Don’t get fixed on your weight!

January 28, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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The number one reason why people reach out to make contact with me is for weight-loss.

It’s the number one motivator for getting into a fitness program.

I have helped hundreds of people lose weight and although I think that weight loss is a terrific goal I want to encourage everyone getting into fitness to do it for more than just the weight-loss.

It’s great if you want to lose weight but to be successful at this in the long-run you need to get into all the other benefits of exercise and healthy nutrition too!

Focus on all the other positive benefits you will feel or are feeling.

How do you like that extra energy?

How about the improvements in your sleep?

Do you like the increased strength or improved pain free range of motion?

Focusing on all of the benefits are an important part of you choosing to do this for the rest of your life this time.

Exercise needs to become your lifestyle not a short-term solution to your weight-loss goals.

Here is a super start up workout for a beginner.  It will take less than 15 minutes to go through two sets of all of these exercises.  All you need to do it is a Swissball.  I can support you and your goals on-line or in my private training studio down on Burlington Lakeshore.

Would you like to get more workouts like this?

Would you like to see the entire workout with additional instructions?

Get all the motivation, nutrition and exercise you need to change your life on my page: Like My Page Now! 

If you need help getting started again then lets arrange a free phone consultation.  Just send me a personal email:

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