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15 Jan

#1 The Force

There is only 1 creative force. Every single soul has access to it at all times. It flows freely through you, around you and within you. Each one has equal access an opportunity to that steadfast love and continuous light. The origins of the light are the cosmos. To the cosmos all is returning. This is lifeforce energy. You are an electromagnetic being. Not only physical but also mental and meta-physical. Your meta-physical bit may be referred to going forward as the either, the spirit, the stillness, the center or the quiet space. There cannot be 1 name for an infinite, omnipotent and omnipresent source of constant consistent unconditional love.

#2 Personal Responsibility

The creative force or lifeforce energy is directed by you and only you in your life. You alone are the creator in your life. Only you alone can empower anyone or anything over you. You must take full ownership of your creation and full responsibility if you wish to create alternatively with the same constant force of which you yourself are comprised of. There is no one to blame for ANYTHING that is going on in your life. ALL in your life is a result of your conscious or unconscious choices that manifest into physical reality as habits, behaviours, addictions and actions. ALL in your life is a result of what you have chosen to focus on. None of it has anything to do with what you choose to focus on going forward. The future unmanifest is always a result of your choices in the moments prior.

#3. The mechanism of Choice

We create our life by our choices. Life is created by our thoughts, our words and our actions. It has been and will always be so. Thoughts and words begat feelings which inspire actions, habits and behavior of all kind. Feelings are emotional responses to circumstances in which the being finds themselves. Feelings are vibrations. The frequency of the being can always be felt when attention is clear. Health, wealth, prosperity, love, joy, peace, liberty and fullfillment are all feeling and emotions of highest frequency. Ideas, beliefs, thoughts, words and actions towards self, others and environment will alter your frequency and affect your stimulus and response from your reality. Each soul is responsible for his life only by the frequency to which he chooses to polarize himself toward in any given moment. The being is responsible for manifesting their own reality by choosing their thoughts words and actions. By speaking his thoughts outwardly in his life and feeling that vibration within the body the being literally feels their life into their reality.

#4 The Mental Practice

Get a clear picture of what it is you wish to manifest in your life. You are, your life is what you choose to focus upon most. A life of peace, joy, love, liberty and fullfillment requires attention to all aspects of yourself. The being will remain unfull-filled so long as he leaves out an aspect of themselves. What is not loved and acknowledged will shrivel and die. This is the law. What you focus on most you love. What steals you attention is your love. Weather you are conscious or unconscious to which you are attending your creative force power is constant and consistently a powerfully loving creative force or powerfully and equally destructive if used in shadow. A completely transparent and fully exposed life force is a brilliant white light being. Clearly defined within mind who and what they wish to be. Full-fillment is an alignment of your thought, word and action with your goals in each and every moment. Get crystal clear of your intentions in the 5 core aspects of you. Personal goals, Relationship goals, Financial goals, Future adventure goals and Reciprocity goals. What are your intentions to create balance in your life? Love is giving and receiving in your life. Love is required forself first. Then and only then can it be given to your brother as yourself. Every morning and every night you need to come to the vision of your life. The emotional response that your passion or your dream creates in your life is your greatest joy. Your highest frequency, your greatest health, wealth and ultimate human experience.

#5. Perception is Power

There is only 1 force arising from 1 place or single pointedness. The unmanifest became manifest through separation. The separation allowed the dark unmanifest to become two. Duality began the 3d reality. ALL within the Space Time continuum are in manifest. ALL manifested 3 dimensional shapes, ideas, concepts, beliefs, forces, energies, feelings, things, beings, entities are subject to the reality of duality. The original force of pure unmanifest unconditional love separated to create the two points. Two aspects of Time Space. Sun and Earth. The two forces Masculine and Feminine are in reality 1 and the same collective reality. They are at the same time 1 and 2. The same and seperate. A mathematical impossibility without the other. Inseparable yet apart. Exactly the same in magnitude however 100% different in degree. The earth and the sun cohabitate together in union imposible to exist apart an cohabitating in a personal yet completely codependent relationship. The power of our world is a constant and consistent white light that shines light over our world and provides lifeforce energy for ALL things in manifest 3 dimensional reality as a frequency.

#6 Visualize it into Your Reality

The foundation of mental restructuring is a meditation. A fine tuning of the being. A self management, self healing, manifesting power or personal magic. A jeudi is able to utilize the force to transmute, heal or transform anything that he may wish. This is done with the conscious act of practice of meditation. Self awareness is stepping into your consciousness more often. Meeting more of your life with your greatest expression. Your spirit body is always well. Your highest frequency will always bring your greatest joy and inspire the most pleasing emotion within yourself. The mind is always still when in the throws of climax. Time spent in the thought-less state is magical choice that each soul has the power to choose and develop. First in the morning and again at the end of the day. The being is suited best by giving themselves to themselves as often as they can. This skill is cultivated best inside and empty being. When empty of solid food the being is most filled with light awareness

#7 The Power is always Now

All things in manifest reality are a frequency or a vibration. Your dreams unmanifest are a frequency and vibration. To bring them from unmanifest into 3 dimensional reality will take your focus. Through your attention you create your reality through your intentions. What you focus on grows in frequency or vibration. Unconditional love is what you are. What we all are. It is our greatest health, wealth, prosperity of all kind. This consciousness can become your growing personal awareness. What you attend to will grow. If you intend to grow your self awareness you can. Seek and you may find your best expression. You are love. Love is giving and receiving. At christmas you receive and you give. It is both. Love keeps no score. There is no good or bad love. The 3 dimensional expression of reality is dual. The ultimate expression of reality is singularity. Every circumstance is a choice. A perception. A stimulus and a response. Each being is always free to choose in every moment. As you give in each moment to and receive from your life. This is done in each moment through the intention and manifest into 3 dimensional truth through the breath. Gain greater consciousness of each and every single breath. Choose again in each moment separated only by breaths. Choose life or death, love or pain, comfort or discomfort. Sing in the rain.

