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September 29, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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What is going in your life is a result of what you are thinking saying and doing.  That is for sure.  If you want to get more energy, feel better about yourself, love yourself more, workout more, be more fit or just be happier and healthier then you have got to take responsibility for your life!  Your life isn’t going to change unless you change it.

First things first.  As soon as you rise is the very best time of day for changing your mental programming.  Begin every mental reprogramming with breath work to raise energy and awareness.  Watch the video above and begin your day with some conscious breathing.  I call this simple breathing method the “Pranic Breath.”

Complete at least 12 Pranic breaths on each nostril to begin your day.  This will help to raise your energy and mental clarity.

After your conscious breathing I would encourage you to spend some time working on a positive mindset for the day.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  There are many different techniques you can apply.  Some of my favorite energy raising thoughts are spending time in gratitude, using positive affirmations, using I am statements, focusing on your goals, working through a host of different styles of meditation or mindfulness or simply just reading a positive book or message. I have created a couple of resources for you to try and apply.  Do them both or do one when you have a little more time and try another when you are short on time.

The idea is to begin creating some sort of morning quiet time for yourself.  You need to decide for yourself what things you would like to work on to help yourself move forward.  Nothing changes unless you make a change in your life.:

I believe the very best way to do mindset work is to create your very own messages and thoughts.  You can do this for yourself if you take the time to do some thought preparation of your own. My meditation practice developed from first taking the time to write out my gratitude list and my goals and create my affirmations.  If you are not comfortable to meditate just sitting with a pen and paper first thing in the morning is the way to get started.  Write down the top 5 or 10 things in your life that you are most grateful for.  You should know these things and the reason why you are grateful for them.

You could could do the same pen and paper work to create some personal positive affirmations.  All of these practices will help you to bring your mindset into a place of creating the life that you really want.  At another time you can spend time working on your goals.  Write out your personal goals, your goals for your relationships, your goals for your career, your finances, your future adventures and a goal also for how you wish to give back to your society.

Choose any practice that works for you that helps you to think about yourself and your life.  Create a personal way of thinking about the most important things in your life.  What you focus on grows.  You are adding to your life by spending some time daily applying your focus to the things that you want.  Think about the things that inspire you.  Try one method one day and another the next day.  Work with Gratitude for an entire week or two before you try another.  It’s up to you!  There is no right way or wrong way to set yourself up for success.  The more time that you spend getting your mindset into the right place the more you are going to create what you really want to in your life.

Envision yourself the way you want to be.  You energy.  Your emotion, your body, your relationships, your career, your finances or your future.  This is a positive proactive way to start your day.  Much more successful than getting up and thinking about your problems or complaining about them.  Take the time to be alone and spend some time with the energy that is deepest within you.

Access some of my personal resources for you below.  Some positive affirmations, a guided meditation, my personal goals, my gratitude list.  By spending time thinking and creating your own personal resources your own quiet practice or meditation will evolve.  We just need to take some time to work on these personal thoughts for ourselves.  Try the resources below for yourself.  They will help you to develop your own personal methods.

My favorite resources for creating a positive mindset for myself are below.  Click the links to try!

Some Morning Positive Thoughts and Words to Help you start The Day The Right Way

A Guided Meditation For You To Try

My Top 10 Affirmations

My Goals 2018

My Gratitude List 2018

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