Detoxify Your Body!

Hi Guys…

Are you ready to detoxify your body?

The bottom line is that you need to reduce the acid in your body.

You need to alkalize your body.

You need to get the mucous, inflammation, heavy metals, yeast, fermentation, parasite or chemicals out of your system.

As all of the crap leaves your body you will begin to feel so much better!

You do not need to purchase anything to do the cleanse.  It is just natural foods and products you will be able to attain at your grocery store or health food store if you would like to go further into your cleansing.

Here are some really terrific elements that will be extremely helpful to you in your quest for a clean alkaline state inside your body.  When you change your physiology for the better it will for sure improve every single aspect of your life.

Your mood, your emotions, your energy, your sleep, your focus, your clarity and awareness will all improve by making these changes in your nutrition and detoxifying your body!

When you restore the correct PH balance inside your body.  Your body will loosen.  Your flexibility will increase.  Your range of motion will improve.  So will your balance and your pain will vanish.

I would like to encourage you to use these elements in your detox.

You may choose to include  all of these.

You may choose not to.

It is totally up to you…

In my personal opinion use them as much as you can.

I would suggest that if you do choose to use these very powerful elements that you include them slowly.  Maybe add a new one each week until you start to incorporate them all into your life.

Too much too fast is not the best approach here…

  1. Ginger
  2. Garlic
  3. Turmeric
  4. Serapeptase
  5. Diatomaceous Earth
  6. Bentonite Clay
  7. Essential Oils

Dora and I have been following the advice of Dr. Arnold Ehret and Dr. Morsey.  We have been applying the work of these men and others to create our first Free Detox Program!

This detox program will be available for my current active members and clients.  It will also be free and available for my friends and contacts.

This free detox is an opportunity for me to share my message of Nutrition, Exercise and Mindset to everyone that I can on-line or in person in my private studio.

This 30 day detox will be Free for all!

It’s a way for me to correct some errors I have made in my past sharing nutrition information that I no longer endorse and it’s a way for me to do my part to correct some enormous physiological and nutritional misunderstandings that are creating pain and disease of all kinds all around us.

This is a super opportunity for anyone that wants to make a change and needs a little motivation.

Do it with us!

Get your workouts On-line or in our private training studio down on Burlington Lakeshore.

All information about the cleanse will be shared on-line in a webinar next Monday at 12pm or 7pm.

If you are registered in the free 30 day detox program you will receive the link to the webinar at your email address.

If you would like to register in the 30 day detox then please send a confirmation email to me here:

Looking forward to helping you all change your lives!



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