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August 31, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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There is a new paradigm for your health and it encourages you to take more responsibility for what is going on inside of your body.

Healing is something that your body does naturally.

In order for you to take advantage of it you need to take the responsibility for any loss of health and you need to restore your thoughts and life to its most natural state.

You have got to correct your nutrition.

You need to get your body back to a space that it can exist without medications.

I am not a medical doctor.  Therefore I cannot give advice that contradicts your doctor or your use of medications.  You yourself will have to discuss this with your doctor.  The solution to your health is not a medication.  The solution to your health is a change of mind, a complete change of nutrition and a change of physical action.  I am committed to helping people come to true health.

Detoxification is the restoring of your body to it’s most natural state so that healing can happen as it should.  You need to get out of the way of your healing.  Medications will stand in your way.  You can also stop your healing with your low energy or limited thoughts, low energy foods and lethargy or lack of movement.

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You must take action to correct your health.

Low energy thoughts that must be addressed:

Anger, frustration, jealousy, control, judgement, comparison, righteousness, attachment

You must forgive yourself and others for your past errors in thought or action.  You must move forward with a new approach.

We all are a work in progress.  As I speak about creating change in ourselves, or minds, our behavior I am speaking to myself as much as I am speaking to you all.  We need to come back to our true healthy nature.  That means getting back into true alignment with our deepest root energy.

I personally like to consider my deepest root energy as my spiritual energy.  I realize that some people have trouble with the word spirit.  If you have trouble with this word please substitute the word that makes you feel comfortable.  Here are some possible alternatives:  Holy spirit, consciousness, collective consciousness, intention, subconscious, passion, universal energy, source energy, God, chi, prana or life force energy.

If you have trouble with this word I would suggest that you adjust yourself that you do not have any more trouble with it. Part of the trouble with your health is your unwillingness to see that we are all connected.  Part of the problem with your health is your limited beliefs about things of a spiritual nature.  Our universe has a power in it.  That power is inside of you. You have access to that power.  You can begin to use it to heal your life or you may continue to use it to destroy you.

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Total health requires us to overcome our resistant thoughts and limited beliefs.  Any thoughts that make you better than anyone else are included in this group of limited beliefs.  If you think that you and your ideas about spirit and health are right and someone else’s are wrong then this thought could be blocking your from moving forward.  We all need to revisit our own belief system.

I have had to revisit my thoughts to step forward.  I will continue to challenge my thoughts in order to continue moving forward.  You also will need to examine your thoughts and the ideas that you are clinging to. We all need to look at alternative ideas.  If we can’t learn from our opponent here we cannot move forward.  In relationships we must compromise.  The most successful life cannot continue as a competition of ideas.  It cannot move forward if we fight for idea dominance.

We must be able to see that every coin has two sides.  There is valuable lessons to be learned on either side.  We live on a planet of duality.  You cannot be so attached to the way you think and do things. Do you want to be right or do you want to move forward?  Allow yourself to be open to new thoughts, ideas and possibilities.  Open yourself up to the possibility that you can change any aspect of your life that you wish.  Open yourself up to the possibility that what is going on in your life is possibly the result of your thoughts, your words and your actions. This is true responsibility. Only you can challenge what you believe.

You must let go of what you think you know.

Challenging your thought takes time, work and effort.  It’s so much easier to just follow the herd.  Unfortunately following the herd will not heal your life.  The herd is currently running off a cliff guys.  Can you not see that?  You must leave the herd.

Now I know that this will have some of you unfriending me.  I know this will upset some of you.  I am sorry but I am not sorry.  I must do what I must do.  I must challenge you to change your mind today!

I need to make you see that the power to change is in your decision right now!

Thought work can be done best first thing in the morning or just before bed.  There is nothing wrong with doing thought work in the middle of your day.  You just need to eliminate distractions.  Turn off the TV.  Put down the book or magazine. Turn off your phone.  Close your door and just put your head down to rest for a moment… Or pick up a pencil and paper. I think the best way to begin is actually to write out goals in the 6 major parts of your life.  I include Personal goals, Primary partner goals, Secondary relationships, Career, Financial & Material or Adventure goals and Contribution or Spiritual goals.

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Thought work is done best in meditation or visualization.  If you have been cautioned about the dangers of meditation then I want to say challenge anyone or anything or any idea that tells you that you should not be meditating.  I believe it is necessary for you to heal your body and life.  I believe you need to meditate.  I believe we all need to begin this practice to align our energy and heal or lives.

Again I may be stepping on some toes here.  Again I am doing what I feel I must do.  If you do not like me you do not have to continue reading my opinions any further.  I have got to deal with that.

You may want to tune out now before I offend you further.

If you want to heal your life you have got to begin fasting.  Yip…  I said that!

