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You Can Lose The Weight & Keep It Off… But You Have Got to Change Your Mind!


I know I say this again and again and again but i can’t say it enough.  I tell people it’s not just about exercise.  You can’t lose the weight and keep it off by just adding exercise into your life.  It’s not only exercise and nutrition either.  People fail over and over again because the think it’s just exercise and nutrition.  It’s not!  It’s exercise, nutrition and mindset change!  What have you done to change your mind today?

I know that nobody wants to make any independent effort anymore.  We have all gotten so lazy.  It’s like we just want to be spoon fed everything.  The reality of life is no body can change your life for you.  You are at some point going to have to take responsibility for what is going on in your life.  You are going to have to take responsibility for your mindset.

The thoughts and words that you choose to keep inside of your head create your energy.  Your frequency and your vibration are dictated by the things that you think and speak about.  If you want to change your life you need to change your vibration.  If you want to live the life of your dreams then you need to align your vibration with the vibration of your dreams.  You need to think and speak about what you want.

Rather than thinking and speaking about how you ate so well and how you exercised and how you didn’t get what you wanted this week you need to think and talk about your goals.  Instead of focusing on what you didn’t get or what you did you need to create a different energy within your mind and within your life.  You are the only one who can do this.  We have all gotten so weak in the area of imagination.  We have all forgotten the natural skill of visualization.

We need to exercise our mindset muscle.  We need to get ourselves mentally fit.  This can happen.  It can happen to all of us.  All we need to do is take in some positive information daily.  Little bits at a time the positive thoughts and ideas will inspire us.  Listening to or ingesting positive thoughts and words will help us to remember who and what we really are.  We are limitless beings.  There is nothing that we can’t do when we get our mindset in the right place.

Below I have assembled some links for you to get started.  Take the time daily to watch or listen.

I suggest you spend 60 minutes a day just listening to some of these resources.  Get yourself some earphones.  If you get the YouTube app you can even download these videos while you are connected to Wifi and listen or watch when you are off line.  Listen when you go for a walk or run.  Listen in the morning.  Watch positive messages on your TV when you can.  Rather than watch the news or reading the paper you can change your morning or evening habits and make them constructive times for yourself.  You can transform your mind and your life by trading out some of your habits for new ones.

Only you can choose to change your mind.  It takes mental practice and rehearsal to do.  You can reprogram your subconscious mind and change your life if you wish.  There are no limits to what you can do!

Mindset resource links:

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