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Get back into Fitness or get started with your very first organized exercise and nutrition program!

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Body Transformation Program.  Lose 13-27 pounds over the next 6 weeks!  Tone up and get your

nutrition customized for yourself.  Learn habits and skills.  Develop a new healthy lifestyle that you

can continue afterwards on your own or in your own gym.  Continue along with us after your 6 week

program for 1/3 price in our maintenance program.  Get more details or get registered for a free trial

at the link below.


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Workout with 2 world class coaches with a lifetime of experience.  Take all the guess work out of your fitness and nutrition program!  Get 6 weeks of training and nutrition for free!  Would you like to get paid to workout?  Click the link above to get all the details!  Save dollars by making a larger commitment to yourself and my program.  Send me a text message or a personal email to begin a discussion:  905-512-5421 Email me:



Let’s arrange a conversation or a Free Trial Session!


weight loss and physiotherapy in Burlington gym

You can work with me and my wife in our private training studio in Burlington Ontario or you can work with us On-line from anywhere in the world. Get free on-line workouts and see what my exercise program is all about at the link below.  Get 7 different levels of nutrition participation.  Choose the level that is right for you.  Get started in the comforts of your own home right now for free!  Click the link below to register:

Get more information about my program or test drive my workouts and nutrition plan for 7 days free here Now !


Activate Your Work Health Benefits For Personal Training Sessions!

Do you have a work health benefits package?  Do you have physiotherapy benefits?  Do you have aches and pains in your body?  If you do then we can treat your pain and help you get back to your very best and all of that can be covered by your insurance benefits plan.

Get more information or register for a free exploration phone call here now!


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