#8 The Three Touch Points

There are 3 habits, behaviours actions that you can incorporate into your life in 2020 to influence your frequency, vibration and healing the most. You as an individual this year can maximize your influence in your life most effectively by engaging in these three habits most often. I like to break my year down into week by week segments that can be separated most completely to each moment divided only by breaths.

1) Conscious Exercise (Not overtaxing the body, attention to breath, focus, attention & balance. A minimum commitment to 4 x 30 minutes conscious exercise every 7 days. Full body Strength, flexibility, co-ordination, balance, range of motion, core strength & improved self awareness and intention.

2) Conscious Nutrition (choosing foods of higher frequency and vibration). You do not need to be perfect with your food. Only strive to have more perfect days then imperfect. I encourage all of my clients to maintain a mostly perfect nutrition from Monday morning until Friday afternoon.

3) Mindset (Thoughts, words specifically interaction with new thoughts & new words). New ideas and thoughts from the greatest thinkers on our planet will be provided to you daily. Everyone is always free to choose. Choose to open yourself to new ideas or remain closed and continue things exactly as they are.

#9 Heal the Imbalance Within

Life is both masculine and feminine. You cannot enter the manifested reality without both the masculine and the feminine. Everyone in 3 dimensional reality has a mother and father. There is no other way to be here. You have the love of both your mother and father within you. You must mend the opposition of your mother and father within you. You must reconcile the two bit of you. Each one must reunite the two polarities within the self. Loving you is bringing both your bits together within you. ALL manifests into 3 dimensional reality the same way. First in mind. Then inside the physical being themselves and then outwardly in the life around you. As within so without. As above in mind so below in body. The frequency of your physical body is your lowest most dense frequency and the frequency of your spirit is your highest vibration. Your mind is in between. The mind holds you separated from the spirit force within you. mend the separation within the mind to allow body and spirit to unite again as one expression of your light. Singularity is the greatest realization. You are neither man nor woman good or bad. You are both. Pure white light and unconditional love.

#10 Accountability & Coaching

Life always has a rhythm. Life has a pulse. The mother earth has a heartbeat or rhythmical vibration. Your life has a hearbeat or vibrational impulse to it. You can reset your frequency. You can come into alignment with the pulse of your mother earth. Your frequency will shift and pulse it is the law. Your energy and power will shift to and from opposing poles from feminine to masculine from courage to fear. You always have a choice to make in each moment. Sometime you will fall. We all need to keep good people around us who help to lift us up. People around us who help up to keep the thoughts clear and right. People who support us when we fall and inspire us forward. We change our lives by first thinking it and then saying it and sharing it with someone else that we trust. Someone who has unconditional love and support for us. This is the coaching model that allows and facilitates change. Tell someone you trust your goal. Speak your dream into your life. Feel you life into your reality with your clear goals spoken over your life to someone in your life.

26 Dec

Want to make 2020 your best year ever?

Let’s get away together to build your personal year plan.

Great things don’t happen by accident. Great things happen by following great visions and great plans. Let’s get away to create your greatest vision and your greatest plan for 2020. 

Walk away from this weekend with a daily action plan for you to create success in 2020. Get a full day at the Scandinavian Spa (magical experience)

Get all your meals prepared for you. Let me do the planning, cooking and cleaning for the weekend for you. We’ll eat healthy, delicious vegetarian meals twice a day for the weekend. You will love the food and learn how to prepare happy healthy meals you will love for yourself and your families in a few minutes. 

Get the exercise. Learn how to do it for yourself. It doesn’t take much equipment or time to do this. You can lose the weight and keep it off this time with a simple system.

Learn the hidden secrets of conscious exercise. Learn how to apply this best into your day to day life. Create the daily action steps plan you need to make each day of your new year a success.

Build a successful year by stringing together 1 successful day at a time. Get the success mindset. It’s always a thought that is standing in our way. We all have different mental roadblocks. Each one of us has to overcome our own lack and limited beliefs to step into a new reality for ourselves.

We all have infinite power and opportunity within us. Limited ideas alone stand in our way. Let’s share personal stories and experiences to bring our past traumas to rest. Shadow work is a key aspect of healing or changing our lives. Shadow work is not all joy and bliss but it is so valuable.  When the work is done we will see and feel the benefits with our energy and our day to day positive feelings. 

Our retreat weekend will have formal lectures to share the foundational ideas and beliefs required to lose the weight and keep it off.  Understand how to heal your physical and emotional pain in your life for good this time. 

It is only a broken paradigm of reality that holds your trapped. The power of our universe is constant and consistent white light. We can step into that power. Our mental slavery separates us from our potential.

Get the guided meditations. Learn the skill of mindfulness. We can all do this. Each one of us can learn how to step into our greatest power. A personal practice will allow you to access your own personal healing magical powers.

Meditation is a focus practice. There are infinite ways to meditate. Learn the two major aspects to a successful daily practice. Bring the 4 pillars of Natural healing together for the weekend with me personally.

Let me be your guide for the weekend. Let me help you personalize a daily practice that will ensure your greatest success in 2020. Let me teach you my system and personalize it for you. Let me help you bring greater health and wealth into your new year.

We are booked for the weekend here: 

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What you get at the New Year New You Retreat

The weekend includes 3 days and 2 nights accommodations.  January 3rd, 4th & 5th.

The weekend includes a ride up to the collingwood and back. Leaving Friday from our private studio on Lakeshore rd at 12pm. Returning home on Sunday by 3pm. 

The weekend includes all your healthy delicious vegetarian meals. 2 meals a day. Coffee, tea, water and healthy natural juices will all be included. Eat to your content. 

Get all your seminars and coaching sessions for the weekend Learn the guided meditations. Learn the skill of mindfulness. Apply this in your life as a daily practice in 2020. 

