How to Love Yourself

February 4, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Natural Healing is Loving the Self…

It’s A New Mindset to lose the weight and keep it off!

It may be easier for me to tell you what it’s not about…

It’s not about urine therapy. It’s not about the aged urine or the fresh. It’s not about “Un-fooding” or fasting or emptiness or a food free life or shifting towards a Pranic lifestyle. It’s not about the turpentine or the pare-sites, fungus, candida or yeast that it kills. It’s not about raw juice or pasteurized juices or distilled water. It’s not about sun-light or grounding or exercise or breath-work.

It isn’t about the meditation or the mind-fullness or the thought and word management. It’s not the fruit, or the raw foods or the vegan diet. It’s not about management of the meat, the booze, the drugs, the money the material things, the relationship or the sex. It’s not about God or Jesus or Allah or Moses or Buddha or Shiva. It’s not shadow work or emotional release…

It’s not anyone thing that is going to heal or change your life and that’s why it’s a little bit different for everyone. You can do one thing or you can do them all. It’s totally up to you. Life is choice. You are free to choose. All of those natural healing tools can be in your tool kit to help you realize what this is really all about!

This is really about soul awakening. This is a spiritual uprising. This is getting to know who you truly are. This is identifying yourself. Finding yourself. Getting to know the true you. Giving and sharing love with yourself. This is about the kundalini energy. This is about the pranic force that is inside of you. It is around you and within you.This is all about the loving energy of our universe and allowing that energy to be directed or simple realised within you. Learning how to love yourself. It’s an opening up of all of your energy centers. It is accessing the Chi.

All of these natural methods mentioned above will help you to open and awaken. They will all contribute to your healing. They will all help you to raise up your true energy and identity. All of these modalities or tools will help you to see the truth. They will all help you to leave the Matrix and over come the mental programming we have been slaves to.

Watch the short video clip below with a man that has made a lifetime commitment to his very best self. Thank-you for your time Harry Matadeen. If you would like to see the entire video you can check it out here:

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I will be making a full time commitment there to helping people step out of the Matrix!

I’m moving into my 3rd year of Natural Food Healing Now.  I like to call it all “Un-Fooding” or sometimes I refer to my lifestyle as a Fruit & Fasting lifestyle or sometimes I will call it distilled water healing.  This lifestyle is the only way to truly heal the body.  It’s all about restoring the natural balance.  Check our the very valuable video resource below when you have some time.  You might listen to it while you’re driving in the car.  It’s new ideas that create different outcomes in our lives.  Open yourself up to new ideas.

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