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The Keto Diet Assessment of A Vegan Personal Trainer

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All the information that you will find in the mainstream will actually keep you stuck inside the broken system.  The same broken system that has everyone gaining weight and getting sick.  You need to get new information to overcome whatever challenge you are facing.  Your thoughts, actions and behavior are creating your problems.  You can heal and change all with a Raw Food Lifestyle.  This short term experiment you are running right now is helping you to realize the truth.  By working through the process you will realize that healing is natural.  It happens from within you.  It is a choice and a decision that you must make.  A decision to let go of what you know and begin to learn something new.

The image above is a breakdown of the Keto diet.  This is the diet that is most in fad right now.  It is being pushed heavily in the world of health and fitness. The Keto diet is a perfect example of why we are all getting fatter and sick. Its poor information like this that is causing the rise in cancer, heart disease, diabetes and all chronic pains, ailments and problems.

You have to use logic to overcome the crappy information that is provided to us and even toted as being supported by science.

The comon recomended nutrition plan of the day is the keto diet. Many physicians will even support the science based and developed program. You have got to forgo much of the incorrect science to find the true science. The true science is pure and natural. You have to use your mind to see and know the truth.

Fruits and vegetables are best for your body. They are less than 10% fat. How can a diet that suggests you consuming 65-85% fat be healthy or good for you. The best food fir the growth and development of a healthy human being is mothers breast milk. At best that us only 3% protein. How can a diet that is 15-25% protein be healthy for you?


See the misinformation that is making people sick? Get back to your healthy raw food nutrition. Don’t be fooled by the big marketing dollars of the big food corporations and the pharmaceutical companies. They are the orchestrators of this unhealthiness.  Whether it’s intentional or just straight profitable makes no difference to me.  It doesn’t change the reality.  We all need to stop living a lifestyle that is making us fat and sick. You have got to stop believing all this crap that they say you need to be happy or healthy. Live, raw fruits and vegetables contain the highest nutrient content of all foods on our planet.  You don’t need protein.  You need amino acids.  All the amino acids are in the Live, Raw, Natural food.

Go vegan, get raw! Transition slowly. You can overcome your resistance, habit and behavior. it will take information, education, motivation, support and accountability. Send me a personal email if you need help to sift through all the rubbish:  Watch the video below with Luigi Serio.  He has had 30 years of raw food healing experience.  He has become a great resource for me on natural healing.  He is the creator of the Master Fast Healing system and has some fantastic natural detoxification herbs to help you speed up the process or overcome sticking points.   If you want to lose weight, heal pain or improve your performance you can.  You can do it and you can do it naturally.

Please post images of yourself or your raw food meals on my page.  Like my page Here if you haven’t done that yet!

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