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October 1, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Weight-loss and Fat-loss in burlington

My wife Dora and I are local weight-loss experts who have been living and working in the field of fitness and wellness our entire lives.  I have been a pro trainer for 27 years and Dora for 19.  We have been married for 14 years and have 3 kids.  Our private training studio is in our home down on the Lake shore right here in Burlington.  Weight-loss happens when your nutrition, your movement and health are all in order.  When the way that you think about yourself and your life are skilled you will be motivated to do the right things and follow up with the right supportive actions.

You will lose weight and keep it off when the way you live is sustainable. It doesn’t make sense to lose  20, 30, 50 or even 100 pounds and then gain it all back again.  You have got to make this into a fitness and wellness lifestyle this time.  When you’re eating in a way that is most natural and in alignment with your being it feels great. When you love your exercise program you will stick with it.  When you’re happy with your progress and the way you feel it won’t be a problem or a chore to choose to follow through with your entire weight-loss program.  You need a fitness and nutrition system.  A method of eating and exercising. An organized routine that you can follow that will keep you in your best place each and every day!

Fat loss fitness and wellness program in Burlington Gym

After 30 days of being on this diet I have noticed a huge improvement in both my skin and my digestion! I have realized that meat and fats are not good for my skin and were only aggravating my issues! So all the doctors who have told me that does not cause acne need to open their eyes! I will most definitely be continuing on this journey, and would love the opportunity to participate in the next detox program with you this fall .I can’t thank you enough for sharing this information and helping me on my path to healing. Sincerely, Dorian

Weight Loss and Fitness in Burlington

weight-loss and Nutrition experts

In our Private weight loss studio Dora and I help people to burn fat fast with personalized exercise sessions and customized nutrition plans.  Balance your macro-nutrients, track your protein requirements, full-fill all your obligations for nutrients, vitamins and minerals, eat live plant based foods and keep your body as alkaline as as you can.  No body has time these days.   With a family that has 3 kids Dora and I realize the value of time.  We’ve created our 30 minute short duration high intensity workout program to fit into anyone’s schedule.  Get your workouts tailored for you.  Strengthen and tone all of your jiggly bits, speed up your metabolic hormones, and jump start your fat-burning engine.  Fat burning happens inside the nucleus of each and every cell in your body.  That only happens when you stimulate your body properly and support and nourish it the same way!  Dora and I will keep you motivated.  We will hold you accountable with private training exercise sessions in our own gym.  When you have a scheduled time and appointment you will always get your fitness sessions in each week.  Do it differently this time.  Hire a coach.  Get a weight loss expert on your side to help you with your personal training and fat burning goals.  Get the benefit of working in a private gym.


Lose weight fast in Burlington Fitness center with a female personal trainer

        Shelby lost 21 pounds in 8 weeks!

Weight Loss and Fitness in Burlington

Lose weight and burn fat fast in Burlington Gym

Dora and I have been Professional Trainers for almost 50 years combined.  We know what you need to do with your fitness and nutrition program to really be successful this time.  If you want to lose weight and tone up then we need to start with a free transformation session.  We want to create a personalized program for you.  To maximize your weight-loss and fat-burning I want to begin with collecting a little personal information.  We all have different personal requirements.  I need to know your current weight.  I want to establish a baseline body fat estimation and do some minor calculations to determine how many calories your body needs to eat each day.  Let’s figure your personal protein requirements.  Let’s talk about the foods that you like best to full-fill your personal obligations and requirements.  Let’s make sure that you are making the right choices of food to keep your body as alkaline as possible.  Remember disease flourishes in an acid based environment.  If we combine healthy whole food nutrition with private personal training, motivation, accountability and coaching your weight loss will be guaranteed this time!  Our private training studio is right here in Burlington down on the lakeshore.  You can personal train with us in our home gym or train with us On-line from your fitness center or home gym.


Lose weight fast in Burlington fitness center with a female personal trainer

Hi John,I had complete success with the program! I will definitely be continuing for another 30 Days and see where this takes me. I realize it is a work in progress, and we must do what feels right for ourselves.I also discovered what a ”touchy” subject to eat protein or not to eat protein and have decided to keep it to myself. I’d like to thank you John for including me in this challenge and affording me the opportunity to discover for myself a new mindset and another way of eating to better health. Continued success. -Cheryl


Personal Trainers in Burlington

Boot-camp Burlington fitness Center

John and Dora have been personal trainers their entire lives.  John has been personal training for 27 years and Dora for 19.  They have been married for 14 years and have 3 kids.  Dora was John’s client 22 years ago.  They both have a lifetime of experience to draw from.  Dora and John have experience with all of the diet and nutrition programs that have been available over the last 30 years.  They have seen and are familiar with all of the trends.  They keep themselves current with all the new information on fitness and wellness.  This is the way that they live their lives.  If you need to lose weight or tone up your body then this husband and wife pair are a perfect match for you.  Located right here in Burlington John and Dora run their Private training Personal training studio out of their home on Burlington Lakeshore.  If you would like to raise your energy or your self esteem hire a coach this time.  Get a couple of certified trainers with a lifetime of experience in the world of fitness.  Work with a husband and wife team that has lived a life inside of a gym.  If you want to lose weight and keep it off then get around some weight loss experts that really know how to do it.  Learn what you need to know about fitness and nutrition.  Get the truth from some pro personal trainers who really walk the walk.

