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August 13, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Discussing getting Present

You can’t change the future unless you can get to the present

Here is a problem that is an epidemic.  If you cannot fix this trouble you will never be able to change your life.  If you can’t learn how to solve this then you are destined to be doing the yo yo, weight-loss, weight-gain thing for the rest of your life.  The present moment is where all the power is.  It’s the present moment where the magic happens!

All the power is in the present moment.  Everything that you need is in the present moment.  Everything that you need is given to you.  Do you want to make a change in your life?  Whether you want to lose weight or lose pain, sickness, illness or disease you need to know about the present.  You cannot affect your future unless you are in the present.

You can’t create a different outcome in your life unless you can think about something and speak about it first.  You first need to envision it in your minds eye before it can become a reality.  You have got to begin to speak about it before it is going to be real.  You need to get present and see clearly what you want to create.  You need to share that goal with someone that is positive and supportive with you.

Get clear about what you want to create in various aspects of your life.  Get clear about your personal goals, your relationship goals, your career and your financial goals.  Get certain about your adventure goals and also about how you want to contribute back to this society.  When you clearly know these items and you can bring those items clearly into your present moment they will become your reality.

It takes time to get clear.  It takes practice.  It takes thought practice.  It’s not easy work.  That’s why people like to avoid it.  At some point in your life you get to the point that you need to get out the pencil and paper.  It’s the time when you really need to carve out a life plan.  You have got to stop bouncing around like a pinball reacting to your life.  It is time to know exactly how you want to feel about yourself and those around you.  It’s time to gain certainty about what you want to do, how much you want to make and how you want to interact and give back to the other people and animals that you share this planet with.

This is important stuff.  The way you think about and towards these different aspects of your life will affect the outcomes you are getting in your life.  Want to get a different outcome?  Want a different or better life?  You need different or better thoughts.  We are what we think about most.  When we are very clear about what we want.  When we are thinking and talking about that all the time that will become our reality.  Knowing very clearly what you want to create helps you get really clear about what you need to do and not do.

Create your clear concise plan and take that plan with you into the moment.  When you can get present with your plan that is how you tune yourself to the vibration of your desire.  Thoughts are things.  They have vibration and they have an effect inside your body.  They alter your hormones, your endorphins and your brain neurotransmitters.  Your thoughts affect your DNA, your glands, your enzyme production.  Your thoughts and words tune your body and affect your emotions.  Your energy is lifted up to the level of your thoughts and words or dropped down to that level.

When you think and talk about what you want you bring energy and joy into your life.  When you think and talk about your problems you bring sadness and sorrow and low energy into your life.  The present moment is where the energy is.  It is the most powerful space.  It is the space that is most distinctly you.  It is your root energy and desire.  It is an alignment of what you truly want.  An expression of what you truly are.  You need to know what those things are clearly.  When you do.  When that is all that you think and talk about then you become totally aligned with who and what you truly are.

Aligning yourself with your loving force energy within you is getting into total harmony with yourself.  It is the ability to remain present and allow your self to flow through.  When you can just get into the loving flow of energy you don’t need to make an effort any longer.  Things start to happen for you on automatic pilot.  Once your deepest desires are imprinted upon your subconscious mind through repetition you don’t need to think about them anymore.  They happen as naturally as your breathing.

Your breath is the key to the moment.  In any given moment it is the breath that we need.  We all get caught up thinking that we need to this or we need to do that.  We all have the problem of trying to multitask.  While this is efficient for getting things done it is not the way to change your life.  Changing your life doesn’t happen from getting things done.  It happens from being.  It’s not doing that you need.  It’s being.

Doing takes effort.  Being is just natural.  Being requires no effort.  It is sustainable.  That is what you really want.  You really want sustainability. You don’t just want to lose the weight and gain it back do you?  Keeping it off really means doing something that you really love.  It’s easy to do things that you really love.  If you love the way you eat and exercise and interact with your partner and your kids and your career then you’ll keep doing it and the money will come or the weight will drop away.

Whether you want to lose weight, heal your relationship or make more money it requires you to do the same thing.  Clearly define the things that you want and bring them into the present moment with you so that you can love them.  When you love someone it’s like you think about them all the time.  When you love someone it’s easy to be around them.  When you’re in love your happy and full-filled.  You need to love your life.  You need to get clear about what you want and fall deeply in love with it.  Loving yourself, loving your life or any aspect of it really means getting into harmony with it or getting present with it.  Being present is being in harmony.  Being in harmony is being in love.  Love is sustainable because it is the force of the universe.  It is the force that runs through your body.  It is the energy that keeps your electrons in orbit around the nucleus of every cell inside your body.

If you want to make a change in your life that lasts forever then you need to tap into a force that lasts forever.   The eternal force of our universe is love.  Align yourself with the loving force energy within you and you will tap into an infinite energy source.  Something that will sustain you and your life forever.

Listen to the video interview below with my friend Jerry Snyder He is a professional life coach, a physiologist and an author.  Take a listen to what he has to say about making changes in your life!  Need to overcome some limited beliefs that are blocking you.  There is a fantastic resource attached below the video that will help you to break through any thought limitations.

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