I Want to get into shape for the Summer!

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When people reach out to me for help they are usually upset with things the way that they are…

They come to me when they are ready to make major changes.

I love that!  🙂

I like to help people make changes in their live.

I always explain that real rapid changes in weight and appearance are possible if you make a full commitment to the process.

If you are diligent with maintaining your exercise, your nutrition and your mindset in the right place to create success then you can expect to lose between 7-17 pounds in your first 30 days.

Along the way you will tighten up your muscles, becoming firmer, smaller and sexier as the natural shape of your body is revealed.

Your pain free movement, abilities, range of motion, co-ordination and balance will all improve steadily.  You will find yourself able do do things you haven’t been able to do in a long time.

It’s the combination of all three aspect of the program that make results happen fast!

And that is why people like to have a coach to help them stay on track.

Take a look a Cheryl in the picture below.  Your age is no obstacle!

She is approaching her 70’s and she just completed 12 weeks in our program.

Cheryl lost 9 pounds in her first 21 days and 12 pounds over the last 12 weeks.  As she trained she got smaller and tighter.  She lost 5 cm’s off of her waist, 5 cm’s off of her hips and 4 cm’s off of her chest over the time period.  Cheryl increased her strength and abilities dramatically. She is now a stronger, leaner, tighter sexier version of herself and ready for the nice weather that’s about to start.


Burlington Personal training

If you have tried to lose weight in your past and not been able to maintain your exercise or your nutrition or your motivation then you likely need someone to hold you accountable

I always tell people that they don’t need to be perfect to get the results they are looking for.

They just need to complete their minimum commitments to exercise each and every week.

Exercise at least 4 times each week for 30 minutes.

Group sessions run 6 days each week multiple times each day!  For even faster results show up more or add an additional aerobic session or 2 independently.

These workouts will be short, intense, organized bouts of exercise designed to help strengthen your body and stimulate the fat burning hormones in your body!

Combine the workouts with your nutrition plan and your positive focus.

Stay within your customized nutritional boundaries.

Let me create some personal boundaries for you.  Nothing changes unless you make some changes!

Let’s weigh you in and determine your Body-fat.  With that information I can create your ideal nutritional plan.

Let’s calculate how much protein your body actually needs.

I can give you a carbohydrate boundary that is personal to your daily activities.

We can weigh you in each week to ensure you are making progress.

We can keep track of what you are eating with an on-line calorie counting App.

That way I can see what is going on with your nutrition and I can hold you accountable to the program.

It’s being held accountability that creates those Rapid changes to your body!

It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect with your food.  Nobody is perfect!  We all need room to enjoy our favorite foods too!

It’s great to have someone to keep you going… We all know that someday’s it’s not easy to find the motivation to go to the gym.

That’s when you need a coach and a social network to make it fun.

As you get stronger staying on track will get easier and you’ll find the energy to do more activities.

Do you have some equipment in your home?

I can provide you with short fat-burning video workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment on your own time like the video below or we can schedule live workouts that I can support you with in real time.

I’ve got room for 4 more people in my group training program right now!

people who are ready to make some changes in their lives.

People who want to get their bodies back.

People who want to get themselves back to their best before the summer!

Let’s set some goals for you!  Let’s clearly define what we want and the action steps necessary to get there.

Usually I would charge $399 to do your workouts in my group and customize your nutrition for 21 days!

Register in my Summer Body 2017 special and save yourself some money.  I have room for 4 more people at these special prices!

Register for 30 days for $299.

Register for 60 days for $449.

Get signed up for 12 weeks right now for $549.

Register with a friend or family member to save an additional $100.

Or if you are already a member bring a friend or family member to register for the Summer Body program and save $100 off of your next month of training!

We can do this program together in my Private training studio or in the comforts of your own home or gym.  In-home training and On-line training equally available.  Participate in this program completely on-line.  All you need is a laptop with a camera to tune into live training workouts a tape measure and a Tanita body-fat scale.

Send me a private email if you’d like to discuss your personal situation:  john@hiendfitness.com

Just ask yourself 1 question… Are you ready to make a change?


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