  As we move deeper into the second half of our lives it seems that the other aspects of our lives seem to play a greater roll in our successes and failures.

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If you are dealing with work stress, financial stress or emotional stress in your relationship then your power to create change in your body can be drastically compromised.

Without having goals or efforts towards our spiritual growth or our contributions to the whole we can never be truly full-filled with anything that we do.  It is so essential to attach our goals to something larger than ourselves.

I appreciate that you may have some specific physical goals in your life but believe me when I say that without a doubt if you don’t take a bigger picture plan of attack with your goal setting you likely will never reach your targets.  Furthermore, even if  you do reach your physical goals, can you really be happy if you’re relationships have suffered as a consequence?

Even the leanest, sexiest, strongest version of yourself is unsatisfying if you can’t find peace, joy, love or freedom in your relationship.

You need to make goals for all aspects of your life.

Once you have those goals clearly defined you can develop your action steps.

What things do you need to do in order to accomplish those goals in each area of your life?

Can you see how you may need to change you outlook towards some aspects of yourself.

Our Primary relationships are such an important aspect of ourselves.  They deeply affect our energy and satisfaction.  Who can testify to how difficult it is to stay motivated on your diet when your partner is eating a bag of chips?  Many people have shared with me the challenges of trying to stay on track while their significant other is totally off the rails.

I love it when I get an opportunity to work with both husband and wife together as that is the most successful way to create change.

If I can get you and your primary partner together in a room for some mutual goal setting it’s always so much more successful for both people.

Goal setting as a couple is very important.

When one partner doesn’t see the relationship progressing it can be the begging of the demise of your relationship.

For all of us to be happy we need to be making progress.

When we are not making progress in one area of our lives it can affect our energy and abilities in any or all other aspects of our life.

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Don’t worry about what has happened in your life.

Don’t focus on where you are right now in your relationship.

Get together with your partner now and think about and talk about where you guys want to go?

How do you guys want your future to look?

What do you guys need to do in order to get there?

Make some time today for a serious conversation.  Rather than thinking and talking about what is… Let’s talk about how we want things to be.

If you guys decide that you want to be filled with energy and vitality in your future then maybe it’s time to start talking about exercising together or changing your nutrition together…

I have learned that with my primary relationship it is always best to ask myself “how am I giving or contributing” rather than focusing on “what I’m getting or not getting”

I feel this is a necessary shift in paradigm that has to happen for both parties in a relationship to make it successful.

No relationship can ever prosper as long as we are pointing the finger at someone else.  Blame must be shared and both parties need to contribute to the future results.

If you would like to get together for a goal setting talk time we can do it face to face or on-line.

If you would like to do that alone or with your significant other I would be very happy to make the time to support you.

Just send me a message if you would like to arrange a time.

Happy Father’s Day!

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