At the core we are Frugivores

November 11, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Burlington Fruitarian Personal Trainer

You need to get familiar with the information inside the body of work of 3 major healers over the most recent 100 year period. There have been many however I feel that understanding these 3 bodies of work will help you grasp an entry level understanding of true healing.

Understand how the lymphatic system works is at the grass routes of healing. Understanding the bacterial balance of the body and the sybiotic relationship that bacteria has with the lymphatic system is key. When you start to see how important bacteria is to your immune system you are a step closer to understanding the truth about healing.

Your body needs balance. It needs key bacteria. Your most personal key bacteria will be found within your own personal water. This is the science of complete healing. The circular loop of life. Embrace infinite.



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