Getting Started With The 7 day Fast!

January 17, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Welcome to my 7 day Fast!  Don’t get worried by the name of this program!  You can participate at whatever level is most appropriate for you.  There will be a level of participation for total beginner and for most advanced.  Don’t worry about having to do anything you are not ready for.  The choice is always yours.

Remember that it takes new thoughts, words and actions to create changes in 2019.  If you stay inside your comfort zone nothing new is going to happen for you.  The way you think about exercise, nutrition & wellness right now has created your current circumstances.

You need to get some new ideas into your mind to create something different for you.  Get started with the program by watching the video message below!

Choose Your Level of Participation in The 7 day Fast Now!

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