Lose weight fast in Burlington fitness center with a female personal trainer

Personally This has been a truly transformational program for me. The level of focus, clarity and mindset I feel right now is off the charts!  ‎ Feeling great with the salads, nuts and fruits. Most importantly no alcohol! Feeling amazing and can’t wait for the fall seasonI   The future is unlimited. Grateful for you John Depass. You came into my life 1 year ago and from a physical, nutrition, and Mental state things have never been better and I can’t wait for more growth development and transformation! Have a great day and enjoy the clean weekend Cheers! –Roman Mamaglya


Our Private Gym

Lose weight fast right here in Burlington

Combine your healthy live food nutrition with the ideal exercise program that combines strength and aerobic effort to tone up your key areas, flatten your tummy, slim down your hips and thighs.  Your exercise needs to have the appropriate level of intensity for you. You must push yourself outside of your comfort zone to really create change.  Studies show that the level of intensity you need to create change must be at 70+% of your maximum.  Whatever your personal maximum output is will be determined in your initial transformation session.  We will assess your current level of strength and conditioning and use that information to personally design your weight-loss fitness program continuing forwards.

Lose Fat and lose weight fast in Burlington

When you combine dark green leafy vegetables, healthy fruits and natural protein with proper exercise for your entire body, motivation and accountability you  have exactly what you need to burn fat fast!  This time you need to get yourself a coach.  If you have not been able to lose weight on your own in the past then you need to do things differently this time.  Work with some fitness professionals that are already living their lives based around health and wellness.  You are a product of the people you hang around with most.  If you want to lose fat then get yourself around people that already live that lifestyle.  Dora and I are walking that walk.  You need to get around others that are all thinking and talking about the things that you are.  Other people who are really striving for their best selves.  You will grow from that new social network.  Get into an environment where you can’t help but learn to live the fitness and wellness lifestyle.  Get around other people who have lost weight themselves and kept it off.  Get yourself some coaches this time.  Some professionals, who help other’s lose weight full time and have been doing that for their entire lives.

Lose weight and burn fat fast in Burlington

Don’t waste your time experimenting with trainers and workout programs.  Take your health seriously.  Take serious actions to improve all areas of your life.  You are more than just your fitness goals.  You have so many different hats that you need to wear.  You do need to full-fill your personal goals and requirements to feel good about yourself.  If you are not at your best you cannot help anyone else in your family to be their best.  The way that you look and feel about your self affects your energy and mood enormously.  If you want to have more energy and patience for yourself, your partner or your children then want to begin to see how adopting a healthy lifestyle is going to spill over into the rest of your life.  If you want to look and feel your best each day you must consider all of your roles.  Your weight-loss, exercise and nutrition program must fit into your life.  You need to see how full-filling your fat-loss action steps is really going to support your relationship with your husband and your kids, your parents, your friends and your staff or co-workers.  When you can anchor the benefits of your fitness and wellness program into your entire life you will get leverage on your weight-loss goals.  When you see and feel how these actions are benefiting your entire life then you will be motivated to stay on track.  It’s not hard work to keep it up when you’re see benefits in all aspects of your life.

Lose weight and burn fat fast in Burlington

When you realize how your new healthy lifestyle plan is going to raise your self esteem and lift your energy you will see those benefits in every single other aspect of your life.   Then you will know once and for all  that there is no other alternative for you.  You will choose a fat-burning lifestyle as your new normal natural you.  Don’t think, or talk or worry about what has happened in your past.  None of that has to affect what is going to happen in the future. You cannot afford to allow your current level of health and wellness to continue to limit your possible outcomes any more.  You need to take action again today!

Send me a personal email to start a conversation: john@hiendfitness.com.  Let’s talk about what’s been blocking you in your past from really having the body and energy that you want in your life.  Let’s talk about what’s been stopping you most lately from exercising and eating right.  Let’s talk about the way you really want to feel and look.  I’d like to arrange a free transformation session with you.  That will give you an opportunity test drive our program and see if it’s a fit for you.  It will give us an opportunity to gather some information about you and your current level of fitness and wellness.  We will need that information to help create your personal program.  We want to know if you are a right fit for us.  Dora and I want to work with people who are ready to take responsibility for what is going on in their lives.  We want to help those that are ready to make some changes.  We will be honest with you… If we don’t think we can help you make the changes in your life that you want to then we will let you know.  Reach out to me here: john@hiendfitness.com.  Let’s arrange a phone call to discuss any questions your may have.  Let’s schedule a free transformation session for you this coming week.