Spend a day at the Scandinavian Spa 

Learn how to cope with and let go of past trauma and shadow energy

Walk away with a personal daily action steps list to create massive success in 2020

Get special guest meditations and natural healing teachings 

Get daily conscious exercise and guided meditations 

Total cost for the weekend is $599 + hst 

I have 4 spots left.

15 Nov

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The time to reprogram our mind is first thing in the morning or at the end of our day before we go to sleep. At these times the brain waves are slower. At these times we can be more aware of our moment to moment thoughts. In the busy, agitated mind of daytime the thoughts come and go too rapidly for us to see them and reevaluate them.

Our lives are the result of what we are thinking saying and doing. The things we say and do originate in mind. Thought is the trigger that starts up all of the emotional responses we feel in our bodies. Thoughts are the creators of our experience and our physical reality.

Most of the thoughts that we think are the same ones we thought the day before. Less than 10% of the thoughts we think at any moment are new or independently chosen. Almost all of them happen from a subconscious program. The human mind has been programmed since birth to respond in a way that blocks them from achieving their greatest expression.

The human is predictable. He will always, without exception move away from pain and towards pleasure or comfort. Knowing this the elites have been able to capture 99% of the planet in a system of thought training and programming that is governed by laws and instituted by parents and teachers in schools and supported through television screens, computers and mobile devices.

All of these ideas we are taught are supported with broken science and religion and fear and trauma that the child runs from for their entire lives. Each one of us has so many hidden thoughts they don’t want to think of let alone express with their voice. We surpress our most fearful thoughts deep in our minds. We keep our tramatic thoughts and feelings trapped this way.

None of us want to think or speak about the shadow energy and circumstances. It’s scary. It doesn’t feel good. It’s uncomfortable. We would rather manage it with with avoidance or medicate it with food, substance or shopping. Happiness is something we buy, drink, do or get from the outside. This is the message we have been taught.

We were good when we got good grades or when we did what our parents wanted. We were never told happiness was within however none of our teachers new how to achieve that for themselves. Although it was said to us we witnessed something different all around us. The world showed us that happiness was money and cars and homes on the right streets. Nice vacations, decadent meals and sexual encounters is what we see.

Happiness is fame, power and the admiration of our partner or ou children or our friends. The world teaches us to get our happiness from the outside. We have all heard the truth yet no one knows how to find the alusive joy that is within. We must break the broken paradigms of thought we have learned to step away from this matrix of thought.

All of our experiences are in our minds. Our traumatic thoughts are hidden away. Their associated feelings are equally hidden in the cells of our bodies. Shadow emotions are as deeply burried in our cellular structure as the thoughts are buried within our minds. These low frequency bits of us must be released in order for our bodies and lives to be upgraded.

Shadow emotions bury themselves inside physical traumas in our bodies. Shadow emotions will hide out in our injuries. Sites if accepted pain are the perfect home for shadow emotions. We think we are in pain because of past injury however shadow emotions are at the root of our chronic prolonged pain.

Our resistance to this idea blocks us from finding, exploring, releasing, resolving and healing our bodies and lives. Complete healing is a reconciliation of whole self. An embrace of the shadow. Begin with the end in mind. We are love. We need to love our shadow emotions to raise their frequency and raise our beings overall frequency.

We all get what we give all of the time. We get the vibrational match of what we put out into our lives. To change our outcomes or our health we need to lift up our energetic footprint.

Each one of us is body, mind and spirit. Each one of us has a physical. mental and spiritual aspect to ourselves. The spirit body is always well. It is always of highest energy and frequency. The spirit body is consistent love and light. With the right awareness we can always access the greatest aspects of ourselves.

In the still mind of morning or just before bed we can be with our thoughts. We can sit with our old thoughts and memories and we can reevaluate them. This must happen for us to be set free. To elevate our life force energy we need to think differently about the ideas and beliefs we hold. We need to see the power that we have within the self.

If we believe that something outside of us is more powerful than we are then we give away our power. If we believe that we need something from someone to be whole then we have empowered that thing or that person over us. We need to see our limited beliefs and explore them and decide if we want to keep them. Things we learned and accepted at an earlier moment in our lives do not need to hold us anymore. All is a choice.

We can choose to change our mind. Our perspective or opinion can change if we choose. We can re explore our old ideas. We can choose to think differently about those past situations now. When we allow the thoughts to come up and be changed the associated emotions will come up to be released also. This is done best in the stillness of the meditative mind.

The meditative mind is almost inactive. This is the time that our physical body our mental body and our spirit body are in uniform relationship. This is whole self integration. This is loving the self. This is being with the self. This is being with the spirit. The spirit is constantly, consistent white light. The spirit is always love.

Our definition of love is a broken idea. Love isn’t something we get from outside. Love is something that we do or get from connecting to the love within. Meeting more of our lives with a still quiet mind is being who and what we are more often. This is meeting my life with my wholeness. This is showing up lovingly in my life. This is loving myself, my relationships and my life.

Learning to be in the lowest brainwave or thought activity is leaving the paradigms of thought and being more of our essence. Showing up with your partner as your spirit is loving you and your partner. Love is not sex. The feelings of love will be found by practicing them. By imagining them. By creating them inside your minds eye. You must intend them into your life.

Seek and you will find. Look for them inside not out. Don’t continue to do as you have done. Don’t follow the crowd around you. They are all doing what they learned from the same broken system that was built to hold each one of us in a broken matrix of thought. You have the power to break this. It lies in your creative mind.

With the will of your spirit and the devine feminine energy within your spirit you can create your dream in your mind. Choose it with your masculine force and picture it with your creative feminine spirit energy. Marry these two spiritual forces in your life. In the quiet mind. In the meditative space you can do this. Each one of us can do this.

This is the magic power of the human. The power to choose a different result in our lives is our power. We can choose to think and focus on different things. We can release the fear and low energy vibrational thoughts and hidden emotions from our body. Shadow work is uncomfortable at the start however we can learn to embrace it as it is the solution to creating change in our lives.

