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January 20, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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Creating a new you needs exercise.  Our bodies must move.  We need to be mobile, energized and strong to be happy for the rest of our lives.  As we age our needs for exercise will only increase if we want to maintain our range of motion and pain free movement.  Get your video workouts for the week at this link:

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Our bodies need strength and mobility.  We need strength training and flexibility.  We need the intensity of strength training and we need the quiet practice and mind-fullness of yoga also.  Losing weight and keeping it off requires a shift in our consciousness.  A change of self awareness.  A change of personality.  Keeping it off means recreating ourselves.  Mindfulness is an aspect of altering our personal habits and behavior.  Get your yoga workouts for the week here:

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Would you like to join in on one of our live workout sessions?  You can tune into workouts with us if you like.  You can join in right from your home or from your gym.  Tune in through your mobile device or your laptop, or your iPad or iPod, or tablet or desktop.  All you need to join in and participate with us in a workout is the zoom app.  You can download the zoom app on whichever device you choose to use.  Download the app and install.  If you would like to join into a workout with us I can send you a private access link.  All you need to do is notify of which session you would like to attend and I will make accommodations for you.  View my Personal training schedule at the link below.  Be aware we are operating on Eastern Standard Time.

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Want to lose the weight and keep it off this time.  You need to start exercise and you need to change your nutrition.  The nutrition changes need to be something new.  If you have always done the low “carb” or the high protein, or the “Palleo” or “Keto” dieting like everyone else and you are needing to lose weight again then do something different this time.  Learn some new information.  Get some new nutrition ideas inside your head.  Try something new out.  You can’t get to a new place doing the same old things.  You have got to get new information.  You need to apply new knowledge into your life!

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It took me 7 months to transition from a “Keto” or “Palleo” or “High protein low carb plan” to vegan nutrition.  It took me a few months more before I was ready to shift into a raw vegan plan.  As I learned more and practiced more I realized that my body functioned better the more I increased my fasting times and simplified my nutrition.  What works for me may or may not work for you.  You have to decide for yourself.  I created my 7 levels of participation so that I could meet and support my clients at whatever level they were at.  You get to choose your level of participation.

You can choose to get started at one level and then you can progress further if you feel inspired to.  If you do not want to move forward that is OK too!  Everyone is free to step forward as far or as fast as they wish.  I am here to educate, inspire, provide accountability, encouragement and support wherever you are or wherever you want to go.  If you haven’t done it yet then choose your level of participation at the link below:

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The thing about nutrition is that what we have been taught our entire lives is just not correct.  After 30 years of helping people create changes in their lives and 37 years of eating and dieting for myself I have learned that the typical mainstream understanding of nutrition does not work in the long run.  If you really want to keep your weight off this time then you need to get new information regarding your understanding of nutrition and physiology.  You need to understand that the things we have been told have the greatest importance in nutrition are really not that important.  Changes do not happen over night, however if you continue to look and listen to new information you will catch on to an alternative nutritional science.  It’s the science of Natural Healing.  It’s different.  It’s new.  It’s really not complicated but it really works!

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I have been helping people make changes in their lives for 30 years.  I have watched 1000’s of people lose weight and I have seen most of them gain that weight back again.  I have to tell you that if you do not change your mind about exercise and nutrition then this time will be no different either.  You need to become a different person this year.  I am telling you that can happen.  It can happen if you change your thoughts, your words and your actions.  I am encouraging you to take apply something different than you have in the past this time.

This time you have got to get serious about some other things.  You have to get conscious about more than just your exercise and food.  You have got to change the things you say and do also.  You have got to change the way you think.  You need new thoughts and ideas and beliefs.  You need to speak to yourself better.  You need to become your own best friend.  You need to learn how to love yourself this time.

I am here to let you know that the information that you have received in your life is actually stopping you from knowing your true self and blocking you from loving you and your life.  Your body and life needs your love!  You need to learn how to overcome some past trauma.  You need to know how to raise up your true passion and purpose.  You need to overcome some emotional road blocks.The human being has 4 parts.  You have got to accept that truth and you need to acknowledge and give care and time to all aspects of you to heal.

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