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When we were kids we used to run around all the time?

Do you see what your kids and grand kids do now?

When they play they change direction quickly, they jump they hop, they twist and spin.

Thei energy is high and so is their mood and emotions.

Our bodies need this random high intensity movement.

Our bodies need to move in multiple planes at different speeds.

We all need the energy stimulating effects of play and movement.

We all need to be athletes in our own lives.  Regardless of our age.  Whether we really want to play sports or we just want to manage our gardens and do it without pain.

I see people get injured all the time bending over in the yard or pulling a casserole out of the oven and the reason is that we have stopped playing as we age. We’ve stopped the natural training our bodies used to receive from play when we were children.

We need to get that back into our lives.

We need to become athletes in our own lives.

Hi intensity effort is essential.  It brings us to life hormonally and emotionally.

It’s the type of effort that will change our physiology and our feelings rapidly.

True happiness is really our ability to manage our moment to moment feelings and exercise is a vital component of that.

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All of this only becomes more critical after the age of 40.

With age our metabolic hormones start to decline and the result is less energy and reduced recovery.

As we reach or pass middle age our lives can become very busy.

Juggling primary relationships, careers, children and grand children can take up all of our time and make exercise difficult or even impossible to fit in.

However our bodies need it, if we want to maintain our best selves.  If we want to perform like an athlete in our lives.

Do you like to play hard in your life?

Do you like to participate competitively in Golf, Tennis or Curling?

If you want to be the best version of you then your body needs training.

Remember if you don’t use it you will lose it.

It’s the loss of strength and abilities that leads to those injuries I mentioned above.

Our bodies need strength training.

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You need to hold onto your muscle mass as you age.

You’ve got to maintain your strength and abilities.  You don’t want to be side tracked by injury or have to navigate your life or your sport in pain.

You just need to make your exercise effective and time efficient.

When life is busy you need to get in and out of the gym within 30 minutes and have all of your bodies physical needs met.

You need an organized system and method to work on your strength, flexibility and range of motion quickly.

That program needs to consider the movement potentials of your sport and train those movements.  You need to exercise all the muscles necessary to swing that racquet. You’ve got to have the strength to pull that club down quickly and the range of motion and flexibility to follow through. Curlers need that balance and co-ordination to push and sweep that rock.

Your personal program needs to address your physical pains and limitations so that you can begin to heal.

Trying to navigate through your life in pain will for certain steal away your joy.  Playing tennis, golf or curling while in pain is no fun.

We are all individuals who all need customized exercise and nutrition to bring about our best selves.

What is that for you?

What are the athletic responsibilities of your life?

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Let’s arrange a personal assessment.

By weighing you, checking your measurements and body-fat, assessing your current abilities and limitation and knowing your athletic goals we can create an ideal exercise and nutrition program for you.

We can tailor your program so you get what you need to bring out that athlete again in you.

We all need goals and encouragement to succeed.

So much of being successful with anything is having the right motivation and maintaining it.

It’s fantastic to get a coach in your corner that can support you with your goals.  It’s great to have someone on your side that know’s you and your situation and where you want to get to.

It’s important to have someone that can hold you accountable and help keep you motivated.

There are just too many distractions in life now.  Everything happens so quickly.

We often don’t do something unless it’s scheduled into our timers.

Get your exercise, nutrition and motivation scheduled into your organizers.

Make taking care of yourself a priority again.

Whether you just want the strength and ability to play with your kids or grand kids or you want to have your best year on the court on the course or at the club you can find that personalized program at Hi-End fitness.

Want to workout with your partner, friend or family member?

We can work with you privately, semi privately or in one of our small groups.

I have 2 spots left in my Summer body Group Special that will start up next week!

If you would like to discuss your personal situation I would be happy to arrange a phone call.

Email me: or text me: 905-512-5421 to make arrangements.


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