Free Raw food Challenge- RAWGUST

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Hey boys and girls…

Are you up for a little Rawgust along with me?

It is just about the very best time of year to move into a raw food lifestyle. There are an abundance of fruits and vegetables around. Take your pick.

This is a fantastic time to make you’re very own mini experiment with Raw food. See for yourself. Do your own test. Does Raw food really do all that is promised?

Can it really heal or change your life?

…I know it does. Experiment this month and try for yourself. Take this Rawfood challenge along with me and a small group of renegade others that are ready to make some changes!

Here are my Free Raw food challenge rules.

1. Everyone starts on Monday.
2. You choose your level of commitment 7 days, 14 days, 21 days or 28 days. You may choose a 1 meal a week cooked food option.
3. You must like my page:
4. Each day you must post a picture of you or your fruit or vegetable meal and you need to give us some sort of update. Tag me on that picture. Tag Hi-End Fitness. Share your post on Hi-End fitness page. Let us know what day of the challenge it is. What day you are on. How long you are going for. How you are feeling.
5.You must stay off meat and dairy and grains and cooked foods for 7 or 14 or 21 or 28 days. Your choice. You may have 1 cheat meal each week.
6.Once a week you have to be accountable to me for your workouts, exercise or movement.
7.You can get your exercise or workouts from the hiendfitness page. Please share the workout you have done from the hiendfitness page to your page after you have completed it to confirm it has been done.
8.I will require your email address to register
9.You must confirm your interest by Saturday Evening at 5pm.
10.You will weigh yourself and measure yourself at the belly button at the start of Rawgust. You will weigh yourself and check your waist measurement every 6 days and email that report in to me.
11.If you have any questions just send me a personal message.
12.To register you must leave a positive message below and respond to someone else’s message with a gif of your choice.

Like the sounds of my Free Challenge that offers freedom, accountability and opportunity!  That’s great!L  I expect that this will be a small group effort.  Likely 10-20 people. Either reply to this email: and let me know you’re interested or go to my post and leave a message on my page at the link below.

Get Registered for Rawgust Here!

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