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January 23, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Raw Food Personal Trainer Does Not Get Sick Anymore

It’s the time of year that immune system function is important. It’s cold and dark up here in the northern hemisphere. The sunlight is minimal. The common cold, influenza, viruses are having their way with mankind.

I have 3 kids in my family. I see 30-50 people each day in my private training studio. I’m around people. Sometimes people are sick at this time of year. Just because sickness or illness is around doesn’t mean you have to get sick. Exposure to viruses or bacteria does not mean you will get sick.

Even further… Just because disease has made its way into your life doesn’t mean it has to take over. Your immune system is capable of fighting against sickness illness and disease. Your immune system can battle anything that comes in contact with your body. Your immune system can win.

When your immune system is functioning ideally you will not only avoid sickness but your body will be most energized and your body-fat will fall to it’s lowest place.  A healthy alkaline body will be lean, strong, fit and happy.

i have never been a big one for frequent colds or the flu however i used to get sick at least 1-2 times each year. That does not happen to me anymore. Sickness can become a thing of the past for you too. We just need to get the right information and understanding regarding health and well-being.

We are energy. We can maintain or build up our energy or we can allow our energy to be destroyed by poor choices. Food, substance, thought, word, habit, behavior and choice dictate your health. You can alter your health, your energy and your wellness anytime you wish. You can make that choice today.

Here are my top 20 practices for a natural immune system boost. They are my top 20 for weight loss and for changing or overcoming any obstacles or circumstances you want to this year. Want to be happy healthy and disease free for 2019? Get familiar with these 20 natural things you can begin to do today for free!

1.Reduce cooked and processed foods
2.Stop all supplements, vitamins, powders
3.Stop or minimize all substance or medication
4.Eat live raw food
5.Eat mostly fruit
6.Fast daily
7.Drink distilled water
8.Develop a grounding practice
9.Look towards the sun daily
10.Get out into nature
11.Meditate/visualization/Goal setting
13.Be mindful
15.Turpentine Therapy
16.Sexual fluid retention & transmutation
17.Shadow work/Suppressed emotional release
18.Positive affirmations
19.Gratitude work
20.Loving yourself

Big Bonus immunity boost natural practice- UT

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