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October 9, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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Out for my morning jog with my dog yoda. Intentionally lifting my energy this morning to build my day.

It is essential that you gather your personal opinions of yourself from yourself.

Others will always hold an opinion of you. That does not matter. All people’s opinions are their own. All people’s opinions come from within their own personal life experiences.

They are all projections from within their own minds and contain their own limited beliefs. You cannot worry about that. Your focus and attention needs to be in centering yourself into your most powerful space.

Each of us has a space of infinite power we can reach to and draw from. Each of us has access to the Devine. It is the most expansive space within each of us that is the most beautiful. This will always be the most satisfying space in your life.

This is the place of true happiness. Stop getting caught up in the illusions of life. Protect yourself from the idea that there is any real long term joy to be found elsewhere. The power to change your life is yours. it is directed by choice. With your decisions and your intentions you direct your energy to create what you want in your life.

You can heal and change anything you like. You can get your youthful strength, energy and range of motion back. A pain free life filled with love is possible for you. All you need to overcome the momentum of the collective consciousness is to choose. Choose to change your mind. Choose to step forward beyond your lack and limitation.

Choose love and power and freedom in your life. Begin to live from your most powerful space today! Happy Thanksgiving! What you focus on grows. Think and talk about What you are most grateful for today. Begin to speak about where you are going and not about where you have been.

We will be closed at Hi-End fitness tomorrow. However if you need help getting started with the creation of a new you please watch the video below and click this associated link to register for a free Transformation Session: 

Our family went out for a terrific Thanksgiving hike this afternoon.  The weather was terrific.  We had a vegan raw food thanksgiving except for a little pasta.  No body was hungry or upset about any of it!  🙂 Later this afternoon we went to visit Dora’s Dad who is in St. Joseph’s Hospital right now.  He is recovering from his stomach surgery he had on Thursday.  Everything seems to have gone really well with him.  We had a short thanksgiving visit with him today and we will have our family thanksgiving dinner with him next weekend.

This morning I had a little discussion with a detoxification coach from Utah.  I just happened to bump into him on-line and we became friends.  Our discussion this morning was just an open conversation that we had.  We just openly discussed the detoxification process, intermittent, fasting, nutrients, vitamins, protein requirements and the fruitarian lifestyle.

Neither myself or my friend are medical doctors.  If you have a diagnosis of illness or disease and are inspired by anything you hear in our conversation I must remind you that our advise is only our opinions from our own personal research each of us has done for ourselves and our families.  If you would like any additional information about any of this please reach out to me to discuss further information sharing opportunities.  I would most definitely recommend deeper study into the process of detoxification and absolute a discussion with your doctor before making any changes to your health and wellness program.  Although I do have an alternative approach to health I must remind you that following any of our personal advice would be your own responsibility.  I would encourage everyone to look into the work of Dr. Ehret, Dr. Morse, Dr. Sebi or Professor Spira before making any decisions. Explore all alternatives and maintain an open mind.  Nothing beats a short term 3-7 day test trial of the detoxification process.  That is the best way to realize the benefits of a raw food, fruit based lifestyle.  In a world where so many are getting sick with disease I encourage everyone to take a personal interest in their own personal health plans.  I believe that you can heal any pain or illness you have in your body with exercise, nutrition and intention.

Check out our video here:

Our next 30 day detoxification program will begin Monday October 30th and it will be held at Anytime Fitness in North Burlington.  The following week we will begin another group at the Anytime Fitness in Milton.  Want more information about our 30 day detoxification program or our Macro nutrient balancing, calorie tracking, weight and measurements, accountability or motivation just send me a personal email:  john@hiendfitness.com

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