Recognize this low frequency energy must be reexamined and removed from our life. See it as an opportunity. Find the gift that is being given in each moment. The energy of 3d reality is always love. The upper force is constant white light. We must reconcile this paradox. rather than maintaining the victim state.

The victim is powerless. Our minds are programmed to believe we are unlucky. Thus is a broken idea we need to let go of. There is no luck. There is no force outside of creation. if we choose to express our full power we must release these old broken belief systems.

The whole integration of human power is our highest force. The merger of light and dark within will elevate us. The mariage of the masculine and feminine energy inside us will upgrade our frequency to the level of our source. We can all learn to do this inside the quiet mind. Empty the body and allow the body to perform its natural magic.

Your body knows how to do this if you get out of the way. Detoxification of body and mind will maximize your human potential and realign your being with the monad. Reuniting you with the one. The fully awakened soul is in constant contact with source. When you become an open channel the need for food, sex, substance or acceptance is gone. You are able to sustain all from within. This can happen.

This is a choice. You must seek it. You must intend it. Meditation is the foundation. It happens only in the quiet mind. This is being with the self. This creating a relationship with the self. This is loving the self.

01 Sep

Over the past 30 years I have been helping people transform their bodies and lives I have learned a few things that I now believe to be absolute consistent facts about the human condition.  Each person is an individual.  Each person has their own unique problems, situations and circumstances in their lives.  Each person needs different things in order to heal or change their lives.  After realizing and reflecting on all these facts I do believe without a doubt that each one of us creates our own reality.  It’s my opinion that we live in a world of cause and effect.  I do not believe in “Luck.”  I believe that luck is a word we use to explain a cause or a force we do not yet know of or understand.  It is my opinion that each of us creates our own reality.  I believe that the reality that each of us chooses to create is our own choice.  Each one of us is free to choose to create any reality that they choose.  I believe this decision to create as we choose is the thing that makes us all unique and the special thing that separates us from all the other animals on this planet.

The power to choose is our human right.  You are entitled to choose and decide to do whatever you like with your life.  It’s my opinion that each one of us creates our own life experience from the thoughts, the words and the actions that each one of us makes.  Each one of us creates our own lives consciously or unconsciously this way.  Unfortunately for most of us a great deal of what we do is unconscious.  From my research and 30 years of observation I believe that most of the actions we make or choose are simply programmed responses.  I would estimate that at best most of us are only 1-5% fully conscious and aware of what we are thinking, saying and doing at any given moment.  Most of the things we think, say and do are just natural normal responses to the things that are In front of us.  This means that most of us are creating almost all our lives unconsciously.  This is the reason why things are happening to us in our lives that we do not want.  Therefore most of us are living the lives of victims of circumstance. I believe that in order to change our lives we must decide to get more conscious of our thoughts, our words and our actions.

It’s my belief that each one of us has the power within us to change anything that we wish.  As the creators of our lives we each have the power to choose to change directions whenever we want to.  Now I am not saying that it is easy, but I am saying it is possible.  At the root of change is an understanding of the forces of nature and how they affect us in our lives and how they affect us in our minds.  It is the mind that creates the thoughts, that creates the words that creates the habits and behaviors that rule our lives.  I know that I cannot make anyone change their mind.  I know that I can only assist those that wish to make a change in their minds or lives.  That is your choice.  If you wish to make a change, I am grateful to have an opportunity to help you do it.

If you are ready to make that decision and commit to that choice of change then I can sum it up for you very quickly.  The method is simple.  You need to become more aware of what you are doing and how you are doing it.  You need to gain greater awareness of yourself.  You need to take more control and management of your thoughts.  You need to reprogram your subconscious mind to begin to find the peace, joy, love, freedom and abundance that is your birthright.  The task is simple.  Assume greater awareness of your thoughts, words and actions and align them completely with your deepest passions and desires within.  As simple as the task is, as you move through this program over the next 6 weeks you will surely realize how challenging it is to override your subconscious programs and alter your reality.

This is not an easy thing to do.  It takes diligent mental effort.  It begins with a decision.  As an individual you must decide to commit.  I cannot do that part for you.  Only you can do that.  You must decide that you want to make a change in your reality.  You must take responsibility for what you have created to this point.  Even though it was likely unconsciously.  You must decide to begin to get more conscious about what you are creating.  You must choose what you wish to create most appropriately going forward.  All these aspects of this program are choices that you must make in order to be truly successful as you move though.

This resource is being assemble for you as a quick resource for you to get whatever you like in one place.  For me although each of us is unique I do believe that whatever our issues are they can be solved by addressing 4 aspects of ourselves.  It is my belief that if we properly address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves that ALL things can be healed and restored to greatest health.  I do not believe in Old Age & Metabolic Slow down & Genetics & Pain & Disease.  I believe that all things are only messages to us from our source.  I believe that all things that are happening to us are neither good nor bad.  That all of them are simple messages from creation.  It is my belief that our creator is 100% consistent and that the energy that it provides to us is always consistent love.

I believe that if the message hurts it only does so in a loving way for you to take assertive action now to correct your course.  If the message you are receiving hurts it only does because you ignored the gentler nudges that came your way prior.  I can share that from my experience that all the painful issues you receive can be correct.  Whether they are physical pain, emotional pain, psychological pain or spiritual pain.  All pains of all types have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual roots.  All things do as we are being of all 4 of these same categories.

Inside this 6-week program I will be bombarding you with content and information.  I understand that you likely will not be able to get through it all.  At the same time, it is my opinion that we are so manipulated by all of the messages that we receive from society that we need to get as much alternative messages as we can.  As we are creatures of habit and behavior, we need to change our habits and behaviors to change our lives.  Thoughts and words create habits and behaviors so each of us needs to choose to listen to or absorb new thoughts and words if we wish to change our lives.

