Black Friday Special Offer!

November 16, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Burlington Personal Training, Nutrition and Coaching Special Offer of the Year!

Do you need some help getting back into the gym?

Do you want to lose some weight or tone up?

Do you need to get your nutrition back on track?

If you want some motivation and accountability then this is exactly the program for you.  I’m John dePass, I’ve been a professional trainer for lifetime and I am just about to release my very best Personal Training Special Offer of the year!  It’s my Black Friday Cyber Monday Special!

Raw food vegan personal trainer in Burlington Privat training studio

There is system and method to losing weight!  It’s the same system and method to reducing pain and eliminating disease.  That same system for creating success can be implemented into any aspect of your life!

You can heal your relationships, you can make more money, you can be happy healthy and full-filled.  It starts with exercise, nutrition and love for yourself and it can spread into everything else you do or want to in your life!

I will have this Black Friday Special available on Thursday November 22nd for 6 days!  This special will be available until Tuesday November 27th.  Get your exercise, get your nutrition and get your motivation and accountability too!

Get your 4 personal training sessions each week!  Get your grocery list get your nutrition customized.  Track your food and we will work back and forth to personalize a plan that will be perfect for you to create what you want to in your life!

Crazy Special Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special Price –

6 months personal training for 2 people: $2097.00

For my Black Friday Special Offer you will get Exercise, Nutrition, Motivation and Accountability for you and your best friend or you and your husband and wife or you and your son or daughter or you and any one you would like to share this opportunity with.

Purchase 6 months of personal training for you and get 6 months for your friend or family member absolutely free!

This special deal will only be available for 6 days.

This special deal will only be available by an on-line purchase.

This deal will only be available through E-transfer payment or credit card number.

Cash deals will not be accepted for this special offer.

Available only Thursday November 24th until Tuesday November 27th.

I have 5 of these specials shared spots available.

When the 5 spots are gone this deal will be closed.

First 5 purchases get this deal.

Send me a personal Email to complete payment and register in this program.

Burlington personal trainer

Crazy Special Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special Price –

6 months personal training for 2 people: $2097.00

5 spots available!

Fire Sale!

First come first serve!

Buy now and activate later!

You have 1 year to utilize this offer after it has been purchased.

Email me to register:

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