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August 11, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer discussing Food and Fasting

Science knows that the parent cell begins the body and builds the body. This begins as soon as the sperm meets with the egg. The process is called mitosis or cellular division. The zygote splits and divides multiples of times even before it imbeds itself within the womb of the mother.

Our bodies grow and develop through this scientifically known process and is not nourished or sustained by food. While food will for sure make you fatter it does not build or sustain the cell. You cannot produce intelligent matter from unintelligent matter. You cannot bring dead tissue to life. You do not have that power or ability. The understanding of cellular metabolism is flawed.

Your electrons do not eat, your atoms do not eat, your molecules do not eat, your cells do not eat, you do not need to eat. You need to fast as long as you can daily. You must get your head around some new ideas.

Poor information and bad habit is making you fat and sick and impeding your performance in all aspects of your life!

Burlington urine therapy, hamilton urine therapy, Oakville urine therapy. Stoney creek urine therapy, waterdown urine therapyIt’s elimination that is the true priority not feeding. It’s an incorrect idea that is always standing in your way. The idea that we need nourishment, vitamins, minerals or sustenance from our food that is holding us back from our full expression.

This bad idea and a lifetime of poor behavior is making us fat and sick. This powerful mistake in understanding is the root cause. We have been taught to eat from our birth. It is all we have known. It is all our parents have known. This untruth has us all stuck thinking that being hungry is such a bad thing.

Silly metabolic slow down explanations claimed as truth by science are incorrect ideas just blocking you from losing the weight once and for all. You have got to overcome this bad information and get to the real truth and natural healing mechanism for your body!

Elimination is the key. Elimination of toxins is what allows your health to express itself. You will have to use logic to escape your poor habit and understanding of nutrition and metabolism that is just hung up here.

Observe the truth. If your kidney does not eliminate excess materials from your blood you will be dead in 3-5 days if you are eating. If your lungs do not expel the carbon dioxide waste you will be dead in 3-5 minutes. Many, many people have extended their fast periods beyond 30, 40, 50 and even way beyond 60 days.

Your health and longevity and performance is not dependent on nutrient attainment. Feeding is not what you need. Elimination is the acute action you need. Especially after 30,40 or 50 years of over eating and polluting your body. You need to get empty and eliminate the toxic wastes from your body.

This is the new paradigm you need to understand and embrace to overcome your food and weight issues for the rest of your life.  See the video message below with a man although I have never met personally I have become good friends with on-line.  Elitom El-Amin is a very special man who has influenced me a great deal this year.  Take a look at his video interview below and see the resource below if you wish to understand this lifestyle more thoroughly.  Get your workouts for the week below too!

The Breatharian Bible:  Man’s Search For Higher Consciousness- By Hilton Hotema

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