I have got to love myself first!

February 4, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

True Love requires Great Courage!

Whether you’re talking about weight loss or healing or improving your relationship or making more money the answer is the same. The job or goal is the same so it only makes sense that the response required must be the same. We are talking about stepping into your best self.

The best version of you is an individual who has love for themselves. Has found love for themselves and gives love to themselves. To be your best you must first learn how to power up. That must become a habit or a behavior. You must first program love for you into your day.

Your very best self is likely something new. As you are aspiring to get there or be there. Its obviously someplace you are not. To get someplace new you will need to do something different. To go somewhere you have never been you will have to do something you have never done.

You will need a new map. You can’t drive from toronto to Miami without an updated map of the territory. An old map doesn’t have all the new roads and construction highlights. Sometimes the roads get changed. If you follow the old map you will never arrive. Many get stuck following an old map.

Creating a new upgraded version of yourself is going to require you to step forward. You will have to move into leadership. Regardless of whether or not you were ready for it. This responsibility will befall upon you. You will have to assume that role

As you awaken others will become upset. Your presence will challenge them. Your words will be misunderstood. They will use their perception or their old map to understand you. It will not work so they will call you a fool. You must endure that. You must forgive them. They no not what they do

They do not know who they are speaking with. They have never met anyone like you before. An awakened soul is a bright white light. She resonates at a vibration that is brilliant. Deeply rooted in the source of our universe.

You have got to have tremendous courage to awaken. All around you will be attacked you will be beaten You will nit be able to respond. The osin will be great. Everyone will turn their back on you. The night will be darkest just before dawn. You must hold your course You cannot awaken if you allow yourself to be judged by those around you. You cannot give your power to the opinions of others.

The buddha left his family. I understand him. It is not because he didn’t love them. It’s because he loved them so much. When you love so deeply you are exposed Those that you love can very easily tip you over. They can affect you emotionally very quickly. You cannot awaken in the presence of challenging emotional turmoil

First you need peace. First you must tune out the distractions. Before you can love those closest you must first learn to love you. There must be a cocoon made around you You must step into the cave for a moment. This is challenging inside a busy life. You must take refuge. You have to rest You will be so weary.

When you turn inward to manage yourself you must trust. It is a risk. You must risk The greater the risk the greater the reward You’ve got to go all in to win. Jump in with both feet. The water is outstanding. The joy it offers is nothing you have ever felt before. It is so much more satisfying and fulfilling than anything eartly.

You must do it The world needs you Your family needs your very best self. Who has the time for anything less than their very best. You must take this great risk. It must be a calculated risk. You must study. You must observe the writing on the walls. You must see the path those before you have travelled. It takes great courage You must step into every fear you own

After you throw the dice with everything you have and own you will be struck with great challenges and obstacles. There will be great friends that will see you and know you. They will help you. They are treasure. A gift of the universe. When the time is right the cocoon will burst. The light will flood in. You will rise and spread your wings. You will be ready for your first flight.

The new you can and will be whatever you wish. You will be in your power. You will be able to choose your outcome. You can choose to eat or not. Choice is the thing that makes us human. Each of us can choose. We can all make a decision to return to our best. The way is always available. It is available to everyone when they are ready to take it.

It is the road less traveled. The way is not easy but it offers the most valuable gift of life. It is salvation. It is freedom. Passion, joy, bliss, playfulness and fulfillment are the effect. Unconditional love, perfect peace and overwhelming happiness Liberation is the promise of a soul awakened.

You have got to summon the courage to take step forward. Everyone who really wants it must step forward. It is a choice. To step forward into the unknown is so scary. You must stand up to your fear. Take a baby step forward. It is cold and dark. It is uncomfortable. Do it anyway You have courage little one. A life of abundance awaits.

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