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The hardest work is done in your head

June 12, 2017 / Uncategorized

I know you’ve heard it before.
You have to have a goal.
It needs to be clear and precise.
But seriously… It really does.
This is where the work is done.  This is the tough part.  The hardest part is the real heavy thinking bit.  You have to stop saying you’ve tried it before.  Have you really?  Have you set and goal and actually brought yourself to the energy of that goal daily before?
Most people who say they’ve done it before have usually set a goal and then left their goal alone for some period of time and then returned to it to see that they did not accomplish it.  This is the trial period that they use to decide that this does not work for them… Forget about the past.  forget about what you have tried before.  You’ve got to stop worrying about before.  You have to stop talking about before.
Right now is not before.  Right now is right now!  It’s time to do this again.  This time you need to do this properly.
It’s time to write down what you want.
In all aspects of your life.  Not just 1 aspect of your life.
In your health and well-being, in your primary relationship, with your secondary or peripheral relationships. In your carreer, with your finances.
You need clear precise goals in all aspects of yourself.   All of these aspects of you create you and your life.  If you are struggling in one area of your life, those struggles will affect what is going on in other parts of your life.
There is only one path to happiness.  And that is through forward progress.  Happiness is a result of the alignment of your deepest root energy with your goals and actions.
By clearly defining your goals you focus all of your root energy upon a spot.  As you clearly envision that spot you precisely project your deepest energy in your ideal direction.
As you move in the direction that pleases you most you progress towards your goal.
The entire time enjoying the process!
Get back to your goals.
Clearly define your position and direction.
Do it again and again.  Repetition and practice creates progress.  As you continue to focus forward towards your goal you spend most of the time in the most appropriate thought.
Your life becomes the sum total of your most predominant thoughts.
You need clearly defined goals and you need to bring yourself to the energy of your goals daily until you begin to see some momentum in your life.
Reply to this message if you need help outlining your goals.
I’d love to have a little conversation with you about them.  Let’s start with a little email communication.
Are you struggling with your goals?  Message me if you feel you are missing a step in creating your ideal outcomes in any aspect of your life.
I want to help you do this.  Let’s start a little conversation.

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