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February 23, 2020 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset
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The change of mind you need to make

Only Practice makes you get better.  If you do not use it you will lose it.  If you use it frequently you can change it.  You can rehearse it.  This is practice.  Practice the things that bring you into your greatest version of yourself and watch your entire life begin to get better.

I teach 3 things that you can manipulate to change your life.  Once you manipulate the mindset aspect of yourself enough you begin to see the truth.  The truth is that you need to add a new practice into your life.   

Exercise.  Conscious exercise is not the same old exercise.  It has nothing to do with calories.  Calories mean nothing hear.  The common understanding of exercise and how to manage weight is broken.  The current mainstream understanding regarding metabolism is broken.  The current scientific approach to exercise is to push the body until the muscles are torn down.  The theory is that breaking down the muscular tissue helps it to rebuild and repair stronger.  Support it’s healing with a high protein diet.  So we are told.  If you are under 40 maybe.  If you are trying to be Mr. Universe or if you want to play varsity sports at university I won’t bother to debate with you.  If you want to be an olympian just disregard this.  If you want to lose your weight and get back to your very best self then you must let go of what you know.  This plan will only add more stress to your life.  If you are over 40 this broken paradigm will not heal your life.  If you are over 40 you do not need more stress in your life.  You need to offset your stress with more consciousness. Conscious exercise is not damaging to your body.  It is only stimulating.  Do not damage your body with exercise.  Use exercise to connect more deeply to your highest frequency and vibration.  Use your exercise to connect with your spiritual body.  Your spirt is your highest frequency.  It’s in the stillness of mind that you can be with your spirit.  In the quietness… in the emptiness.  In the digestive rest and the quiet mind the physical body, the mental body and the spirit body unite.  This union is called yoga.

Nutrition can raise your frequency.  Take in foods that raise your frequency or choose foods that lower your frequency.  this is your choice.  You can choose to satisfy your cravings for what you have always eaten on Friday night or you can choose something different.  All is choice.  You always get to decide how you nourish your body.  You can change your mind about nourishment also.  You can choose to get nourished from food.  You can choose nourishment from outside and you can also choose to get nourishment from within.  This is a choice.  A choice that you can develop and practice.  You can learn how to get more nourishment from within.  The best way to learn or practice this skill is to systematically reduce the density of your food.  To take in less dense foods.  To choose foods of higher vibration.  To choose emptiness.  In emptiness there is no energy coming in from the outside.  It is the best way to connect to the source energy within.  Your highest frequency is inside you and around you.  It is not food.  It is not a substance or a person or a thing.  Although a cup of coffee may seem like this solution at some moments of your day there really is nothing that you could possibly consume that could compare the energy that causes the oceans to rock too and fro every single day.  Something more powerful than beef, chicken, fish, dairy and tequila is always available to you.  It is not something that can be chewed or sipped.  It is not a physical thing.  It is something of higher frequency than thought.  All thoughts can be spoken.  There are no words for the infinite.  It cannot be spoken about.  Your most energetic bits are not inside your thoughts.  Arrive there only when you suspend your thoughts.  

Exercise and nutrition is the broken paradigm that is holding you trapped.  it isn’t exercise and nutrition that will heal or change your life.  It’s an energetic change in your life.  It is something that you have never done that will change your life.  It isn’t what you know.  If you knew it you’d be doing it. It’s something that you don’t know.

The 3rd variable you need to manipulate to take complete control of your life is your mindset.  If you want to lose weight or tone up or heal your pain or gain energy or just reduce your stress and live a happier healthier life you need to change your mind.  It’s our mind that created our current existence.  It is our minds that will allow us to create something different if we want.  Our minds create thought.  Our thoughts become our words and our words create our habits and behaviors.  Want to break a bad habit?  Simply replace it with some positive good ones.  

Begin manipulating your mindset by listening to others.  I suggest listening to the minds that inspire you the most.  Listen to the top 10 minds on our planet.  What do they all say about a successful life.  What things do they focus on.  Get yourself into alignment with what the most successful minds are saying and doing.  Do some research.  It’s not just knowing all the answers that creates a change in your reality.  It is the practice that makes the difference.  It’s not just knowledge of the path that we need.  It is practice.  We must walk along the path to reach to the destination.  There is no way avoid the walk.  Each one must walk the path less traveled to reap the rewards.  No one can do the work for you.  Each one must choose to do the work required to connect to the power within them.

I believe each individual has the power to create a life.  I believe each one of us creates our own lives.  I do not believe that anyone has created my life.  I have created it.  To change our lives each individual must take responsibility for it. Each one must do the work required to change their own lives.  Each one of us must raise up our own frequency.  Meditation is the practice of being still.  I have learned that it is meditation that i needed to master to change my life.  It was a change of exercise, a change of food and a change of mind that enabled me to see, understand and learn what I needed to do to heal and change my life.  Now I am committed to teaching my clients what they need to do to change their vibration and their lives.
I can’t make anyone change their mind.  It was hard for me to change my mind.  For 30 years I ate protein and lifted weights to manage my health.  Now I manage my health first and foremost with meditation and I have learned to stay mindful and present all day long from developing this practice.  Each one of us can learn how to do this.  By practicing this skill you will only get better.  As you practice this skill all things in your life will improve.  Over the next 3-5 years you can improve this skill 10 fold.  You can become world class at this.  The next 3-5 years will come anyway.  You can be different over the next 3-5 years or you can repeat things exactly as they are.  This is always your choice.

It’s meditation is what each one of us need.  We’ve all have heard this before.  All the most successful minds in the world teach the same thing.  Bring yourself to the energy of your goal every day.  Begin with the end in mind.  Practice the vision in your mind.  imagine your goal.  How would you feel if you were actually there?  You must believe in it.  You must see it.  You must think it into your reality.  You must feel it.  A feeling is an emotional response.  A feeling is a response to a thought.  Picture in your mind what you want.  Feel it into your physical reality.  Bring yourself each day to the energy of your dreams.  To your passion.  To what you love.  To what you are.  This is meditation.  Meditate daily. Yoga is movement meditation.  Practice connecting to your inner being every day.  Yoga is the union of your mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a wonderful practice.  Practice being still every morning as you wake and every night before bed.  These are the times to reprogram our minds.  This is the way to change your frequency with your inner being.  Practice in stillness.  Practice in movement.  Practice all day long.  The more you practice consciousness the more your frequency will begin to life.  Practice every day and watch your energy grow every single day.

Practice conscious exercise.  Practice meditation.  Practice conscious breaths.  Breathwork keeps us in the present.  Practice breathing in stillness.  Practice in gentle movement and also practice in more aggressive movement also.  The more you practice connecting to your deepest bits of your self the more you get to know yourself and the more you learn how to love yourself and give love to yourself.  You are love.  You just need to spend time.  With yourself.  You quiet self.  Not your mind.  Not your role.  Not your identity.  Not your social mask.  Not your personality.  Not your ego.  Your emptiness.  Your stillness.  Your center.  Bring yourself to your center daily. Practice it.  This is what you need to do to to change your life.  You need to do something that you have never ever done.  Something you have never applied to your life consistently.  Make a commitment to you.  To truly loving you and your life this time.

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