Get the New Nutrition and Wellness Position

August 13, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset
Get the New Nutrition and Wellness Position


Too much food will only slow you down.  You are really an in the closet Frugavore and you don’t even realize it yet!

During the week you are much better to eat lighter.

Mostly fruits.

Your energy and your figure will appreciate it.

Eating a diet built mostly on fruit is most ideal for your health.

Fruit sugar has often received negative press in the past.  I no longer believe that is the sugar you need to be worried about.  Fruit sugar is fructose.  It does not affect your insulin levels like glucose does.  It’s actually the preferred fuel source for your body. I want to make sure I do my part to re-educate the population about health and wellness. Watch the information video below.

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and most of the physical pain in your body can be healed or eliminated from our future by making some changes in our understanding of food and nutrition.  The new nutrition and wellness position makes our food choices the primary determinant of our health.

I like this new empowering position.  It really puts you into ths drivers seat.  You are in charge of your health and wellness.  You are in charge of your future.  How your future turns out is up to you.

Our bodies heal naturally.  They will heal if they are allowed time to stay empty.  Our bodies heal when they are empty and still.

If you have pain or disease in your body staying empty is exactly what you need to do.  Try to stay empty each day for at least 12-14 hours.  If you can do longer than go for it.

Our poor nutritional choices from our past has created some very bad habits with our food.  We have been trained to eat frequent meals and this is not what is ideal for our bodies.  We are better off to eat less frequently and keep our eating window as small as possible.  If we can progressively adjust our eating time down to 10, 8, 6 or even 4 hrs each day then we can walk away from our weight problems, pain and disease forever.

How does that sound?

How ould you like to have more energy, increased flexibilty, range of motion and energy?

How would you like to come off of your medications, improve your sleep, and eliminate your risk of chronic disease from your future.

The new nutrition and wellness position is promising just that.  Watch the video below to learn more.

We all need to change our minds towards our nutrition and wellness program.  We all need to recognize that we have power within us.  We all need to recognize that we are apart of this planet and connected to everyone else on it.  Each of us has the power within us to create the life of our dreams.

You do not have to stay stuck in the situation or circumstances you are in.

You can do and be what you want.

You can change your life around completely!

Perfect health and energy can be yours again.

You can get your body back!

Would you like to get onto the new nutrition.  Would you like to take control of the infinite power that you have?

Would you like to direct that energy ideally in your life?

I’m going to be holding a single day retreat on Saturday August 26th at the Scandinavian Spa up in Collingood.

I love this place.  It’s a terrific place to do some deep soul searching and allignment of our energy!

I ill be sharing the information you need to know to change your nutrition.

I will be sharing a system and method to allign your deepest root energy ith your most personal desires.

We ill have some information sharing and follow that up ith some quiet time in the Spal

Remember it’s emptiness and stillness that allows our bodies to heal.  It’s our focus that directs where and how that healing happens.

Get yourself remotivated.

Get your nutriton back on track.

Make yourself accountable.

Get 30 days on-line support with your detox.

Get on-line training and inspirational coaching for 30 days after we meet.

Are you ready to make a change in your life?

Join us for our next 30 day detoxification, exercise and weight-loss program.

if you have any questions or would like to register in the program please send me a personal email:

Get some additional information about the new nutritional position below.  This is truly a different way of looking at your health and wellness.  My new program is about to start! Get more details about the new 30 day detox here:  All New 30 day detoxification, exercise & weight-loss program.  


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