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To lose the weight & keep it off you need to get the right information

I lost my weight 2 years ago. I lost my weight by detoxifying my body. By shifting from the old thought patterns about food and metabolism I was able to lose my weight and realize my true potential. The truth is that if our weight was truly managed by calories in and calories out there is no way that my weight would be able to sustain itself. I am only eating 2 or 3 days of the week. I am empty most of the time however my body is not losing weight.

The old paradigm of understanding claims that the body is sustained by food. That if we do not consume food that the body will sustain itself from the fat, muscle and tissue of the body. The old paradigm of metabolic understanding says that I should be surviving upon my own tissues and thus should be deteriorating. The truth is that I am not deteriorating. I am actually thriving on limited food or calorie intake. How do you explain this. I am trying to show you what is possible. I am teaching you that our food is a choice. I demonstrating that our energy is not created solely from food.

In Fact there are far more superior ways to acquire energy. The idea that food is the way to gather energy is a limited idea. It is possible for certain to gather energy from food however it is not the only way and I will suggest that it is not the best way. It is a way that actually has serious effects upon our health. There is a price to pay for achieving our energy from food. Eating actually hurts us. We have been told that eating is the way to gather health. The truth is that health is within us. It is not something that we attain from the food that we eat. Food does not help us to heal. Food is actually an obstacle to our healing.

The body heals best when it is empty. The distilled waters help the body to empty. Now I am not suggesting that you do what i do. I have been practicing and preparing my body for a couple of years now. With practice you can do more than I however to get started we must allow our bodies to transition. We need to develop new habits and behaviors to change our lives. We need to do this slowly. With practice and rehearsal we can learn how to Un-food. With the distilled water detoxification we can purify our bodies and minds and return to our most true selves. As we get closer to who and what we really are we restore our natural abilities.

Watch the video message below.  It’s an exert from a book by Professor Hilton Hotema.  The truth about health is so drastically different than what everyone thinks, knows and talks about.  To heal your body and life you need to gather new information that has been hidden.

Un-Fooding is one of our natural super powers. Distilled water detoxification helps us get there. Exercise is apart of this. Emotional therapy is an aspect of this. Cultivating our sexual energy is apart of this. Sunlight, grounding and nature are all aspects of this. You can do this. You can completely heal or change your life. You can choose to become the infinite light being that you are. You can step beyond your lack and your limited world view. You can restore your youthful energy. You can extend the length and quality of your life. You can choose to take action. i would love to help you do it. Reach out to me if you wish to discuss a method for you to create success:


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