Lose fat fast in Burlington fitness center with a female personal trainer

Kim lost 31 pounds in 8 weeks following our Nutrition and Exercise program weight loss program

Weight Loss in Burlington

Have you tried just about everything to lose weight?  Have you lost weight in the past only to gain it back again?  Is your weight loss getting you down?  Would your self esteem improve if you could lose weight and tone up your body?  Dora and I have been helping people lose weight through personal training and nutrition for our entire lives.  This is what we have always done.  We recognize the importance of mindset in being successful with your weight loss.  The personal training system works terrific for holding people accountable.  Having a 2-4 private training sessions in our own gym helps to keep you on track each week.  Let us keep you motivated.  Let a couple of weight loss experts hold you accountable to your goals this time!

Losing weight and keeping it off really means learning how to create a fitness lifestyle that you love.  If you love your food and your exercise it will be easy to keep it going.  This is the ideal situation for someone that wants to lose weight.  You need a system.  A method you can repeat daily.  It needs to be something you enjoy so you can keep it up long term.  If you begin to see how your fitness and nutrition program is really improving every single aspect of your life then you won’t have a difficult time doing it.

Each person in our weight loss program is treated like an individual.  We will design a personal training program that is ideal for your weight loss goals.  We can do your fitness training sessions in our private training studio right here in Burlington or we can train On-line in your home gym or fitness center through your laptop, computer, tablet, Ipad or mobile device.

We will determine how many calories you need.  We will calculate your personal protein and carbohydrate requirements to lose weight fast.  With a personalized nutrition plan, a custom exercise program, your own personal trainer and a private training location there is nothing stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals this time!

Dora and I are just about to launch our brand new Rapid Fat-loss 12 week body transformation program.  Expect to lose 20-30 pounds and tone up fast!   Learn how to detoxify your body, alkalize your body, reduce your pain, improve your sleep and protect yourself and your family from illness or disease with a real healthy fitness and wellness lifestyle.  Learn how to eat with live whole natural foods.  Lose weight fast and tone up without and potions or pills.  Do it all with exercise, food and motivation.  Get motivated and held accountable by working with the best personal training couple in the GTA!

Watch the video below:

Get registered for a Free trial Transformation session by clicking this link:  Register Here for a Free Trial Transformation Session!

lose fat fast in Burlington Fitness Center

Jen lost 39 pounds in 1 year following our fitness and nutrition weight loss program


Lose Weight Fast in Burlington

I have been a personal trainer my entire life.  I started working out when I was 13 years old.  By the time I was 19 I was Mr. Junior Ontario.  In 1996 I was Mr. North America.  I have been a professional personal trainer and weight loss expert for 27 years now.  My wife Dora was a client of mine 21 years ago.  She has been a personal trainer for 19 years.

Now we run our private training business right inside our own home.  We live down on the lakeshore right here in Burlington.  We love having our own private gym in our own home.  That way we can keep ourselves lean and fit and we can also help you to lose weight and tone up.  Losing weight and keeping it off for a lifetime is the result of a healthy nutrition plan and a consistent exercise program.

You need a personalized nutrition plan.  We are all different. We all have different personal nutritional requirements.  We are all at different fitness levels.  In our private training studio we can create a custom exercise plan for you.  We can tailor the program to make it ideal for you.  We can maximize your weight loss by keeping you motivated and holding you accountable.

We can hold you accountable to your food with our on-line calorie tracking app.  You can keep track of your food on your smart phone and we will be able to hold you accountable that way.  We will determine your personal caloric needs, protein and carbohydrate requirements and the level of exercise that is most appropriate for you to lose weight fast!

Let Dora and I help you lose weight this year!  Get yourself around some weight loss experts.  Surround yourself with Personal trainers that have been doing this for a lifetime.  Stop the trial and error with your exercise and nutrition routine.  Get into a system and method that is has a proven track record.  learn how to make your nutrition and exercise into a lifestyle that you love!

We can work with you On-line or in our private training studio.

Watch the video below:

Click the link and fill out the forms to arrange a free trial transformation session.  I will follow up with an email and we can arrange a short phone conversation to discuss a convenient time for both of usGet Registered for a Free Transformation Session Here!

Lose fat fast in Burlington Fitness center with a female personal trainer

Brandi lost 27 pounds in the 90 day following our Personal training and nutrition program

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