Again, I cannot make you change your mind.  You must accept that a change of mind is what is required.  Only you can do the work that is necessary to gather new thought.  Only you can accept new ideas into your life.

How do you receive new thoughts and words in your life?  What is your growth strategy?  How are you growing on a regular basis?  This is the problem…  Most of us do not have a growth strategy.  Most of us are not taking in new content and information daily.  Most of us are just rehearsing the same old thoughts and ideas day in and day out and unconsciously creating our lives.

This program is your opportunity.  It is your way to make a change in your life.  I believe that you are here for a reason.  I believe that I have a responsibility to share with you the truth.  I believe it is my responsibility to provide you with the alternative ideas that you need to hear for you to lose your weight and keep it off for good.  Inside this program you will get daily emails from me.  I encourage you to view my daily Facebook posts.  Follow me on Facebook here now!  And  Like my page on Facebook here now! As I prepare myself daily, I encourage you to begin to prepare yourself daily.  Read the emails to get yourself into the right frame of mind.  Watch the videos that you get whenever you can make the time to set yourself up for success.  Get the right thoughts that will create the right energy inside of your minds, body and life.

You can lose your weight.  You can tone up.  You can get your body back and heal your pain.  All sickness, illness, disease, weight gain is the same at it roots.  All sadness, sorrow, anger and frustration is also the same.  All of it is low vibration thought.  With the right movement to elevate our energy, the right foods to elevate our energy, the right thoughts to elevate our energy and the introduction of a daily meditation or self awareness time to reflect and to visualize our greatest desires we possess the power to change anything that we wish.

Inside this resource I have collected and assembled some of the world’s greatest minds on healing, nutrition, exercise, energy, thought, habit, behavior and spirit.  I will break it all out for you into 4 segments so that you can quickly find anything you wish whenever you wish.  After watching something that stimulates you to think or ask more questions, I encourage you to take your query into deeper research or for you to reach out to me by email if you wish to discuss anything further.  I am always available to support you as you move through this program.  Please email me personally here if you wish:

Healing our lives is not complicated.  It is a matter of frequency and vibration.  Health is within us.  Joy Vitality, Love and Health are our highest vibration.  We simply need to remove the obstructions that we have brought into our lives that are blocking us from receiving the constant unconditional love that is being poured down upon us in each moment.

Key Note Introduction To Perfect Health


You are Body.  You are Mind.  You are Spirit.  You cannot leave out an aspect of yourself and expect to be balanced.  You must give time and focus and attention to all aspects of yourself.  You must interact with opposing poles of yourself in different ways.  Your body needs movement and nutrition.  Your ideas regarding nutrition have been so drastically influenced by marketing and chemical addictions. Your Mind requires a different form of stimulation.  While exercise certainly have an influence in hormonal responses inside the brain the mind itself requires more work than just detoxification to begin to act on command rather than react as it does to our lives. Returning your health to it’s very best requires you to purify your body, mind, emotion and spend quality time with your spirit.  The Body, Mind & Emotion hit the pavement in Meditation.  This is the union of Body, Mind and Spirit.  This is the time when your deepest root passions can be elevated to the space of peaceful ecstasy!


We are a product of our most predominant thoughts.  What we focus on grows.  We have been taught nutrition since Grade 1.  Our 3d reality has taught us what was most advantageous to a small few at the expense of our own health.  Profits make our world go around.  Each one of us wants to make a dollar and as a result we all play a role in the state of affairs we are in with our weight and our health.  The truth is that no one is ever going to give us everything that we need.  Each one of us has to make our greatest self interests our number one concern.  Learning to really love yourself really means coming to the truth.  Who are you?  I hope this program will teach you.  Losing the weight for the rest of your life means unlearning more than it does learning.  Get the true nutritional messages you need to hear and apply in your life at whichever rate you wish.  Each one of us is in a different place.  We all have different needs and preferences.  I provide many alternatives with regards to nutrition.  I am always here to support you or your questions.  Losing the weight, healing or changing anything in your life is simply called Detoxification.


I am Body, Mind & Spirit.  We all are.  The 3rd dimension is governed by natural laws.  Wherever you are or whoever you are if you step from a plane you will most certainly fall down.  This is the law.  The laws of gravity are just as real in the physical plane as they are on the mental plane or the spiritual plane.  Each plane originates in spirit.  ALL is Spirit.  The spiritual plane is no different in any way from the physical plane.  As above, so below.  The planes are mirror images.  Exactly the same.  Only different in degree.  The physical plane is your body.  We associate our mind with our brain.  Where is your spirit located?  Some say the heart.  Some say just below the belly button.  Others may say the spirit side of you exists outside of the mind.  Consequently you could never find it within your mind.  This idea requires your mind to be contemplated.  You can’t find your spirit without your mind.  You must find the mindset pathway out of the Matrix.  You have the power.  It is a choice.  It is a decision.  You can change your life.  You must change your mind.  The mind has the power.  The mind holds the keys.  Our universe is mental.  It exists within the mind of God.  How did you get here?  The only way to enter our body or our world is by two coming together.  Both are necessary.  It is the law.  We live in a universe of Yin and Yan not Yin or Yang.  Nobody is here without a mother and a father.  One is not good and the other bad.  They are mirror opposites.  Equal in opposite ways differing only in degree.  All obey the law in the 3 dimensional space.  You can learn the laws.  You can come into harmony with the law.  You can use the physical realities of gravity to your advantage if you know how to use the lower laws as a lever to catapult you forward.


