It’s elimination not nutrient attainment that you need

Rawfood Vegan Personal Trainer Teaching Elimination as the Key to Health & Longevity

Although legitimate studies and records have been done and redone on individuals who have lived for 40 days or 40+ years without food or water, science will not acknowledge this possibility or even change their tune or position even incrementally.

The only message we are told, the only message that is circulated and the only belief that the mainstream population has is that our health and wellbeing is attained from outside of the body. This incorrect information is the root cause of all of our weight gain, disease, pain, health issues, problems and unhappiness of all kinds.

All things that we need are actually supplied from within. The belief that health and happiness is something we must get is a thought that is incorrect. It is the idea that drives our society to continue the manic consumption that is destroying the lives of most of our world for the profits and satisfaction of a very small few.

The truth is that elimination is a far greater issue for the body than is nutrient attainment. Although many have demonstrated that survival and optimal health without food for extended periods is very real and very possible if we were without the elimination of toxins that the kidneys provide we would be dead in 3-5 days. If we were without the cleansing breath of our lungs we would be dead in 3-5 minutes.

The scientific evidence is obvious. Even a layman can see that the focus is construed. See that what is more than just possible for you is discouraged. The things that really heal and change your health are laughed at and ridiculed. Society has been trained to take their own lives and health and to instruct their family and friends to do the same.

True heath and wellness is so very simple and natural. Return to the things that are most simple and natural and your body will return to perfect health. You do not need what you think you do. You can learn to eat 50% less and be very happy. Only your resistant addicted mind blocks you.  There are many things that you can do that are natural and normal and simple that will help you to return to your youthful strength and vigor.  As you bring these practices into conjunction their healing effects multiply.  Live Raw food and Fasting are in the center of that healing paradigm.

Mindfulness/Breathing techniques, Exercise, Fruit, Fasting, Sunlight, Grounding, Distilled water, Orin therapy, Delayed Gratification & Oculomotor therapy are all simple natural practices we can all learn to apply completely into our lives. All are simple behavior changes and habits. All have resistant thoughts associated with them. All help to restore perfect health within the human body.

You can learn how to develop any of these natural health methods. You can practice them all or select just a few. You can begin with just exercise and slight nutritional changes and slowly develop. Perfect health CANNOT be achieved overnight. It is an unlearning of what we have learned. We must challenge all the things that we think we know to come back to our very best. The amazing aspect of this is that we can. The body is resilient. So is the mind.

You must make a conscious decision however. You must choose a different approach to your life and your world than you currently have. You must learn how to come back to the truth. The truth being that there is a source of energy within you that is more than capable of providing you with your health and happiness. That true joy is within you. That love is the source of our universe and that every single one of us is connected to and has equal access to that power. Each of us must choose to come back to our light. The light.

There is no need for medications, pills, potions or supplements. You do not need vitamins or minerals to come back to your best. All you need is new information, motivation, encouragement, support and accountability. If you need some deeper support, motivation or accountability take a look at my On-line support program below:

6 Weeks to Total Life Success!

losing all the weight that you want or healing or changing anything in your life can all happen.  It will take a change of mindset.  I cannot happen without you consciously choosing a different method of healing than you currently have.  As you run your own personal experiments your depth and understanding and conviction will deepen.  As you practice natural healing you will come to know and understand more deeply.  It takes time to change your mind.

With practice your mind will grasp the healing more deeply.  As the toxicity leaves your body you will understand more fully and completely.  At first you are hopefully listening to my directions.  With time and understanding you will navigate on your own listening to your internal compass.  Watch the video interview below to learn and understand what is entirely possible with the desire and practice.  Choose it if you wish.  All things are a choice that are managed by the decisions and beliefs that you hold in your mind.  Just because it is possible or available to you does not mean that you must choose it either.  Your health and longevity are all your choice.

Raw Food Links and Recipes 

Here are some great sites to get videos and recipes if you want to be creative with your raw food choices:


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