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September 30, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Raw food Vegan Personal training and Healing Emotional Pain


When a child gets upset they cry, they scream they yell they flay their arms and legs, they kick and scream. We teach them to self manage. We teach them to suppress their emotions. This is parenting. This is the way we teach our children to live in our world of social mask and suppressed emotions.

We all have them. I know I am not alone so I don’t need to be afraid of my less valued self any longer. I am wise enough now to know that all of me is important. I have learned that all of me needs my light and my love.

I wish to integrate all of myself. I wish to bring all of myself into my life. I wish to align fully with myself. I wish to expose the darker hidden shadow aspects of myself. I want to shine the light on the parts of me that need work and need to come to the surface. I want to shine light on the deeper and darker parts of me that have remained hidden from vie. They need my love and acceptance to.

Healing happens through love. All things can be healed. However they must come into contact with the light to be healed. Darkness can be healed by the light. Darkness must be exposed to the light. Raw food, breath, emptiness and the loving energy of our universe can heal your life naturally.

Darkness or suppressed emotions will have a physical aspect to them and a psychological aspect to them. Our emotional world is an expansion of our thoughts, our words and our actions. We can heal or change any of our current outcomes with a change of behavior. Whether you want to lose weight, love more or make more money the healing paradigm is consistent.

Our behavior our habits create our outcomes. Sometimes we fall into automatic reactions and behaviors in our lives that can keep aspects of ourselves hidden from our view. We don’t see how we are doing what we are doing to ourselves and our life. We don’t realize how we are creating the outcomes we are creating in our lives.

We all must take responsibility for what is going on for ourselves. We are the creators. We need to see and know what is hidden from our view. To see and know and accept and love all of ourselves we first have to ask for it. We need to ask for and invite and initiate healing in our lives.

You can do this by yourself. You can spend some time with yourself to facilitate healing. You must be still with yourself and your breath to gain awareness of yourself Each of us needs to have a relationship with ourselves. We must learn to be friends with ourselves. We must learn to love ourselves.

While you are being with yourself you can be working on yourself. While you are alone with yourself you can speak to yourself or you can ask yourself in your mind. Personally, I think it is great to speak the words outwardly as the tone and vibration of your voice helps to create change in your body.

Sit with yourself. Acknowledge yourself. Give love to yourself. Hug yourself. Accept you. All of you. Forgive you. Ask to see and to know and to feel and to understand your blocked energy and emotions. Ask for them to be lifted up and exposed out into your life. You must consciously ask for it. You must intend to heal.

Healing is natural and normal. It can happen. All of you and your life can be healed. All of you and your life can be lifted up and brought to the light. It begins with a relationship with yourself. It begins with intention. I starts with asking. You must make yourself vulnerable. You need to identify and release those repressed emotions. You need to acknowledge and accept them.

Free yourself from mental slavery. Liberate yourself. Let you repressed emotions and energy rise up and enter into your life.  Watch the interview below with a lady who has a lifetime of experience with healing people naturally and emotionally.  Katya has been a plant based healer for 40 years.  She is a teacher and facilitator and healer at her retreats in Thailand now.

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