You NEED to fast.  Your body needs to heal.  It needs to stay empty.  You need to get management of your food.  Yes I do understand you are attached to your food.  Yes I know you love to eat.  Yes I know you think you need to eat but you need to stop eating now more than you need to eat.

You need to learn how to eat less.  You cannot learn to eat less by eating.  You learn to eat less by stopping eating.

At least 12-14 hours each day must be in emptiness.  This is my new minimum requirement for my health recommendations.  If you can get this up to 16 hrs or 18 hrs a day then do it.  If 1 or 2 or 3 days of the week you can work on extending your fast then I would suggest that you take advantage of that.  Lengthier fasts will stimulate deeper healing. I am only recommending fasts within the 24 hr period to go without supervision.  If you are ready to go further please lets have a conversation.

Here is an additional resource for you: Get The Latest Facts About Fasting!

As you learn to fast longer.   As your body heals.  As you meditate. As you ask for guidance and information you will receive it.  The information will come to you.  It can arrive as insight or spontaneous awareness.  It does not have to come from a book a teacher or a school.  It may come from a person or it may be provided from some other external source.  If you are meditating, fasting, eating properly, exercising and focusing all your energy in the right way then insight and information will arrive in your life daily.  Multiple times a day.  The more clean and aligned your body and life the more insight, knowledge and awareness you will gain.  Yes…  True knowledge does not come from outside of yourself.  It begins inside with the right questions.  True knowledge arises from our spirit, from our source.

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Finally my last offensive message is for you to stop eating animal protein and save your starch for occasions.  As much as possible reduce your animal protein.  As quickly as you can STOP this behavior.  The idea that animals do not have a spirit is an incorrect idea.  The idea that animals are there for you to eat is not true.  The idea that eating animals is somehow good for you is wrong.  The idea that eating something that is decomposing is wrong.  The idea that cooking decomposed meat provides you with nutritional value is incorrect.  You need to change your mind here.  Yes you may find that meat makes you feel “filled up”… but that is a habit.  That is an opinion.  That is an attachment.  It is a behavior.  You can change it… But only you can.  You have to challenge your thoughts, your words your actions.  You need to stop talking about what you can’t do.  You need to stop spreading information and ideas that are limited to others.  You need to take responsibility for yourself and for the others around you.

Starch is killing you too.  You do not need the energy of processed foods, bread or starch.  I know you like it.  I understand that.  I know you like your meat too.  I understand you cannot quit these items all at once.  I recognize that you will have to slowly incrementally remove these toxic foods from your life however this is what you MUST  do to heal your body and life. This is what detoxification is all about.  Challenging your attachment to ideas.  Change your mind.  Let go of the things you are clinging to.  Step into the unknown.  Step up to your fears.

You need to eat fruits to heal your body.  The most astringent fruits will do the greatest healing for you.  If you are stuck then change your fruits.  You need to find the ones that work best for you.  Fruit sugar is not bad for you.  It is the healthy sugar your body really needs.  If you need help with any of these ideas I want to help you…

Are you moving?  Are you exercising?  Are you exercising too much?  Are you still worried about your calories or your weight?  You need to change what you are doing and thinking if you want to change your outcomes.  MOST  of you need to get moving.  You may need motivation or accountability to do this if you are not doing it already.  Some of you need to slow down.  Some of you need to let go of the heavy weights.  Health and wellness is not about weight.  It’s not about a number on the scale.  It’s not about a magic number of repetitions and it’s not about how much you bench press either.   Your happiness is not about the number in your bank account, how big your house is or how many or what kind of car you have.  You need to love yourself.  You need to give love to yourself and you need to give love to those around you.  You have got to learn how to do this.  You can learn.  It boils down to your thoughts and words about yourself and the others that you share this planet with.  Do you have a problem with you?  Do you have a problem with others?

Motivation and accountability are keys to success!  I need to be accountable to a coach.  I need to learn from a mentor. It’s likely that you do to.  Who is pulling you forward?  You can’t get somewhere new doing the same old things.  Someone has to challenge you.  Someone needs to challenge the way that you think about your life.

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Detoxification does not happen over night.  It happens slowly and incrementally.  It happens when your body and mind and life are ready.  When you are ready to step into your truth.  The truth that you are more than your body and mind. Your spirit needs a turn to run the show.  Your spirit is not offended with me.  Your spirit likes what I have to say.  Its your ego that doesn’t like me and my message.  It’s your ego that wants to maintain things as they are.

Step out of your Ego!

Leave it.

You can do it.

No… It is not easy to do.

But with a system and method you can do it.

I would love to support you.  I would love to help you do it.  Please join me for my next group detoxification program.  It will start September 18th.  Leave me a message if you are ready and open to make a change in your life. Email me here: john@hiendfitness.com

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