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February 18, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Burlington Vegan Personal Trainer teaches “Un-Fooding” is the way to Ultimate Health and Well-Being!


I believe the diagnosis of injury is so far off track. i believe the doctors are diagnosing injury by the level of inflammatory response in the body. All things are the same. Your disease, your relationship breakdown and your poor financial situation are all the same issue.

For instance… people fall or get into an accident. The person hurt their knee or back. The body responds with acute inflammation. The true culprit is the poor nutrition and poor substance management and incorrect world view. The patient believes they have a torn meniscus or a herniated disk.

The patient commences into pain or anti inflammatory drugs which help the situation in the short term however they actually exacerbate the inflammatory response in the body. The patient also falls into depression due to the diagnosis and begins eating more poorly as a result of the prognosis. Of course diet is not related to the sore knee or back.  As no one teaches them this reality. No doctor recommends a fast.  No doctor has made this connection or been taught this reality himself.

The same things happens with the cold or flu. The patient goes to the doctor and gets antibiotics. Really the immune system is already demonstrating that the system has reached a critical mass and needs to be detoxified. Rather than approach appropriately and allow the detoxification to run it’s course we interfere with the bodies natural mucus release by adding more toxic chemicals that add greater damage to the system by killing our bodies important bacteria and set us up for  future candida, fungus, yeast and parasites to come in the following years.

As the patients mood declines further, due to increased inflammatory response from now drugs and worse food and and worse “poor me attitude,” they decline. The individuals relationships begin to break down as their mood and emotional life is in a spiraling decline. They feel trapped and compelled to continue forward into more acute treatments to solve their problems that could be solved naturally by “Un-Fooding.” However they cannot and will not hear or locate this truth anywhere.

They patient progresses further forward to surgery as their sickness, illness, illness or disease progresses further forward throughout their lives.  The inflammatory response always becoming worse the diagnosis always becoming worse.  The drugs and prognosis always becoming worse. The patients mindset always becoming more limited and less optimistic.  All of this is “Bullshit.” The body heals all things naturally. All things.   The body fat issues are no different.  They are not due to caloric intake.  They are histamine responses within the body to toxicity.  Body fat is toxicity and inflammatory response to poor food choices. The poor moods and cloudy head bad judgment are all due to the inflammatory response in the body also. All things in your life can be healed. All things can return to healthy.

Your mood and personality are all a response to your circumstances.  Your mood your thoughts your energy are always creating your reality.  You are a product of your most predominant thoughts and energy.  You create your reality. Your sickness, illness, body fat, relationship, financial situation, health all contribute to your mood and mindset.  You are trapped in your reality and your circumstances.  You can change your life however you need to realize what is going on in your life.

All of the issues in your life! All of them are caused by you and your thoughts and words. If you have an incorrect world view you cannot correct. your circumstance. Things only get worse as does your mood and abilities to change them.  All of this can be corrected. You can lose the weight, heal the pain and change your life!  It is your choice.  You only have to change your mind.

Your body is clogged and congested. The kidney’s aren’t working and thus the body cannot clear the waste and toxic fluids.. The colon is congested so toxicity cannot pass through. You need to flush the body. Distilled waters is what you need! Fruits, vegetables, emptiness, urine therapies, turpentine, natural anti inflammatory herbs will all help your body detoxify.

You can’t think clearly. You are frustrated emotionally because things don’t make sense, you’re in pain, your full of drugs and your fighting with relationships and finances and employment and life. This is the state of life The truth is that you have all the wrong ideas in your head. You have all the wrong foods and substances in your body and you are going the wrong way.

i can see it clearly now because i only eat on the weekends. i see how i am during the week. i can see what is going on. We are all being mislead here. We are all following our tummies that are addicted to food. Its just like how i used to follow my brain that was between my legs. We are all acting like teenage boys. There is no joy living in that trapped existence.

Now when i eat on the weekends i can see the truth. my body has an acute inflammatory response to food. its the cooked food though. Specifically only the cooked and processed foods. Even salad with feta was fine for me however when i had a large cooked veggies meal last night everything fell apart.  I lost my ability to concentrate.  My mood management declined.  My energy disappeared and i could not keep my eyes open.  Until i ate the cooked food meal i was flying.

Emotionally, energetically psychologically i could no longer focus. The inflammatory response was triggered by cooked food. Stir fried vegetables are poisonous for me now. Cooked foods are poison. i see it now. i have to continue further with my “Un-fooding.” i have to eliminate cooked foods from my life. Next week 1 step further. We always have to learn and step forward.  As this is my 5th week of extended fasting Monday to Friday my body is starting to get away from cooked foods.  My body is returning to natural as it Un-Foods.  As I return to my most natural state i can notice what happens to me when I eat cooked foods.  My body no longer want to be poisoned.

Just like a cigarette smoker craves his poison we all crave our cooked foods.  Shifting from cooked foods needs to happen slowly.  I am into my 3rd year now in my process and I am loving every bit of it.  I do not mean that there are no hard times.  However there are hard times whichever way you go.  There are hard times continuing things as they are.  There are hard times making changes.  Make changes any way if you want to.  Ask yourself one simple question…  Do you want to make a change?  Take responsibility for what is showing up for you.  Make a choice.

Either we grow or we die. You get to choose. You are the creator..

This morning I can feel the inflammation in my intestines. My body is swollen. Everything that is blocking us is an inflammatory response in our lives. We don’t need anti inflammatory drugs, pain killers, antibiotics, medications, protein powders, fat oils, vitamins and minerals. We don’t need to take stuff in stuff at all. We are getting foggy head and poor emotional response due to food.  We are blaming the wrong things in our lives. We need to get stuff out of our bodies.  We need emptiness and distilled waters.  We need to Un-Food our bodies and lives.

We need to interrupt our habits and behaviors. They are all leading us to our demise.

Our bodies are becoming critically affected by the food. We must Un-food the body. Food is the biggest bullshit trap on the planet. We all justify it because we are all addicted to it. Its all we have all learned. it is all we know. it is what we love. So what guys… Alcoholics love booze. Crack addicts love crack. However they must stop.

We must stop also. We are creating our circumstances. We are creating our body fat our pain our relationship problems our poor self esteem, our foul moods our poverty and our lives. We are the only ones who can heal and change our lives. Exercise, distilled water fasting, unfooding and mindset change is the way. We must unlearn what we have learned.

There is a new science and understanding of health, wealth and prosperity. You can change your life. It is totally up to you.  See the video message below to get a greater understanding of the Un-fooding process.  The true mindset of success.  Hilton Hotema is the author of the narration in the video message.  He was an author that wrote a lot of information in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Professor Hotema has been a influential force in my forward progress through the detoxification process.  Detoxification is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual change of life.

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  1. Edmund Atkinson Author February 18, 2019 (2:18 am)

    A clear and to the point prognosis! Well done jdp! One Love ♥️

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