What is the spirit?  Where is it?  The spirit is energy.  The spirit is frequency.  The spirit is the consciousness.  The spirit is the magic.  It is the light.  The spirit is love.  If mom and dad were making love and you arrived here then what are you?  I am happy.  Happiness is within. The spirit has no worries.  The spirit has no fear.  The spirit is in everything.  Everything is the spirit.  People argue whether the spirit is real.  Quantum physics know the truth.  Spirit is the foundation.  The fundamental aspect of our universe is the field.  The spirit is the architect.  You are using it in your life randomly now.  You need to learn to sharpen your saw.  You can become a master.  A master of being.  A lover of self.  The spirit is light.  A laser beam or a florescent bulb.  What do you choose.  It is all your choice.  If you live your life from your essence you will never have to work again.  Your life will become your masterpiece.  Get yourself into alignment.  Bring forward your passion.  Your most personal vision.  What do you love?  What do you want most of all?  Bring it to the spirit.  Bring the vibration of your most personal vision into the space.  The space between thoughts.  This is your love.  This is the idea you love the most.  This is your dream.  This is lifestyle design.  Be an architect or a sculptor of your



26 Aug

My first retreat was the first Pranic Health & Wellness Retreat in Canada…


I’m not sure if anyone loved the event as much as I did.  I had a fantastic weekend.  What a joy.  I look forward to my next retreat opportunity coming soon.

Taking the time to reconnect with the most personal aspects of yourself is always the most valuable times of our lives. To me, expanding myself, my career, my finances my future and my legacy is a priority. To me this is a huge step towards completely embracing myself.

My weekend retreat was an exercise of love for me. When you think and talk and take action on your passion your light comes out. Before anything can become a reality you need to think it, say it and take action towards it. i think I grew the most in our group this past weekend.  I absolutely love what i do. I love me. i am love.

Thanks so much to all those who attended my first retreat and to Elitom for bringing so much depth and experience! So much fun!😁 I love the retreat space. Time to really connect to the emotional, mental and spiritual being.  Retreat time is expansion of your family.  It is the building of soul family.  A new family. losing your weight for good is about loving yourself. It’s about making decisions. As soon as you make up your mind the universe conspires to support you.  The retreat space is an opportunity to slow down.  Re-access what is going on for you and make some real decisions and commitments.

Retreat time is taking time to crystalize your goals and define the life you really want to live.

Healing or changing ANYTHING in your life is total wellness.  It is being the very best version of you. This happens and it happens naturally.  All we need to do is come into alignment with our root energy. Retreat time is a super balance of movement, flexibility, motivation, education and meditation. It really is a life transformational weekend opportunity.

What a kool time to spend with my spiritual brother Elitom El-amin. Thank you for inspiring me along my journey. So grateful to have you in my life. I could not have done this without you and that can never be forgotten. Few men on our planet can walk your way.

04 Aug

Burlington Personal Trainer Says Only You Have the Power to Change Your life!


You have power inside of you.  You have the power to change your life.  Only you can do this for you.  Only you can change your life!  It boils down to learning how to truly love yourself.  This is the abbreviated message.  It requires a new understanding of reality.  You can’t get to a new place in your life without a new outlook on your life.   You can’t get somewhere new following the same old map or the same old directions.  Something new in your life will require you to do something you have never done before.  Unless you can do something fundamentally different with your thought world your changes of life will continue to be only temporary solutions.  Do you want to make a change in your life that lasts forever?  Then you must align yourself with the only thing in our reality that is infinite.  Get my most recent mindset coaching points in the 4 part video series below!

Mindset Coaching Part 1

Mindset Coaching Part 2

Mindset Coaching Part 3

Mindset Coaching Part 4

23 Jul

Canada’s First Pranic Health & Wellness Retreat

Do you ever feel like there is supposed to be more for you?  Do you feel like your very best self is somehow just missing from your life?  Are you living with fear or anxiety or depression?

Break through your chains, barriers, obstacles. Overcome your lack and limitation. Step beyond all boundaries. Express your full self! 😁 With Elitom El-amin.

Lose the weight and keep it off! Learn how to do it once and for all. Overcome your relationship issues. Solve your financial problems. You can do all of this by accessing your most powerful energy.  You can step beyond your current life experience.

Be your best self by aligning yourself with your “Prana.”   Awaken the giant within you.  Learn how to love yourself. Free your soul.  Align with your spirit.  Get your joy, motivation and passion back.  Your playfulness can come back into your life. Express your love energy. Share your chi with the world.  Allow your inner child to be free…

  • Learn how to be mindful
  • Get guided meditation
  • Develop your own quiet practice
  • Learn the exercise, the system you need to lose the weight and keep it off for good
  • Get the missing information you need
  • Learn Qi Gong
  • Daily yoga, exercise, hiking in nature
  • Eat your fill… Two perfectly designed delicious vegetarian meals each day
  • Breathwork, sungazing, grounding, health and wellness lectures, motivation, accountability, inspiration, guidance, support
  • Learn the success mindset
  • Understand how to apply a success system into your day to day life

What’s a day on retreat look Like?

First of all this is your retreat experience.  You get to choose to make the day look like anything that you wish.  Please feel free to participate in anything you wish.  Please feel free to participate in everything if you wish.  Please feel free to rest or skip anything that you wish.  All lectures will be recorded so you can check them all out again another time if you feel you would like to sleep in or rest or just read a book or relax or do something by yourself or with a new friend.  Do as you wish at your health and wellness long weekend.  Do not feel like you need to do anything or everything.  You can join in anytime and omit anything too!

Example Itinerary

6- 7 am  – Energy Building Chi Gong with Elitom or Morning Quiet Practice with John (earthing, sun-gazing. guided meditations)

730- 830 am-  Energy Building Morning Quiet Practice with John or Chi Gong session with Elitom El-Amin (will include earthing, sun-gazing,

guided meditation, breath work & teaching)  Feel free to ask any questions you wish.

