Loving Yourself is Accessing All of Your Energy!

January 14, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Love is the energy of our universe. i perceive it as physical or emotional light. It can move freely through our bodies. It can flow freely in our lives. It can get stagnant and blocked also. This can happen very easily.

Trauma, or fear or negative circumstances create negative thoughts. Avoidance stalls and stagnates the energy. Fear, anger or frustrations can cause blocks to the light energy within us.

We can learn how to free our trapped love energy. We can release it and let it move freely within ourselves. We can move it around in our lives with breath and intention. We can free the blocked energy and overcome the associated pains.

Blocked energy creates pain and resistance in the body. It creates tight muscles and movement. Ultimately if not corrected it creates sickness, illness or disease in the associated organ or region inflicted.

Unhappiness and lack and limitation of all kinds can be healed by developing a relationship with the powerful force of energy within us and around us. I believe we all have this ability.On-line personal trainer

I believe exercise, nutrition, mindset, habit and behavior can be adjusted and manipulated to release and free up this energy. I suggest that you can gain the awareness needed to access and utilize this power.

You can learn how to use your power. It is yours. You have just lost touch with it. You can reattach to this power. It is just redeveloping your relationship with yourself. You can learn how to love yourself. You can learn how to share love and interact lovingly with every single aspect of your life.

Connecting to the energy of love can be described as soul awakening or kundalini rising or developing a relationship with yourself or inner child work. It is the same as chakra opening or releasing blocked energy and emotions.

It is my opinion that all of these experiences are actually the same and are just different ways of describing an internal force coming back into access in our lives. I suspect that your choice of words to describe this experience completely relate to your background, past experiences and reference point. The words we choose to describe what is transpiring inside of ourselves are impossible to compare or verify.

The human being has another ability that he or she has likely been unaware of. An alternative persona. A true identity. A sort of super personality that has unlimited power and ability. You can awaken that giant within you this year! It is the power you need to step into to make a complete sustainable shift in your life. This is the shift that you need to make to become and sustain an alternative version of yourself.


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