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January 8, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Check out my “Unfooding 2019” Trailer video above.  It is an introduction to some alternative ideas regarding food and energy.  If you like that trailer and would like to see the full interview and message please check out the link below:

Can we live without food? “Breatharian Life” 2019!

…Now you may not be ready to accept all the ideas of a “breatharian lifetstyle.”
I think the most important aspect of the breatharian lifestyle is that it opens up the mind to alternative ideas.  It challenges the mind.  It challenges the boundaries of what is considered “normal” living or reality.
I like that!  I believe that in order to create change you cannot do it with the same old ideas, thoughts, words and actions.  It takes new ideas, thoughts, words and actions to create change.
This lifestyle allows for a completely different paradigm of thought.  A paradigm that has no limitations.  I love that!
I love to challenge boundaries.  My latest Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset Coaching program allows you to challenge yourself to whatever level you wish…
Get started like a beginner.  Stop or reduce coffee or alcohol.  Or take them out of your day to day routine.  Stop smoking, start exercising or try yoga, stop some unfair or “immoral behavior” like lying, cheating, stealing) or some other bad habit you’ve been engaging in. How about a little test.  What would a daily mindfullness practice do to your life?  What would happen if you spent a week ingesting positive information?
It can be as simple as quitting fast food or eating out at restaurants during the week.  It could be as simple as stopping pop, pizza, chips and ice-cream or it could be as detailed and complex as learning how to truly love yourself and pursue the life of your dreams.
My latest Free 7 day trial program will have something for everyone.  The meat eater and the “fruitarian.” there will be a plan for the vegan, the “raw foodist,” the “liquidarian” and the person suffering from candida, yeast or perhaps even a parasite.
My latest program will be my most current information and content that I will be sharing as resources for all of my personal clients in 2019.
Want to lose weight fast?  Want to heal pain?  Want to get back to your very best in 2019?
The deadline for free registration in this program was really January 7th.  The only reason I am extending this registration until noon today is because i didn’t get a chance to get an email out yesterday.
This is my final call email.
This is the final free opportunity to register in this program.
Get more details or get registered below!
Today @ 12pm is the last day to get registered for FREE in my program!
For many this is the first week of the new year in the gym!
The kids went back to school this week and that allows a lot of parents to get back to taking care of themselves.
I’ve got a new year FREE Training, Nutrition and Coaching opportunity that is going to be starting up January 21st.  It’s a totally free opportunity to test drive my program and see if it’s a fit for you.
It’s a super great way for all my current clients and old clients to get back on track with their exercise and nutrition.  It’s a little motivation, accountability and support and a lot of new information.

FREE Training Nutrition & Coaching Program Information and Registration 

The ideas surrounding food and nutrition and exercise are really off the mark as far as I am concerned.  The ideas and understanding about calories and proteins, and fats and sugars and vitamins and minerals and energy requirements and metabolism are really not correct.
The current understanding and common knowledge is really blocking people from losing the weight and keeping it off!
How would you like to lose some weight this year?
How would you like to tone up and get your energy and enthusiasm back?
You really can!
You can come back to your very best self.  You can restore your very best health and you can do it naturally.  You just need to get some new information and overcome some limited beliefs that are really holding you back!
You are not getting old.  Some “old ideas” that you are holding onto are making you toxic and you can step beyond those limitations in an instant.
My brand new Free Training, Nutrition and Coaching program will have 7 different levels of participation so if you would like to just clean up your eating a little or make better choices and start back to exercise you can do that in this program.  Also If you want to really go for some massive changes and lose 7-17 pounds in 7 days that is completely possible too!
The program is completely free to register.
All you need is a name and an email.
I am getting this email out a little late tonight so I am going to keep this FREE opportunity open and available until 12pm tomorrow!
Get registered before 12pm today to get into this program for free!
After 12pm today I will be charging $99 for this 7 day Training, Nutrition and High Performance Coaching Program!
Get more details and registration done at the link below:

FREE Training Nutrition & Coaching Program Information and Registration 


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    Thanks John, I am joining in to help Sonia, she signed in.

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