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September 17, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Personal Trainer and Life Coach in Burlington Gym

This afternoon my second daughter Sierra had her first try out with the Burlington youth girls under 13 team.  I think it was a good first try for her.  She was nervous and challenged by the level of play and experience of the other girls.  I know she has all the skills to play here and will grow immensely in this program.  All she needs is a little time, practice and self confidence.

We ordered pizza and had ice-cream and we played a little basketball afterwards to work off some of our indulgences. My family is all hanging out tonight together. Dora and I are watching a movie. I’m writing a little blog post at the same time. I think we all have to relax sometimes on our food and indulge. We all need quiet time and quality time with the people we love. We all need to do something to help support the imbalance that is going on our planet. I believe we can make a change on our planet with a change of nutrition, action and thought. I also believe that we all have to do our part to help and support others that are less fortunate than ourselves.

Personal Trainer and Life Coach in Burlington Fitness CenterPersonal Trainer and Life Coach in Burlington Fitness Center

Today my family made our first contribution to a family down in Haiti.  A family with so much less than us.  A lot of people would laugh at the little bit that I have in my life.  I am however grateful for the things I have in my life.  I love my family and I have a career that I am passionate about.  Joy and happiness is not something that comes from outside of the self. It doesn’t come from money, cars, vacations, houses, booze, drugs or sex.  Happiness is something you can reach to inside of yourself.  I am so pleased that I was able to find my new friend down in Haiti.  Chilirus is one of the founders of Kingdom Life Ministry’s down in Haiti.  He is trying to open an orphanage.  He is raising the funds to buy the property.  His plan is in the infancy stages.  So am I with many of my plans. I related to this guy and his situation.  I am looking forward to helping him with his goals.

Life Coach in burlington Fitness Center

We all need to wake up to what is going on on our planet…  I believe we are all being lead down a path that sends us into a trap. A trap that steals our joy, our health and our vitality. We are all being fooled into believing that we are separate. Individuals that are not connected to the whole. We are all scurrying about trying to get some worthless paper and forgetting about what is truly important in our lives. We are all eating the wrong foods and getting sick and dying. We all need to wake up and see the truth. We are all apart of the whole. We are all powerful beyond belief. We are all completely supported by our source. By the proper alignment of our thoughts, words and actions we all can come back to optimal health and heal ourselves and our world.

The truth is that money is not what makes our world go round. The true power of our world is Love. Love for ourselves first. Love for those closest to us and then love to all others on this planet. If we begin to change our food and bring ourselves back to optimal health the truth will be evident to you as well. You can change your life and it can be done by love towards yourself, love to your families and love for others. By aligning yourself with this truth you will be filled with true joy and the money will never be an obstacle.

Rise up and receive your true health, power and ability. Break through the chains of reality that profit a few at the expense of your health. Begin to live the life that you were meant to focused on aligning with your deep love energy and sharing with everyone else on this planet.

I plan to continue to support Chilirus Joy and his ministry and future orphanage in Haiti. If you would like to contribute something to help support others that are less fortunate than you I encourage you to join in with me next month. I would love to help to contribute further to them next month. I would love to create a group of like minded souls that want to create a change on our planet.

Join in on my total health and wellness movement with me.  Begin by making yourself a priority again.  If you aren’t in the right place then there is just no way that you can love or support another. Your life needs exercise, nutritional adjustments and mindset change.  All of this can be done with a little motivation, accountability and inspiration.  Check out some new information you need to understand in the following link to start getting yourself back to your best:  Calories, Protein grams, Carbs & Steps or send me an personal email if you would like to help support Chilirus and his orphanage with me next month:


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