Creating a new you is a result of participating in new things. You can’t get somewhere different doing the same old things. You need new information and ideas and you need to assemble them into new systems and habits in your life.

Exercise is the spark that triggers the release of metabolically stimulating hormones in your body. It creates the energy that you need to change your life. The right kind and intensity of workout will change your mindset, elevate your mood, stimulate the fat-burning hormones and create the physiological environment in your body to create success!​

If you want to workout On-line then we can train together in your home, at your friends home, in your gym or wherever you may be for that particular day.

All of the workouts can be done with minimal equipment like: Dumbbells, Barbells, Swiss-balls, Medicine Balls and Bosu Balls.

We use these tools to raise intensity and add variety to your program.

If you need help acquiring any equipment items I can help to support you with that.

I will insist that you make a minimum commitment to at least 4 x 30 minute workouts each week.

Why is working with a trainer in a private studio awesome?

You will have access to our private training studio for your workouts at our agreed upon time. Having scheduled appointments is the best way to create a new healthy habit in your life.
Arrive early before sessions for warm up in our alternate room on spin bikes or with stretching or light exercise. 

Use your early arrival time to go for a walk along the lakeshore or try after your session.

Dora and I or Dora or I can hold you accountable.

We will make sure that you complete the workouts you need to to accomplish the results you want.

We will make sure that you are working with correct intensity for you.

We will make sure that you are working just outside your comfort zone.

We will create and outline your customized nutrition for you. We will hold you accountable to your nutrition with our on-line app.

We will calculate your customized nutritional boundaries and work back and forth with you to make your nutrition ideal for you and your lifestyle.

Excellent calorie tracking and other measurements

Although we can’t be around you for every meal we can keep track of your nutrition too with a calorie and Macro Nutrient Counting and Calculating App. We will be able to see everything you eat as long as you track your meals with the app.

In our first session we will weigh you, measure you, check your body-fat and calculate a caloric boundary for you. We will specify a personal caloric need for you. We’ll use Macro Nutrient Balancing to make adjustments to your nutrition and customize your meal plan. You need a personalized nutrition plan to support your workouts, your career and your day to day routine. You keep track of your food in the app and each week Dora and I can view what’s going on and hold you accountable.


Your exercise may be the spark that stimulates the changes in your body, but its your nutrition that supports those workouts, your recovery and the new you!

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Female Trainer in Fitness and Nutrition Center Burlington

Lost 26 pounds in 6 weeks!

Joe and Renata
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Bootcamp Burlington, Physiotherapy Burlington

Lost 37 pounds in 8 weeks!


Getting what you want from your body happens by combining the right workouts for you with the right intensity of effort and the right nutrition to support those workouts and your recovery process.

It’s staying motivated that usually foils people’s plans. No body will ever be perfect with their nutrition and exercise. We don’t expect you to be. You need a program that will help you get your old body and energy back fast and keep it that way for the rest of your life. You need an organized exercise system a nutrition system and someone to hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

We all need someone that has our best interest at their heart. We all need someone that knows where we want to go and makes sure that we are doing what is necessary to get there. We all need someone in our corner if we want to lift up our level of performance and start living our lives the way we truly want to.

More Results!

Your exercise may be the spark that stimulates the changes in your body, but its your nutrition that supports those workouts, your recovery and the new you!

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Nutrition, Carb loading, Macro nutrient balancing, Burlington, gym

Benjamin lost 50 pounds in one year

Staying motivated comes from having fun. If you love your program you won’t have any trouble sticking to it. Your program need variety and you are going to need some encouragement and sometimes you are going to need someone to speak truthfully to you too! Someone has to challenge you and call you out on your bull-sh%$! We all have some limiting beliefs that are standing in our way of truly being a success.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
weight-loss and nutrition in Burlington Fitness center

Lori lost 31 pounds in 6 months

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Register for a deep dive initial conversation. Let me determine if I can help you or not. I’ll be honest with you… If I don’t think I can help you i’ll say so. We can do this meeting On-line at your computer or we can arrange a meeting at the club depending on the time that works for both of us. Click the link below to register.

Get registered for a free week trial. Each month Dora and I allow 2 people to try out our program for free. Click the link below to register for a free week trial. We will contact you to arrange a date for your first free trial session.