9-1030 am- First teaching period with Elitom or John (We will take turns delivering content sessions)

11 am- Break fast  (Vegan, Raw food, Vegetarian, eggs dairy & cheese will be available)

12 pm – Free Time (hike, explore, rest, enjoy the surroundings, read, share time with new friends)

1- 230 pm – 2nd Coaching period with Elitom or John (content sessions will include history of and understanding of the “Pranic Lifestyle”

how to apply movement, nutrition and meditation into your life, how to heal and change your life)

3-430 pm – 3rd Coaching period of the day (All coaching periods will include education, motivation, activity and guided meditation)

5 pm – Dinner Time (Vegan, Raw Food, Vegetarian, Some animal source proteins will be available)

630- 8 pm – 4th Coaching period of the day (Be prepared to be wowed at every educational period.  Each session will take you deeper into the

“Rabit hole” of understanding. To shift your life deeper into dreams requires a deeper understanding of yourself)

830-930 pm – Final Coaching Period of the day (will wind you down and prepare you for an ideal sleep & a high energy following day)

What is a retreat? Where is the Retreat? How much is it?

You are enough. Have you heard that before? Happiness is inside you. It really is. You are love and light. Yes it’s true. Your health and wellness are inside of you. You can heal or change anything that you wish in your life. You can do all of this by learning how to love yourself. You can learn who you really are. You can build a relationship with the true you. You can learn what it really takes to heal pain or sickness or injury or trauma. You can step out of poverty or loneliness. You can heal your relationships. It all starts with the relationship with yourself.

You can over come your addictions. You can learn how to live on less food or less money and you can learn how to earn more. It’s all your choice. You are a little “manifester.” You can manifest the life that you wish. The life that you choose. How do you want your life to be? Be an architect of your life. It’s “lifestyle design.”

Get clear about what you want to create… It’s the Pranic Lifestyle and it promises anything. It promises everything. Do what you wish with it!

Weekend includes 2 all you can eat and drink vegan or raw vegan or vegetarian seats each day. Enjoy lovely meals raw juices, organic coffee & tea, distilled or spring water all without limit.

Private accommodations or shared accommodations. It’s all your choice. It’s all up to you. We will be taking 6-12 people with us depending on the accommodations chosen. 4 spots are taken. We have room for 4-8 more people

Shared accommodations are- $450

Private accommodation is- $800

Prices include all fees and taxes.

Get all yoga, chi gong, exercise, movement sessions, guided meditations, teaching periods, nutrition and a ton of fun. Learn how to connect to your source energy. The boundaries are limitless.

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05 May

You Can Lose The Weight & Keep It Off… But You Have Got to Change Your Mind!


I know I say this again and again and again but i can’t say it enough.  I tell people it’s not just about exercise.  You can’t lose the weight and keep it off by just adding exercise into your life.  It’s not only exercise and nutrition either.  People fail over and over again because the think it’s just exercise and nutrition.  It’s not!  It’s exercise, nutrition and mindset change!  What have you done to change your mind today?

I know that nobody wants to make any independent effort anymore.  We have all gotten so lazy.  It’s like we just want to be spoon fed everything.  The reality of life is no body can change your life for you.  You are at some point going to have to take responsibility for what is going on in your life.  You are going to have to take responsibility for your mindset.

The thoughts and words that you choose to keep inside of your head create your energy.  Your frequency and your vibration are dictated by the things that you think and speak about.  If you want to change your life you need to change your vibration.  If you want to live the life of your dreams then you need to align your vibration with the vibration of your dreams.  You need to think and speak about what you want.

Rather than thinking and speaking about how you ate so well and how you exercised and how you didn’t get what you wanted this week you need to think and talk about your goals.  Instead of focusing on what you didn’t get or what you did you need to create a different energy within your mind and within your life.  You are the only one who can do this.  We have all gotten so weak in the area of imagination.  We have all forgotten the natural skill of visualization.

We need to exercise our mindset muscle.  We need to get ourselves mentally fit.  This can happen.  It can happen to all of us.  All we need to do is take in some positive information daily.  Little bits at a time the positive thoughts and ideas will inspire us.  Listening to or ingesting positive thoughts and words will help us to remember who and what we really are.  We are limitless beings.  There is nothing that we can’t do when we get our mindset in the right place.

Below I have assembled some links for you to get started.  Take the time daily to watch or listen.

I suggest you spend 60 minutes a day just listening to some of these resources.  Get yourself some earphones.  If you get the YouTube app you can even download these videos while you are connected to Wifi and listen or watch when you are off line.  Listen when you go for a walk or run.  Listen in the morning.  Watch positive messages on your TV when you can.  Rather than watch the news or reading the paper you can change your morning or evening habits and make them constructive times for yourself.  You can transform your mind and your life by trading out some of your habits for new ones.

Only you can choose to change your mind.  It takes mental practice and rehearsal to do.  You can reprogram your subconscious mind and change your life if you wish.  There are no limits to what you can do!

Mindset resource links:

Preview YouTube video “WE HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED TO HAVE 2 LIVES” – Bruce Lipton (An Eye Opening Speech)

Preview YouTube video Learning How to Love Yourself | Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

Preview YouTube video The Advice Most of Us Need To Hear | VERY RELATABLE |

Preview YouTube video The TRUTH about How The Richest Creates Their Success | Robin Sharma

Preview YouTube video This Is How Your Thoughts Become Your Reality – Gregg Braden Powerful Speech

Preview YouTube video Tom Bilyeu’s Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation – Most Eye Opening Speeches Ever

Preview YouTube video Tom Bilyeu Best Ever Motivational Speeches Compilation | MOST INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS EVER


Preview YouTube video Three Brains – Thinking to Doing to Being (Joe Dispenza)

Preview YouTube video What Dr. Joe Dispenza said Will SHOCK YOU !

Preview YouTube video The Science That Will Change Your Future | Dr. Bruce Lipton

Preview YouTube video Secrets From a LIFEHACKER | This Is What They Don’t Want Us To Learn (very illuminating!)

Preview YouTube video “It’s All Within You” – 30 Minutes Inspirational Speeches Compilation

Preview YouTube video Jim Rohn: After This You’ll Change How You Do Everything! (ft Les Brown)

Preview YouTube video You Need To Do This Everyday | TRY IT!

