Getting Started with a Brand New Fitness & Wellness Lifestyle

Here are 10 great ways to Take Some Action Today with Your Fitness and Wellness…

Take a look at your alternatives below & take some action today!


1. Beginner’s Only Body Transformation Program-  6 weeks introduction program.  Workout and get paid!  Get 6 weeks of Personal training and Nutrition absolutely free!  Exercise 4 times a week for 30 minutes.  Track your food and create your own personalized nutrition plan for success!  Weigh-in weekly.  Get and stay motivated with a two world class personal coaches.  Get everything you need to get back into your healthy lifestyle.  Dora & John will be there to support you every step of the way!

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2. Physiotherapy Benefits Coverage Program–  Do you have a work health benefits package?  Do you have a physiotherapy benefits package at work?  We work along with a licenced physiotherapist.  Our program is supervised by a professional therapist so that we can access benefit plans for our clients.  Do you have a sore, neck, back, knee, ankle, elbow, hip or something else?   If you do we can treat your pain and get you back into shape and it can be covered by our work health benefits program.

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3. Single Parent Start up Special Offer– Are you a single Parent?  Dora and I have been married for 15 years we run our business together and we juggle our family life.  We know how challenging it is to do it all and we created our single parent special offer to support parents who are trying to do it all by themselves.  Check out our single parent 50% off special below

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 4. 1/2 Price Student Special– If you are a student then we know you are struggling to pay the bills.  If you are under 25 we want to do      something to support you getting started towards your health and wellness again.  Get all the information you need about our 1/2 price special below.

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5. In Home Personal Training Offer–  Do you have equipment at home that you are not using?  Would you like to get outfitted to exercise in the comforts of your own home? I can help you get equipment or I can help you get going at your home or in my private training studio.  We can help you in whatever way is best for you to get going again with you exercise and nutrition. Is there a gym in your condo?  Would you like to work with us but in your own gym or your own fitness facility?  You can even work with us while you are away on holidays.  Get all the details at the link below.

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6. On-line Personal Trainer– Wherever you are in the world you can join in with me and our workouts.  We have a camera in our club and we can turn it on and broadcast our studio workouts to you.  You can pick up our workouts on your mobile device or your laptop, tablet or ipad.  Join in with us from wherever you are.  We can hold you accountable to your food with our on-line food tracking app.  We can do weekly weigh-ins and hold you accountable on-line just as we do with our personal clients in the club.  Get more details at the link below!

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7. Let’s Book a Free Trial Session–  I will do a Free Trial Transformation Session with you to allow you an opportunity to see our program and try it out.  It will give you an opportunity to test drive our program and see if it’s a fit for you.  It will give me an opportunity to realize your current level of fitness and design a plan for you.  It will give us an opportunity to discuss all details and see if our program is right for you.  Get more details at the link below!

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8.  Get  Our Free E-book & Get Onto Our Email List–  Want to check us out from afar first?  Want to get to know us a little before you take a forward step?  That’s great!  Get our start up nutrition and exercise book.  You can start eating better right now.  You can start doing some exercise today.  There really is no better way to know us then to follow us on Facebook or get registered for our email list.  You can get registered for our email list below and receive our e-book below!  Exercise and nutrition inside!

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9. Follow Me On Facebook–  You can follow us on our page and get to know us better.  Get motivated.  Watch our live broadcasted workouts.  Get nutrition tips recipes and everything you need to stay on track for success!  Whether you want to get back into it or just find out more about us Facebook is a super way to do it!

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10. Subscribe to My Youtube Channel–  Meet the Melon man!  My YouTube persona.  Learn greater details about my coaching program.  Understand the ideas that are actually holding you back from losing the weight, making more money, have the loving relationship of your life, healing or changing anything that you would like or just living the life of your dreams. If you subscribe to our channel make sure you click for updates.  I create content twice a week.

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