Balance The Equal & Opposite Forces in Your Life

Everyone must at some point take responsibility for what they are creating in their life if they wish to make a change. Of course, It only makes sense. I can’t change my life if I didn’t create it. It’s my ability to create a life that allows me to change my life.

As I move towards my greatest self I have to release my lower frequency energies and elevate them. This is meeting with my shadow and intentionally lifting it up. When shadow energy or lower vibration energies are exposed healing occurs. The electromagnetic being balances themselves. Balance is a reconciliation of the two opposing forces within me. 3 d reality is always two bits coming together.

When I bring the mother & father energy in my life together and balance them I slip into my true essence. My original single force. My ultimate energy. From the two aspects of my life coming together, I can unite with my consciousness. In union with my light, all things heal. When I allow my love to flow freely all aspects of my life improve. Whenever a shadow aspect of my life heals there is a drastic shift in my energy. There is often a very powerful emotional change in my life.

My energy will change dramatically after an upgrade or healing occurs. Some rest and recuperation will be necessary. Change or healing in my life is an acceptance of myself or an aspect of my life. This is a forgiving of self and all others. This is balance. This is “Unity consciousness.” I like to refer to describe yourself essay it as “Singularity.” This is stepping into the infinite aspect of ourselves.

One of my favorite resources for understanding the oneness of all things is the Kabalah. The Kabalah was the ancient mystic Jewish practice that Jesus studied. The Kabalah is what Abraham was teaching to the world. Abraham was a student of Hermes. The scribe to the Gods. The Egyptian “God of wisdom.” The teacher of Alchemical knowledge. This information is ancient knowledge. You can do the research yourself.

The Kabalah teaches that there is only 1 consistent loving light here on our planet. It is the light of our Sun. Kabalah outlines the meaning of life. The Kabalah teaches that the purpose of life is to create something that you love and bring the thing that you love to absolute joy in your life.

This can be a relationship. It could be a son or a daughter or both. It could be a career or wealth or material. It can be fame or fortune or power or status. It could be all of these things. It could be nothing like this at all. Each soul is free to create whatever they wish. Whatever satisfies them. This is a choice.

The power of each soul. The Buddha taught that it is a very good man that loves another man. He taught that it was an excellent man who loves himself. He taught that the greatest man loves himself and loves all others like himself. I think this is a very valuable thought. A thought to build a life around. Life is built upon thoughts and words. Change your life by changing your thoughts and words.

The Kabalah teaches that there is 1 unconditionally loving and supporting creative light. That light is the seed for all things here. We can reconcile all things in our lives. All pain can leave our bodies and lives. We can work through the shadow energy. We can change our perspective. We can change our minds or our perspective regarding our past. We can forgive and accept. These are choices each one of us can make at any moment. We can lift up low energy. This is a choice.

We can all do this with a shift of perspective towards exercise a change of nutrition and a shift of attention or focus. We can raise our lower frequency energies by exposing them to the brightest light within ourselves. We can heal or change ANYTHING in our lives by shining our light upon it. By loving it. By loving ourselves and our lives. This does not happen overnight. It can completely happen in every single aspect of our lives. It requires daily practice. It requires mental and physical practice. It requires practice and time and intention. You must seek the answer to find it. You must believe that there is an answer. This is faith.

Each one of us must learn how to love ourselves. It is being still and satisfied with the self. A radical personal acceptance, forgiveness, releasing of the past, slipping into the present. This is allowing the unconditionally loving force within us to flow through us in our present moment.

Reply to this message if you want to make a change in your life. You can change your life with some accountability and support. You need some different ideas than the ones you have. Your ideas will create exactly what you’ve got. Do you want anything else? You would have to do something you have never done. I say do 1 thing. Begin to do 1 thing that will connect you to the 1 thing that created all things. Begin a daily practice. Be… Be more conscious. Be with the stillness within you. Practice stillness of mind by practicing stillness of the physical body.

The physical stillness practice is fasting. Fast daily. Do a 24 hr fast each week. Choose a day and repeat it. This is a practice. The practice is something that you repeat. Fasting creates a stillness in the body and allows stillness in the mind. Be still and conscious more in your life. This is the practice that heals your life. Change your mind regarding exercise and nutrition. You need different ideas thoughts and words regarding these two things to create success this time.

Add a daily practice of consciousness. Some active practice or study that helps you to step into your presence. Step into your moment. Step into your power which is always available NOW! Reply to this message to arrange a short talk time. Let’s have a conversation about the broken mainstream ideas that are blocking you in your life.

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