Preview YouTube video Best Motivational Speech Compilation Ever #3 – WAKE UP – 30-Minute Motivation Video #3

Preview YouTube video The GREATEST Knowledge Ever Shared (REVISED)

07 Apr

Burlington Personal Trainer Says Weight loss is a Natural result of shifting into a Healthy Lifestyle

Unfooding is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. Step one is a shift towards less meats, dairy and cooked foods A change of mindset is necessary. Conscious intention is mandatory. You must move from cooked processed foods to live high vibration foods.

Allow time for thus to happen slowly. Its a process of feeding and fasting. it is a process of lengthening your fast times. It happens naturally as you shift towards more high energy high nutrition foods.

As you shift into this direction your energy and awareness will rise and all things in your body and life will heal or change. Distilled water detoxification (dwd) & unfooding can help you heal and change all things in your life.

All high energy foods are alive. They contain enzymes and sunlight energy. Eating live foods brings life into your body. Raw and alive fruits and vegetables get their energy from the sunlight. They have a higher vibration. More current electricity inside of them. The contain enzymes, vitamins and fiver to help your body eliminate toxic elements and build up.

They contain the most natural distilled water. We must return our body and life to what is most natural to lose the weight, heal the pain and overcome the disease and trauma in our lives. Distilled water is natural. Rain water is distilled naturally by nature. Distilled waters carry an electric current. A charge that helps the body eliminate the toxic elements and obstructions.

Weight loss and healing is natural. Just restore what is most natural and watch it happen naturally. Total life healing is physical detoxification, a mental change of understanding, an overcoming of emotional blocks and a removal of spiritual dark forces from your life. You need a change of habit and behavior. New thoughts words and actions will create a new you.

Want to discuss this process deeper? Reach out to me here:

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31 Mar

Yes it is hard to stop drinking coffee. Yes it is hard to stop drinking alcohol. Yes it is hard to stop eating meat or bread or cookies or dairy or chips. Yes it is hard to be patient and loving with someone who hasn’t been patient and loving with you. Yes it is hard to get up and workout by yourself in the dark when its cold outside.

Its hard to make a change in your life. Its hard to stay the same. Want to know when the change happens. When you begin to see the truth. When you begin to realize and accept responsibility for what you are creating. When you see that the way you are responding to your life is exactly what is creating it and you decide to make a change.

How are you reacting to your life? How are you getting the energy to get through? Are you doing it with coffee, drugs, alcohol, food or sex? Are you shopping or going on vacation? Are you socializing with your friends or are you decorating new rooms in your house? Which is it? What are you doing to cope with life? Are you getting angrier or happier?

However you are interacting with your life is giving you what you’ve got. Accept that. You are the creator of your world. If that’s how you’re reacting to your world then you will continue to get the results that you are getting. This is the way the world works you know. You get what you give. It’s like a circle. Everything works in a loop. It always comes back to the start. It always comes back to you.

Are you ready to make a change yet? Are you ready to interact to your world differently? You are the creator of your world. You are the power in your world. If you have decided that you need this food or this substance or this money or that person or that house to be happy then you gave your power away to that thing.  You did it.

You are the power. You are the energy. You are the creator. You are the joy. You are the love. You are the health. Energy is what you are. Light is what you are. If you decide that you need chicken drumsticks to power the system then you give the power away to chicken. Only you can take it back. If you decide that you need to have sex 3 times a week to be happy then you gave your power away to sex.

Some think they need a glass of wine every night. Some think they need 2 or 3. Some justify their bread some their extra marital affair and others their secret visa card with a low interest rate. Some think its ok to buy anything they want if its on sale. How are you interacting with your life? How are you getting your joy? How are you coping? Life is like a box of chocolates…

You will get what you give. Until you see that you are the creator you will continue to create the mess that you are. Do you want to lose the weight? Do you want to heal the pain? Do you want to heal your disease or fix your relationship or make more money? You hold the cards. You need to wake up and see that. You are an all powerful spirit having a human physical experience.

This is your life. You can create what you wish. If you want to create with anger and judgment and comparison and jealousy that’s your birthright. It is your life. It is your choice. Do with it whatever you please. If you want to give your power away to anything or anyone go ahead. If you choose to take back control of your life today then you have that right also. You can change your life if you wish.

You can choose today to say that you want to take back your power. You can choose today to say that you are the creator and you can begin to react differently to your life. I’m not saying this is going to be easy however, is it easy now? Are you happy with things the way they are? Are things painful enough for you yet? Its painful to stay the same. Its painful to change. What’s worse?  There is not life without pain.  Things will never be perfect.  The perfection is a perception.  A decision to focus on what you want to create rather than on the problem.  A decision to focus upon what you are and what you are capable of rather than on what you have got or what is currently going on.  This is your choice.

You will make a change when the pain of doing something different is less than the pain of staying the same. Both are painful. Life is filled with pain. Pain is our greatest teacher. It’s saying to you right now if you keep saying and doing the same old things then you are going to get the same old results. If you keep telling yourself and your life that coffee is your energy or joy then that is your reality.

True joy is inside of you. If you say that joy is rum or sex or shopping then you just chose to empower those items over you with your thoughts and words and actions. If that is what you are doing then you are saying to your world what you believe with your thoughts, words and actions. You are telling yourself that those items have power over you and your world is responding to what you are saying and doing.

You are in charge. You are in control. You are the creator. You can create whatever you wish. That is your choice. That is your birthright. If you want to say you need pizza and cookies go right ahead. Just be responsible and accept the results. Don’t complain about the the body fat and low energy and low motivation and unhappiness you get. You created it. You created those debts that you have on your visa. Accept them. Love them. Embrace them. You need to love yourself and your life. You created it. Its an extension of you.

You are love and light. You can be who and what you truly are whenever you are ready. You can choose to step back into your power whenever you like. Ask yourself one simple question. Are you ready to make a change in your life?  Decide and commit. Do it now.  Do it today!

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